Zodiac Sign Money Management Tips: Top Tips You Need To Know

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Future-proof your finances with the power of the stars. 

By now, you may realize that The Age of Aquarius isn’t just a song from the Broadway musical Hair. In fact, many astrologers (including us!), believe that it’s already dawned. These 2000+ year cosmic cycles shape humanity, and the way we collectively live our lives, including our money management strategies.

Read about the qualities of Aquarius and it’s hard to argue that we’re not deep into this era. As the zodiac sign that governs community, technology, outer space and scientific innovations, evidence of its influence is literally at our fingertips. We see it every time we pull a smartphone out of our pockets and send a message via satellite. The Pentagon released a UFO report. Sir Richard Branson flew into suborbital space on the Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos followed suit. The proof isn’t just mounting. It’s here.

Financially, the Age of Aquarius is bringing epic revolutions. From cryptocurrency to the gig economy to the ease of online banking, the way we interact with money is changing fast. Technology has made it easier to access funds. And you know what else Aquarius rules? Astrology.

Money has also gone global! To keep you cash-positive in every corner of the world (and maybe soon from outer space), we partnered with our friends at N26 to provide money management tips for every zodiac sign. 

Spending & Saving By the Stars

Illustrations by William Dudley


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