Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

December 2018

What are friends for, Aquarius? This month—and for the next year, actually—the answer is: everything! The Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21, heating up your eleventh house of group activity. The festive season will hit its high notes in the first three weeks of the month. And they could be especially elevated this year because expansive Jupiter is also in Sagittarius from November 2018 to December 2019, a once-every-12-years cycle that will bring incredible new souls into your orbit.
With the Sun is in Sagittarius, Jupiter's horizon-broadening superpowers will be activated. Pay attention to the people you spend your time with. Do they uplift you or bring you down? Are you the one always cajoling them to try new things, or do they make your world feel wider and more enlivened? For the next 12 months, it's vital that you spend the lion's share of your time with inspiring folks who help you see things from a bigger, brighter perspective. An exciting collaboration could bring you ALL to new heights.
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The December 7 Sagittarius new moon really kicks off this energy as it launches a six-month cycle that's amazing for networking, community and technology. If there was ever a day to host or attend a party with 50 of your closest friends—and 100 of THEIR closest friends—this new moon is it!
But don't get too distracted by all the social opportunities swirling around. On December 7, assertive Mars and magnetic Neptune will make a rare meetup in Pisces and your second house of work and money. You could be in major manifestation mode as the planets give you a push toward prosperity. As enchanting, imaginative Neptune teams up with fearless Mars, sharing openly about one of your most creative concepts could attract support—whether that's in the form of fans or funding. Your dream client or job opportunity could arise, and you can speed the process along with some meditation or creative visualization. Mix in some Mars moxie, and you've got an unbeatable combination! 
Mars is actually in Pisces from November 15 to December 31, exiting at 9:20 pm EST. You could be burning the midnight oil all the way until the Times Square ball drops or the fireworks burst over your own town square. Don't squander a profitable window of opportunity—Mars only comes here every two years—but pace yourself so you don't burn out. The red planet can add motivation and stress in equal doses. Tempers and deadlines can be short, especially as everyone rushes to finish their work before dispersing for vacation.
Your nerves might already be a little frazzled! From December 1 to 6, communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio and your tenth house of career, causing technological and interpersonal breakdowns at work. Deep breaths, Aquarius—and don't forget to delegate! Your decisions during the first week of the month will determine how crazed your final 2018 workdays are. Prioritize and keep it simple!
Pause for the cause starting December 21, when the Sun begins its annual visit to Capricorn and your restful twelfth house. You've got license to slip into holiday hibernation mode, as the stars set the stage for deep healing and contemplation. Catch up on your sleep and make sure you get plenty of support, whether that's a shoulder to cry on or a rock-solid team to help with hosting and entertaining. Your imagination is dialed up, making this a great time for DIY projects or creative visualization. Pay attention to your dreams: Clues to your 2019 resolutions could pop up in an intuitive flash or during peak REM sleep.
But don't get too cozy just yet! December 22 brings the year's second Cancer full moon, which will beam into your sixth house of health, fitness and organization. The first one, on January 1, 2018, was a powerful supermoon that kicked off the year. Think back to what you were doing then because you could feel some resonance from your resolutions, which will point you toward your next steps. Today's orderly full moon could bring a burst of motivation to declutter and deep clean—out with the old! Toss expired goods from your cabinets and donate stuff you no longer use. With la luna in your sixth house of service, volunteer work will be extra rewarding.
Manage your stress mindfully! This anxious full moon could find you scrambling to finish work projects or prepare for hosting, and the tension could reach full tilt. The full moon reminds you to delegate instead of lapsing into "I'll just do it myself" mode. Make time for self-care and, if at all possible, squeeze in some exercise—it will go a long way with dispelling the nervous energy today.
You'll get by with a little help from your closest people on Christmas, which the moon spends in your opposite sign of Leo. Whether you're hanging out under the mistletoe or hosting a dinner for 20 (or ordering in Chinese food), everything is better when you do it with a beloved plus-one. La luna in your committed-relationship zone might even bring a few yuletide proposals or another gesture that moves you toward more "official" territory.
New Year's Eve could find you in goal-setting mode—with a black-tie vibe—thanks to the moon in Scorpio and your tenth house of public image, prestige and ambition. Your celebrations could come with a VIP twist or you might opt for something exclusive, whether that's a ticketed formal ball or vintage champagne and dressing to the nines.
The tenth house also rules career, so you might be celebrating with industry movers and shakers or making promising connections over passed hors d'oeuvres. Since the moon is in a flowing trine to magnetic Neptune in your money house, business and pleasure will overlap in the most delightful way. With go-getter Mars in Pisces, some Aquarians might even work tonight, pocketing a bounty in New Year's Eve tips or double-pay rates. (Hey, somebody's gotta cater-waiter, DJ, perform in the band…)
But rush home quick for a costume change! At 9:20 pm EST, Mars will shift gears and begin a seven-week stint in Aries, heating up your social and expressive third house. Suddenly, you're more in the mood for disco fries than Dom Perignon, so even if you keep your formalwear on, you'll be ready to ditch the stuffiness and go hang among the people.

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