Pisces Monthly Horoscope

December 2018

Get a jump-start on those goals, Pisces! While others are winding down for the holidays, you're just warming up. In fact, you might be actively looking for projects to keep you busy, especially ones that involve a degree of responsibility and leadership. What's come over you?
Well, the stars just so happen to have woken up…and it only took them ALL YEAR to do it. Mars, the energy planet, spent an unusually long time (from mid-May to mid-November, with only a short break) in Aquarius and your sleepy, sluggish twelfth house. You did your holiday hibernating waaaaayyy in advance, thanks very much. And because of that, you've now dealing with a raging case of cabin fever.
Luckily, the planets will scratch that ambitious itch. Motivational Mars is roaring through Pisces until 9:20 pm EST on December 31, revving your engines for the rest of 2018. Does it feel like someone just turned the lights back on in Piscesville? Yup, that's why. Mars only visits your sign every two years, and when it does, you suddenly feel charismatic and confident, although the intensity may be a bit much at moments. Mars is the most "yang" planet, which can be jarring for your "yin" sign. But most Pisces had enough yin energy this year to last a lifetime—so you'll gladly accommodate the red planet's power surge, even if it means a little extra stress and scrambling to keep up the pace.
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Besides, you've got your eyes on the prize! Expansive and optimistic Jupiter began a 13-month visit to Sagittarius and your tenth house of career, success and public acclaim on November 8. This could be one of the luckiest professional cycles you've had in more than a decade, or perhaps it'll be a time when you crave more structure and recognition than usual. With the Sun in Sagittarius until December 21, Jupiter's abundance is activated and amplified. So let others power down for the holidays while you step in and take the helm. You've got moves to make!
This ambitious astrological climate has you ready to rock out your 2019 resolutions a month early. You'll be especially inspired to write your first draft at the December 7 Sagittarius new moon. Intentions set today can have a ripple effect for up to six months, when they culminate at the corresponding full moon. Where would you like to be by mid-June 2019, Pisces? Do a little journaling or envisioning, even if it's just broad strokes. What steps could you take between now and the summer that, cumulatively, will get you closer to your goal?
Also on December 7, unstoppable Mars and master-manifester Neptune (your co-ruling planet) will make a rare meetup in YOUR sign. There's hardly a better moment to activate the Law of Attraction—mixed with some good old-fashioned grit and hustle. With equal parts inspiration and perspiration, you could set the stage for serious success—or lay the first paving stones of a new professional path that unfolds in the coming six months.
The days leading up to the new moon could be a little dodgy, though, because communication planet Mercury is rounding out a three-week retrograde that began on November 16, bumping along through Sagittarius until December 1, when it backed into Scorpio and your outspoken ninth house. Keep biting your tongue until Mercury corrects course on December 6—and if possible, hold off on finalizing travel plans and buying new technology.
Feeling a little "all work no play"? That will change by the third week of the month, when the Sun sets sail through Capricorn and heats up your eleventh house of friendship and networking for a month. You can mix business with pleasure—or just blow off some steam with your squad—during this convivial and collaborative cycle. That same day, the solstice will bring much-needed balance back to your life as the northern hemisphere ushers in more light (and energy) each day.
And hey, how about throwing a little romance into the equation? The December 22 Cancer full moon beams into your fifth house of passion, lust and glamour. It's the perfect night to dress up and celebrate, especially with some compelling company. This is an extra-special full moon because it's the second one of 2018—a bountiful and blissful bookend that echoes the January 1, 2018, Cancer full supermoon that started this year off with a bang.
But buyer beware: An emotional full moon in your expressive fifth house can also come with drama or strong knee-jerk reactions. Your feelings could reach fever pitch, and your #nofilter style might be a lot for people to take in. Suss out your audience before you unleash a tidal wave of true confessions or start making out under the mistletoe with a coworker at the company party. 
Christmas brings a healthy twist, thanks to the moon in Leo and your wellness sector on December 24 and 25. If you're celebrating, add some healthy dishes to the menu, even if they're still a bit decadent (think: Brussels sprouts roasted with coconut "bacon" or nut-milk "eggnog" with turmeric). With la luna in your sixth house of service, your already charitable Pisces heart is in fine form, so spend a couple hours volunteering or invite someone who doesn't have family nearby to join your table.
The year ends on an inspired and positive note as the moon lingers in Scorpio and your worldly ninth house. It wouldn't be a bad idea at all to get out of town this year—so start scouting out travel deals early in the month. But with daredevil Mars in Pisces until the very last hours of the year (depending where in the world you live), you might accept a spontaneous invitation to hop on a train or jet off somewhere fabulous at the last second.
Just don't plan on hiding under the covers and ignoring the revelry. Even if you don't go out, you can still do a ritual and make some gutsy requests of the universe. Feel free to "go big" with them. The moon will plant a kiss on your co-ruler, Neptune, at 10:10 pm EST as they unite in a harmonious trine. Do something bold—or make plans to—and don't hold back.

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