Pisces Monthly Horoscope

February 2020

Take a pause, Pisces. The first half of February is a demanding time that may feel like an upstream swim at moments. As much as you want to take over the world, your energy needs to be regulated now. Furthermore, forcing an agenda will only find you “working harder, not smarter,” as the saying goes. With the Sun in Aquarius until February 18, your twelfth house of rest and healing is energized. As the natural ruler of this zodiac zone, you know a thing or two about self-care. Practice those principles and pamper yourself. Tune in to your gut and revive some rituals. By connecting with those deeper parts of yourself, you’ll get all the divine guidance you need!
That doesn’t mean the world will stop while you murmur your mantras or brew a pot of loose-leaf tea, however. Go-getter Mars is in Sagittarius and your career sector until February 16, making work especially demanding and fast-paced. The projects coming your way are exciting, Pisces, and you won’t want to pass up on them! Take extra care to regulate your energy and refuel with breaks, even naps when you can slip a siesta into the schedule.

On a grander scale, are your habits keeping you healthy and energized? The February 9 Leo full moon illuminates your sixth house of work and wellbeing. This spotlight moment helps you take inventory of everything from your eating habits to exercise to how you regulate stress. Bring in some helpful apps to track your routines and rhythms. Book those overdue doctor appointments, and restock your vitamins and supplements.
The sixth house also rules helpful people and systems. Does Team Pisces have any weak links in the chain? Use this moment to analyze where you could be more efficient and productive. Could you hire some help or delegate more? Maybe you need to train people to take over some tasks or perhaps to upgrade to a service provider with specialized knowledge. Still staring at those IKEA bookshelves that need to be built, or some lingering reno project? Hop on a site like TaskRabbit and pay someone for a couple hours of work. Knocking that project out will be well worth the expense, especially if it helps your life run like a well-oiled machine.
Valentine’s Day comes with an air of adventure—and a side of glamour! The moon is in Scorpio and your ninth house of travel and risk-taking. Think outside the (Godiva truffle) box when making V-Day plans, whether you’re coupled or single. A night at a hotel or maybe a long weekend getaway? Your independent spirit is stoked by the moon in this freedom-loving zone and is amplified by enchanting Neptune and expressive Mercury, both in Pisces and forming a lovely trine  to la luna. With amorous Venus in Aries and your luxe second house from February 7 to March 4, a five-star escapade—or whatever version of that fits your budget—could chase away those midwinter blues.
All this will also serve to top your tanks in advance of Mercury turning retrograde two days later. From February 16 to March 9, the planet of travel, technology and communication will make its first backspin of the decade, causing these areas of your life to go a little haywire. Making matters trickier? Mercury will reverse through Pisces until March 4 before backing into Aquarius for its final few days. That puts you in the hot seat to be the zodiac’s most misunderstood. A passion project or personal plan could get delayed, and one of your statements could be taken WAY out of context. Argh! You might need to lay low—or apply strong filters—while this cycle plays itself out. On the upside, you can dust off a creative venture that got put on the back burner. Spend time reviewing your goals and plans. If you need to polish up your presentation, do so now. From training to new headshots to rebranding, this is a great time to tweak behind the scenes.

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You’ll get by with a little help from your friends in the second half of February—provided, of course, you don’t alienate them with any off-color comments! From February 16 to March 30, go-getter Mars leaves your career zone (relief!) and zooms into Capricorn, heating up your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. A group endeavor could hit warp speed and you could be invited into an exciting collaboration. Sparks could fly with someone you meet through mutual friends or online. The chemistry could be romantic or professional—but it’s certainly not to be ignored!

Just be careful with all things virtual now, Pisces. Mercury retrograde is famous—er, infamous—for foiling all things electronic and technical, so take extra care to back up your data and devices. Watch what you put in writing and hold off on any launches until Mercury turns direct (forward) on March 9.
On February 21, Mars will form a harmonious trine to pioneering and rebellious Uranus, which is in Taurus and your third house of community and communication. Your words could send shockwaves through a group—so make sure you’re delivering the wakeup call that everyone actually needs to hear. The fiery mashup of these two self-starting and edgy planets could create exciting buzz for a project. You could be deemed an influencer or “one to watch” for your courageous moves. Play those trailblazing cards right, Pisces, and your ideas can gain the support of some powerful allies—ones who aren’t afraid to “think different.”
Still, under this Mars-Uranus meetup, you won’t mince words. You’ll find out who’s on the same page as you quickly…and who isn’t. Don’t shy away from direct and open dialogue. This could easily build up into a fight, but with the right battle tactics, you won’t burn any important bridges!
You can shake off any group tension starting February 18, when the Sun begins its annual four-week sojourn through Pisces. Hello birthday season! The sleepy, foggy energy that’s blanketed February begins to lift, and your vibrant energy will soon return. While you’ll still have to deal with Mercury retrograde until March 9, this solar power surge will renew your excitement and get the wheels spinning about a project you may have put aside.
But the banner day arrives on February 23, when the year’s only Pisces new moon pushes the cosmic reset button. This lunation is like your “personal new year”—so let the decade officially begin! Whatever you put on the January 1 on-ramp could become a clear mission now. Ready, set, launch! Between now and the September 2 Pisces full moon, any solo projects or inspired initiatives will unfold. Where would you like to be by the fall? Don’t let perceived barriers stand in your way. Turn those obstacles into opportunities.

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