Cancer Monthly Horoscope

February 2020

Take a pause, Cancer—you’ve earned it! The decade started off at a whirlwind pace for many Crabs. Last month’s lunar (full moon) eclipse in your sign on January 10 put you front and center. There was nowhere to hide when your ideas were so in demand! And while tending to yourself or basking in the spotlight felt good, you’re ready for some #ShellTime away from all the attention.
That’s where February comes in for the save. With the Sun in Aquarius and your private, intimate eighth house until February 18, you have permission to slip off the radar and go bond with your precious inner circle…or just to sneak in some sacred solitude with a good book and your coziest cashmere throw. And as El Sol heats up your erotic eighth house, you might not be alone in there for long! Make room for a sexy someone to join you in that cocoon—things could get steamy!

In between, you’ll be making power moves since the eighth house rules wealth, strategy and shared finances. This could be the month you cash in on all your efforts with a handsome payout! With go-getter Mars in Sagittarius and your orderly, health-conscious sixth house until February 16, leaning in to those 2020 fitness goals can give you the energy to keep powering through to the finish line. Mars here can also help you delegate to a dream team. You don’t have to do it all yourself, Cancer!
Ready for a new gig? Positioned for a promotion? On February 9, the Leo full moon beams into your second house of daily work and money. This annual lunation could help you make that professional pivot. It’s an ideal moment to review your budget and set (or reset) your 2020 spending and savings plan. Looking to kick a bad habit? The full moon will help you replace it with a more affirming one. We’re currently loving the book Atomic Habits by James Clear—a great primer on how to shift your mindset and create systems for success.
Sizzling romance could be on tap this Valentine’s Day. With the moon in Scorpio and your passionate fifth house, Cupid’s quiver is stocked with arrows he fully plans to point your way. And la luna—your cosmic ruler—will form a flowing trine to both enchanting Neptune and communication planet Mercury, who are gathered in Pisces and your adventurous, open-hearted ninth house. Go ahead and gush, Cancer. You’ve got license to wear your heart on your silk sleeve.

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Is your heart beating for someone with long-term potential? Love planet Venus is in Aries from February 7 to March 4, warming up your tenth house of status and stability. This V-Day could have “power couple” written all over it. Dress up for a VIP outing or have a serious talk about the future together. Are your goals aligned? Do you want the same thing for the long haul? If you do, things could proceed to a more serious status quickly. For longtime couples, a chat about your shared dreams over a champagne flight and dessert tower sounds like the perfect planetary prix fixe today!
You’ll be glad you talked it through because on February 16 communication planet Mercury will turn  retrograde until March 9. Mercury rules technology, travel, communication and commuting. When the quicksilver planet shifts into reverse three to four times a year, all of these areas can go haywire.
For the majority of its backspin, Mercury will be trekking through Pisces and your expansive ninth house. A visionary project might need to be temporarily put on hold. Have you overshot the mark or underestimated the time and resources needed to pull off your plans? Use this period to recalibrate and scale back to a “soft launch” if necessary. Better to roll things out in phases so you can test and adjust. This Mercury retrograde period can also scramble signals with anything related to travel and study. If you’re booking a trip (already a Mercury retrograde warning light) or considering a return to school, make sure to research it all thoroughly. If you can, hold off on committing to anything binding until mid-March.
Partnerships heat up on February 16, too, when feisty, lusty Mars zooms into Capricorn until March 30, activating your seventh house of committed relationships. A sexy prospect with long-term potential could surface for single Crabs, and couples will feel the passion powering up in theirs. Mars only visits each sign every two years, and Capricorn is one of its favorite places (it’s “exalted” in this sign). In an especially rare move, the red planet will join lucky Jupiter, structured Saturn and transformational Pluto in this zone of dynamic duos. With a quartet of powerhouse planets making two your magic number, you can go far collaborating with someone whose skills—and pheromones—jibe your own. 
Warrior Mars cranks up attraction AND friction. Couples and business partners could fight more—but your passionate disagreements could ultimately strengthen your union (and, in some cases, lead to great makeup sex). Getting things out in the open is your mission when straight-talking Mars sweeps through. While that can be uncomfortable for your sign especially, you’ll get much better results if you don’t try to tap-dance around the topic. Besides, people will feel your anxiety and simmering resentment, so you might as well get it out into the open!
With Mercury retrograde in the mix, disagreements may drag on, and people can get petty. Negotiating a contract? You could get snagged on one sticking point, which could delay the process. Jealousy and competitiveness can flare up with Mars in Capricorn. Instead of going into battle, look at how you can create a win-win by merging your superpowers and playing to each of your strengths. If necessary, openly carve out turf and commit to not treading on each other’s sacred ground.
On February 21, Mars will form a harmonious trine with innovator Uranus in Taurus and your eleventh house of teamwork. You could align with a cutting-edge group of collaborators who share, or at least value, your trailblazing ideas. A project involving technology could attract major attention or get you abuzz with enthusiasm. Feel free to tread off the beaten path—pioneering Uranus loves when you “think different.” The Mars-Uranus trine could kick up your chemistry with a friend or someone you meet online. If Valentine’s Day didn’t deliver a week ago, make plans to do something adventurous now! This mashup could also be a powder keg for tempers, especially if tension’s been simmering for a while.
You can clear the air more constructively after February 18, when the Sun shifts gears into Pisces and your truthful, big-picture ninth house. You’ll emerge from your cocoon inspired to take action and share your ideas with the world. Despite Mercury retrograde, nothing can limit your blue-sky dreaming or dampen your infectious enthusiasm when you get inspired now.
The February 23 Pisces new moon could be the start of something big—an entrepreneurial startup idea, travel plans or just the motivation to make a positive change. Get proactive today. If you’ve got something unique to share with the world, this new moon will set the stage for a test launch. Just be selective with the details and the announcement list until Mercury turns direct on March 9. Not everyone should be privy to your big ideas just yet, especially if you’re still fine-tuning them.
Looking to make a major shift in some part of your life this year? Over the next two weeks, you’ll feel the momentum to swing out of your comfort zone and take a risk. This leap of faith could pay dividends between now and the Pisces full moon on September 2. Set a trajectory for growth between now and then and start making a few bold strides each week. By the time fall rolls around, you might not even recognize yourself.

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