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June 2019

Ease in to the season, Pisces. While the masses start migrating to buzzy rooftop bars and beach blankets, you've still got one strappy sandal planted at home base. Swap it for a flip flop…or maybe kick it off and go barefoot. Until June 21, the Sun is lounging in Gemini and your domestic fourth house, giving you the urge to nest and rest for a couple more weeks. Honor this reflective time. Your "high season" will start after this—but until then, get yourself anchored. Spend time at Chateau Pisces or in the comfort of family and close friends.

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The June 3 Gemini new moon kicks off a new chapter in your emotional and home life. If you're considering a move or want to change your living situation, these moonbeams will catalyze your plans. Not sure where to plant roots? The plot will unfold between now and the Gemini full moon on December 11, so start exploring. If you're settled in one spot but craving a new vibe, switch up your decor, paint, or reconfigure the furniture. It's amazing how much that can change the energy in your space. (Check out our Feng Shui section for helpful ideas.)
Tired of spending your whole paycheck on rent? You could downsize, take in a roommate or rent your place out while you travel. Maybe you'll carve out a little nook like one of these. Extreme—but an interesting trend that could spark ideas!
Just don't get TOO cozy at home base. All month long, energizer Mars is in Cancer and your fifth house of passion and play, shaking you out of shut-in mode. Just as you're about to sink into the sofa cushions with a book, you could get a too-good-to-pass-up invitation that sparks a wicked case of FOMO. You'll need to balance restorative downtime with festive outings. Stay attuned to your moods. Don't force yourself to go out if you’re not feeling it. But when you start getting cranky and caustic, a dose of social energy or a decadent date night could snap you right out of that funk.

 With the Sun in your emo fourth house and rash Mars in your playful fifth house, you could take "following your heart" to extremes, losing sight of all practicality. Ditching your discipline isn't always a bad thing! In fact, it could be downright lovely on June 14, when Mars forms a flowing trine to your co-ruler Neptune, which is in Pisces. You could get swept up in a romantic fantasy as sexy Mars and Neptune entwine in these lusty and action-driven zones of your chart. Or one of your creative ideas could attract the spotlight, creating quite a buzz.
Drama alert: Mars in your feisty fifth house can heat up your temper and knee-jerk reactions along with your libido. This gets especially tricky midmonth, when Mars locks into two tense oppositions to rigid Saturn (June 14) and power-tripping Pluto (June 19), both in Capricorn and your eleventh house of groups and friends. Someone in your circle could be threatened by the attention you're attracting. As you step into your star power, don't forget to give due credit to your team. But if you've worked hard on your own and earned the right to this standing ovation, you're not obligated to share the glory!
When Mars opposes structured Saturn, the planet of maturity and restraint, you may feel judged or censored. Perhaps your friends vocally disapprove of your romantic choices, or someone harshes your buzz with critical feedback on one of your pet projects. If a group you're part of is rocked by conflict, you may need to step in and be the adult—or set firm boundaries and refuse to be put in the middle. If a love affair is rushing along too quickly, this Mars-Saturn face-off could find one of you stepping on the brakes.
The June 19 Mars-Pluto opposition is not quite as civilized. In fact, things could get downright ugly if you don't play your cards right. Friends and lovers alike could stir up drama that you'll be easily hooked by. And you'll be quick to react volcanically thanks to triggering Pluto and short-tempered Mars. If you sense a power struggle brewing, take it as a cue to stop and get yourself centered. You may still need to confront someone about bullying or domineering behavior. Just try not to sink down to a low-vibe level when you do.
Amidst this intensity, there's a rare Jupiter-Neptune square  AND a full moon to heat up the action even more. These two events will center around your career and stepping into a leadership role. Are you ready to commit to a clear path—and the responsibility that goes along with it?
You may experience a few doubts on June 16, when your two co-rulers—expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius and your authoritative, ambitious tenth house and nebulous Neptune in Pisces—get snagged in a stressful square (90-degree angle). On the one hand, you'd like to have some clear direction in your life. But if it boxes you in TOO much, no thanks! Prepare to negotiate that tricky line between duty and desire now.
This is the second of this year's three stressful squares between these planets, which affect you very personally. The first was on January 13, starting off the year in this energy pattern. This go-round, Jupiter is retrograde (backward), indicating that you might want to prioritize a creative venture or something that expands your personal freedom. The heavy lifting can wait! (Well, not forever, but you don't have to take it all on at once.) Jupiter and Neptune will travel in this pattern until October, making their third exact square on September 21. Over the next couple months, experiment with the right balance of "me time" that doesn't thwart your lofty goals or leave you totally adrift without a purpose.
And if you DO have a power move to make before you downshift for the summer, the June 17 Sagittarius full moon is your moment. This annual lunation in your tenth house of professional goals could bring a promotion or recognition you've been working toward all year. Since full moons can bring endings, you may transition from one career or professional role into a new one.
Your father or another important man could play into events as the full moon illuminates this sector. Some old "daddy issues" might also be revealed by the Jupiter-Neptune squares. Are you refusing to be powerful in some of some part of your life because of unresolved childhood baggage? Look to your relationship with your dad (or lack thereof) to sort through any outworn patterns that could be holding back your success.
On June 21, you can finally surrender to the spirit of fun! Right as the summer solstice arrives, the Sun swings into Cancer and your passionate fifth house for a monthlong soiree. Romance can heat up, along with your desire for adventure. With the life-giving Sun AND virile Mars in your fertile fifth house, Pisces of the childbearing set could find themselves expecting. You could also make great headway on a creative brainchild. Pour your imagination into a passion project. Let yourself get messy with paint, instruments, ingredients—the point is to express yourself fully now.
Feel like slipping off the grid for some #MermaidLife this summer? That same day (June 21), Neptune starts its annual five-month retrograde. Between now and November 27, slip out of the spotlight and spend a little less time always being Instagram-ready. Even as you dress up during Cancer season, make sure YOU feel comfortable in what you wear and the places you go. And if your performance-loving side makes a few cameos (the Sun and Mars will definitely be playing momager now), just make sure you can repair to your dressing room for some post-show privacy.
With Neptune reversing through your first house of appearances, you might have a little confidence wobble, or, best-case scenario, you'll be refreshingly unconcerned with what people think of you. Since Neptune can muddle messages, be careful what you put out in public, whether it's a social media post or something you say aloud. You could be easily misconstrued now. Craving a style overhaul? Play with possible looks before committing to an extreme makeover—you can save that for when Neptune goes direct (forward) in late November.

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