Cancer Monthly Horoscope

March 2020

Emerge and expand! The month is off to an ebullient start as the Sun sails through Pisces and your adventurous ninth house until March 19. In February, you went deep, and now it’s time to go wide. Scuttle out of that Crab shell and go explore the broader world of ideas, travel and new opportunities. Set aside the need to be practical and let your “blue sky” creativity run free. A tempting opportunity to teach, study or share your ideas with the masses could crop up. Time to book that writer’s retreat in Bali?
Hold off on sharing your grand plans until March 9, though. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde until then, which could leave you feeling wildly misunderstood. But on March 9, right as Mercury turns direct, you’re doubly #blessed with a Virgo full moon, which illuminates your third house of self-expression and ideas. If you’ve been waiting for an answer on a project pitch or resolution to a conversation, that could finally happen today. 
Meanwhile, how about partnering up for the win? This month features an unusual number of planets—excitable Mars, adventurous Jupiter, structured Saturn and potent Pluto—in Capricorn and your seventh house of committed relationships. There’s a ton of mojo fueling your alliances, especially on March 20, when courageous Mars and risk taker Jupiter form an exact conjunction (meetup). A dynamic duo—either business or personal—could reach warp speed. If you’re not rushing off to City Hall for a quickie marriage license (half kidding), then you might decide to pour your time, attention or even some money into a joint business idea.
But tread lightly because on March 23, brash Mars will unite with volatile Pluto in Capricorn, which will intensify everything. That “thin line between love and hate” they talk about? Get ready to feel it. You could experience smoldering attraction one minute and intense frustration the next. This Mars-Pluto meetup could stir up jealousy and rivalry as well. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, Crab, but make sure you’re not stooping to low-vibe behavior like gossiping, undermining or comparing your success level to other people’s. If you find that happening, reach out for support from someone who can truly hold the space for your emotions (a trained professional if need be).
Life settles onto a more predictable track starting March 19, when the Sun shifts into Aries and your tenth house of career, structure and ambition. The visionary dreaming of Pisces season has been fun, but now you’re ready to start hitting some goals and crafting a more defined future plan. As Aries season arrives, your professional life heats up, especially at the March 24 Aries new moon. Ready for a fresh chapter or to make a bold upward move? Your actions could lead to major victories in the coming six months if you’re smart and strategic. Zero in on what you’d like to achieve by the October 1 Aries full moon. Where do you want to be professionally—and what will it require to get there? A coach, mentor or training program could further set you up to win.
The headline news arrives on March 21, when structured Saturn begins its three-year journey through Aquarius and your intimate, merging-minded eighth house—its first visit since 1991 to 1994. He’ll journey through here until July 1, then, after a five-month break, will settle into Aquarius from December 17, 2020, until March 7, 2023. 
During this time, you’ll learn crucial lessons about trust, power and intimate bonds. Whether you’re merging your money, making a joint investment or forging permanent ties (marriage, children, et al.), cautious Saturn urges you to think through every step of the process fully. While it may feel grueling, solidifying Saturn only wants to ensure that your structures are sustainable. Rushing into something that’s hard to reverse could have repercussions down the road. Saturn in Aquarius helps you balance head and heart, making sure you’re protecting your interests rather than taking care of everyone else at your own expense. The outcome could be a love that’s built to last!
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You’ve actually been warming up to this for the past three years, Cancer. Since December 2017, taskmaster Saturn has been marching through your opposite sign of Capricorn, turning committed partnerships (and your approach to them) uber-serious. Now Saturn will add even more definition and depth to all of your dynamic duos. From moving in together to buying property to opening a shared business venture, you could get deeply involved during this Saturn cycle. 
On the flip side, unions built on shaky ground may fall apart or be seriously tested. You’ll have some eye-opening lessons about intimacy—or you might hunker down and do some deep inner work to remove blocks from your past here. For Crabs who need to dig through a few painful layers, this could be an important time to work with a therapist or skilled professional on your healing journey. You’ll emerge so much stronger!
No need to rush into any major decisions—even though you may feel some urgency to do so. Speedy Mars will also visit Aquarius from March 30 to May 12, which can heat up a potent attraction or bring an exciting moneymaking opportunity. You may be tempted to skip the research and go “all in,” but don’t do it, Crab! On March 31, Mars and Saturn make an exact meetup, which could feel like having one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. Don’t let fears stop you from exploring an opportunity, but conduct your due diligence so you don’t swan-dive into a situation that you can’t extract yourself from later.

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