Your 2020 Numerology Personal Year Number Guide

New year, new energy! In Numerology, your Personal Year Number will define the quality of the next 12 months. Learn the characteristics of your 2020 Personal Year Number to align with the purpose encoded in this annual opportunity.

To understand your 2020 Personal Year Number, it’s helpful to understand how numerologists view a year: by the Universal Year number and your Personal Year Number.

The Universal Year is the over-arching energy that everyone in the world experiences during a calendar year. It’s calculated by adding all the numbers of that year, then reducing them to a single digit. In 2020, we’ll experience a “4” year because 2+0+2+0 = 4, which is a Master Number in numerology, therefore numerologists consider this a 4 Universal Year. The Universal Year, like astrology, has planetary trends that affect everyone regardless of zodiac sign.

Your Personal Year Number is your individual theme for the year. Its energy is felt stronger than that of the Universal Year. It’s like a horoscope for your sign but by your number.

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How to Calculate Your Personal Year Number

Use the following example to calculate and find your Personal Year Number:

Birthdate: October 12

Step 1: Take the MONTH: October, which is the 10th month (in numerology we reduce to a single digit, so in this case: 1 + 0 = 1

Step 2: DAY = 12  –> 1 + 2 = 3

Step 3: CURRENT YEAR (2020) = 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4

Step 4:  ADD the MONTH + DAY + CURRENT YEAR  |  1 + 3 + 4 = 8

In this example, you would experience an 8 Personal Year.

Note: If your birthday first adds up to 11, 22 or 33, you have a Master Number as your Life Path. You can read the general characteristics of your Life Path number here.

What Your 2020 Personal Year Number Means

Because there are 9 Life Path numbers in Numerology, you repeat nine-year cycles throughout your life. You can align with the purpose of your year when you know the characteristics of the numbers. If you are having a:

1 Personal Year

This is a year of new beginnings, independence, initiation and achievement. 2020 holds more clarity than last year and is the start of a fresh nine-year cycle. Plant the seeds for what you want to see grow. Trust that you can stand on your own two feet. This may be a year of growth and maturity. This is the final push of your three-year transition cycle (8-9-1 Personal Years). You might be a little fatigued at this point! But don’t slow down now. Read more about your 1 Personal Year.

2 Personal Year

The last three years were self-focused, full of weighty transitions and transformations. Your emotions and relationships emerge as the priority in 2020. Last year you may have been super career-driven. This year your focus turns more toward home and your devotion to loved ones and love in all its forms. A 2 Personal Year is a slow-moving cycle designed to test your trust in timing and your patience. Read more about your 2 Personal Year.

3 Personal Year

Find your joy! Your 3 Personal Year is all about fun and creativity. You’ll work on expressing your emotions clearly and effectively, with lots of opportunities to practice. Enroll in a public speaking class, travel or makeover your image. Relationships can reach a turning point this year. Read more about your 3 Personal Year.

4 Personal Year

It’s time to work hard and sharpen your skillset in a 4 Personal Year. After a light and creative 3 Personal Year, you’re encouraged to pick up your pace and become methodical about your goals. This is a more serious year to “pour the concrete” and establish a firm foundation for your job, relationships, health or family. Read more about your 4 Personal Year.

5 Personal Year

So many pleasures, so little time! Freedom and change are your themes for this whirlwind 5 Personal Year. After the more practical vibe of your 4 Personal Year, the energy of the 5 can feel intoxicating. Often the year starts out with a bang, bustling with new people, experiences and fun. Embrace the uncertainty! There’s a certain thrill to not having everything planned. Read more about your 5 Personal Year.

6 Personal Year

The 6 Personal Year is known as the “marriage and divorce” year. Relationships are a focal point, and you could make a major decision regarding one. It’s also a good year to get married or engaged if you’re hovering around that commitment. The energy of the 6 helps you evaluate your role in all relationships, not just romantic. Read more about your 6 Personal Year.

7 Personal Year

A 7 Personal Year is ripe for spiritual development. This year, you’ll feel your faith and trust being tested. Don’t be surprised if you want to retreat from the chaos to steal chances for reflection. Your mission is to explore the depth of your soul’s calling. Read more about your 7 Personal Year.

8 Personal Year

Welcome to your power year! The focus of an 8 Personal Year is on wealth, financial health, and personal influence. In 2020, you’ll develop the skills to become a confident “CEO” of your life. It’s not Easy Street, though—your power will be tested. Read more about your 8 Personal Year.

9 Personal Year

Time to let go? The 9 Personal Year is the end of a nine-year cycle. Your focus is on completion and releasing the old to create space for your next nine-year journey. Allow what no longer serves you to fall away (including relationships, jobs). Read more about your 9 Personal Year.


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