Leo Monthly Horoscope

February 2020

Two is the magic number this month, Leo—and not just because Cupid’s making his annual showing. Every February, the Sun takes a spin through the partnership sectors of your chart, sparking synergies and talks about teaming up. Until February 18, el Sol will travel through Aquarius and your seventh house of commitments. Balancing your bonds is the order of the month as you evaluate new opportunities to pair up and take inventory of your inner circle. So, how are your closest companions doing, Leo? Check in. Make sure there’s an equal give-and-take and that everyone feels heard. If a special someone hasn’t been getting the quality time they deserve, make it your mission to connect.
But let’s not forget that all-important relationship: the one with yourself! Take a time-out for numero uno on February 9, when the once-a-year full moon in your sign directs its high beams on you. Look back to the July 31, 2019, Leo new moon—and to your last birthday. Do you remember your wishes as you blew out that last row of candles? Today’s full moon is the manifestation point of anything you started back then. Take stock of how far you’ve gotten, and either move on or recommit to your mission. Got a passion project to reveal or a big ask to make? These moxie-filled moonbeams push you to take that leap of faith.

Valentine’s Day plans could center around Chateau Leo this year. On February 14, the moon is in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house, setting the stage for a sweet celebration close to home. Not feeling totally romantic? Skip the Hallmark hoopla and celebrate unconditional love with friends and family. A cozy night in with cupcakes and comfort food might not beat satin sheets, but it will save you the hassle of overpriced dinners and inflated expectations gone awry.
Don’t be too quick to slip into anything overly comfortable though, Leo. Lusty Mars is in Sagittarius and your passionate fifth house until February 16, turning up the heat all month. Scatter the rose petals, chill the bubbly, whip up (or order in) a feast for two. Or make early reservations for a decadent prix fixe, then head home for an amorous after-party. The moon will also make a gilded trine to enchanting Neptune and talkative Mercury. With both planets in Pisces and your erotic eighth house, this could be a day for heartfelt feelings and some sultry, sensual memories.
There are plenty of chances for romantic jet-setting this month, too. Love planet Venus will visit Aries and your ninth house of travel and adventure from February 7 to March 4. Never mind the Godiva truffles. How about a staycation at a chic boutique hotel? If you’re feeling flush, consider tucking a pair of plane tickets into an envelope—or if you’re single, treating yourself to a fabulous trip just because.
If you don’t make getaway plans in the first half of the month, save your vacationing until mid-March if you can! From February 16 to March 9, Mercury—the planet of communication, travel and technology—will be retrograde (backward), an unfavorable time for any of these activities. Plans can get scrambled and appointments delayed. Back up your data and digital files since Mercury can also wreak havoc on all things electronic.
Mercury will backtrack through Pisces until March 4, causing mayhem in your eighth house of intimacy and shared finances. An ex could resurface, tempting you to reengage. Though the attraction may still be strong, have those lingering issues actually cleared up? If you dare to go there, conduct your due diligence before handing over your trust. If you’re still stinging over a past betrayal, Mercury’s backspin could poke the old wound. What part of the lesson or healing still needs to happen, Leo?

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The eighth house also rules long-term finances, wealth and investments. Press pause on any fast-moving collaborations, especially if they involve plunking down cash or equity. Mercury retrograde can be a blessing in disguise, buying you time to really think your plans through. If a prospective partner starts to stall or waffle, get clear on their hesitation. Do they need more information? Is there something specific they object to? Instead of feeling intimidated, get interested. Ask the questions, do the research and be thorough. Maybe you need to tweak your own presentation before unveiling a big pitch. Take this extra time to prepare before getting involved in any entanglements you can’t escape!
On February 16, go-getter Mars will move into Capricorn, energizing your sixth house of health and organization for the first time in two years. Between now and March 30, the red planet will motivate you to whip your life into shape. If you’ve been in sedentary snow-bunny mode, no more excuses. Find a way to move your body daily, even if that means bundling up for a walk or getting a free trial pass to a new fitness studio. Switch up your eating habits and replace some of the bad stuff with dark leafy greens and root vegetables (parsnip fries, anyone?).
This Mars cycle sets your sights on a life makeover. Get busy decluttering and handling all those administrative tasks that have piled up. Tackle them one by one, step by step, and by the time April rolls around, you’ll have whittled down your to-do list significantly. Victory!
The sixth house rules helpful people, and with intense Mars here, a few players on Team Leo could become a source of stress, especially if they’re slacking on duties. You’ll quickly see who the weak links are—so don’t hesitate to hold them accountable or replace them if need be. Enough shouldering the burden for people who don’t pull their weight! That said, are you giving everyone clear instructions or even allowing them to help? No fair complaining if you don’t delegate, Leo. While nobody will ever do the job as well as you, sometimes “done” is better than “perfect.”
When Mars forms a harmonious trine to innovative Uranus on February 21, you could have an epiphany about your leadership style. The planet of radical change is in Taurus, electrifying your tenth house of professional leadership. Ready to make a swift career change? This bold mashup could bring an opportunity from out of left field. Strike while the iron’s hot and don’t overthink it. Just bring your A-game to the competition and don’t be intimidated. If you’ve got the skills and expertise, then throw your hat into the ring.
Feeling overwhelmed by it all? Slip off the grid for a bit starting February 18, when the Sun plunges into Pisces and your private eighth house, sounding the call for intimacy and strategic collaborations. Where could you merge your superpowers for mutual gain? Look for powerful alliances that can lead to a win-win. The erotic eighth house will also spark some sexy energy—all the more reason to step out of the limelight and head behind closed doors. Instead of spreading yourself thin, focus on your innermost circle. Give those star players your devoted attention.
The eighth house rules investments and shared finances. During Pisces season, focus on your long-term fiscal plans, especially anything involving passive income, affiliate sales or real estate. Think about large lump sums rather than just collecting a paycheck. How can you make your moolah work harder for YOU? This is an ideal time for research since your powers of concentration will be heightened.
Earmark the February 23 Pisces new moon for a fresh start when it comes to any kind of merger—financial, emotional or sexual. Hang that “do not disturb” sign on your office AND your bedroom door. (Hey, the second chakra rules both money AND sex for a reason!) Between now and the September 2 Pisces full moon, your bonds could turn serious. An engagement, pregnancy or plans to join your lives on a permanent basis could get underway. Just take your time before committing to anything irreversible while Mercury is retrograde. Hammer out the terms but hold off on signing until March 9 or later if you can. If not? Run any binding contracts past an attorney to make sure you haven’t missed some tricky details!

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