Daily Horoscopes for Saturday March 30 – Sunday March 31, 2024

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March 30 in the stars: Find out what’s in store for you today in our daily horoscopes for Saturday March 30. Read the daily horoscopes for your Sun sign or rising sign (ascendant) to plan your day.

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Your daily horoscopes for Saturday March 30, 2024

Aries Daily horoscope

Aries (March 21-April 19) daily horoscope for Saturday March 30

How much longer till you reach the finish line? With a perspective-boosting ninth-house moon pinging the illuminating Sun in your sign this Saturday, you can map out a clearer plan to your destination. Remember that you’re not shooting for overnight success, Ram, because you don’t want to be a flash in the pan. Zero in on one area of this particular endeavor and break that down into doable steps. Slow and steady wins the race! On Sunday, hold your fire! Rather than rushing into a new friendship or love affair at warp speed, conduct your due diligence first. The unbridled Sagittarius moon is at odds with romanticizing Venus in Pisces, tempting you to project qualities onto people that may not be there. You don’t want to miss key points that could turn into red flags later. Slow down and put the cornerstones in place first. Your connection isn’t fully baked yet and will benefit from the extra time.

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Taurus Daily horoscope

Taurus (April 20-May 20) daily horoscope for Saturday March 30

Should you roll the dice or hedge your bets? When the moon in your joint-resources zone forms an alliance with the Aries Sun in your intuition corner on Saturday, remember to listen to your inner voice. If you’re wondering whether you should invest your time, money or energy (and if so, how much?), trust what your gut is telling you. And if you can’t get a clear read on the situation, even when you quiet your mind and tune into your sixth sense, you’re better off giving this opportunity a thumbs-down—at least for now. Sunday calls for more discretion as the moon squares your ruler, Venus, in indiscriminate Pisces. Are you sharing state secrets with a person who hasn’t been fully vetted? Even if you’re eager to spill the beans, you could live to regret it if you confide in someone shady. Even if you open up to a trusted confidante, be sure to preface the intel with lots of cautionary preamble about the consequences of letting it go viral. Or better yet, keep it in the vault.

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Gemini Daily horoscope

Gemini (May 21-June 20) daily horoscope for Saturday March 30

If the road has been rocky in a close connection lately, don’t assume you can coast along on autopilot and everything will work itself out. Saturday’s amiable moon-Sun trine offers you an opportunity to sort through the drama. Set aside time tonight for a heart-to-heart and be sure to meet in a peaceful setting where you can speak freely. And if your bond has been rock-solid lately, celebrate that fact! Make special evening plans and raise a glass to your dynamic duo. Playing up the good times is like depositing money in your relationship’s emotional bank account. If you’re feeling torn about the direction of a relationship this Sunday, pump the brakes. The enthusiastic Sagittarius moon in your interpersonal realm is sparring with romantic Venus today, so it’s no wonder you can’t pick a direction and stick with it. One side of you is craving playtime with an intrepid partner in crime. But your mind keeps wandering to your own goals and the demands being placed on you. Focus on taking care of necessary business during the day and then clock out completely so you can fully enjoy tonight’s adventure of choice.

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Cancer Daily horoscope

Cancer (June 21-July 22) daily horoscope for Saturday March 30

Have you been worn out recently, Crab? Don’t just take a nap; take a walk…or a bike ride…or some other form of gentle cardio that gets your blood pumping. Saturday’s harmonious trine between the responsive moon in your wellness corner and the energizing Sun in your success zone prompts you to give your body what it needs so you can stay healthy and productive. Enjoy a post-exercise smoothie with berries, ginger, coconut and whatever other nutritious goodies you feel like tossing in the blender. Be warned that the truth could get twisted on Sunday, when your ruler, the impressionable moon, spars with Venus in illusionary Pisces. Since you don’t have a clear picture of what’s really going on, avoid getting up on a soapbox…or worse, a high horse. Any urge to control or preach could land you in a quagmire, so do your best to pull back from this thought loop and get into a different groove. Not working? Turn to a caring but no-nonsense friend who can talk you down from the tree.

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Leo Daily horoscope

Leo (July 23-August 22) daily horoscope for Saturday March 30

You won’t be able to bite your tongue this Saturday, when the moon in your passionate fifth house pings the Sun in your outspoken ninth. No matter how fired up you are about your own POV, try to listen to others with an open mind. If you or your fellow debaters leave “spirited discussion” in the dust and enter “heated argument” territory, be the first to step off the soapbox. You can signal humility by asking questions rather than continuing to opine. That might even enhance the quality of this conversation. Love and lust are in the air this Sunday, creating an intoxicating brew that you’ll find hard to resist. But look before you leap because the emo moon in your romance zone is clashing with Venus in your intimacy corner. As a result, you could be opening a messy can of worms just by following your heart (or another part of your anatomy!). Protect yourself by resisting temptation today.

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Virgo Daily horoscope

Virgo (August 23-September 22) daily horoscope for Saturday March 30

Are you ready to speak your mind? A much-needed heart-to-heart is in the offing as the moon joins forces with the Sun this Saturday. A family member or roommate could be depending on you too much for help. Or perhaps a loud neighbor is making it hard for you to concentrate. Rather than continuing to bottle up your frustration, clear the air. But don’t forget, Virgo: People aren’t always aware of how their behavior affects others. Give them the benefit of the doubt and gently explain what you need from them. Feel free to linger in bed on Sunday and shut out the world. With the moon in your cozy fourth at odds with romantic Venus, you may find that it’s best to take a little breather from the people you love the most. It’s wise to take a cool-down break after a tense conversation or simply to give your desire for their company a chance to replenish. Plus you’re probably overdue for some quality time with your journal.

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Libra Daily horoscope

Libra (September 23-October 22) daily horoscope for Saturday March 30

Are you charging for all that advice, Libra? Your phone could be blowing up with texts this Saturday from people “needing to talk.” While your balanced nature tends to make you everyone’s ideal sounding board, create a time limit for these consulting sessions. If you don’t have a ready opinion when they finish, ask solution-oriented questions to hasten their own problem-solving. You might also look at this as a strong message from the universe. Maybe it’s time to get certified as a coach or start offering paid consulting sessions. On Sunday, you may be the one looking for a spot of advice. At the minimum, you’re yearning to discuss deep and meaningful issues with people whose perspectives intrigue you. Seek out settings where you’re likely to find people who are on that same wavelength. Your favorite celebrity might have a book club with your name written all over it.

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Scorpio Daily horoscope

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) daily horoscope for Saturday March 30

Are you caught in an unproductive pattern, Scorpio? With the moon and Sun harmonizing in your resourceful second house and your efficient sixth on Saturday, you may discover a better way of doing things. Maybe the problem isn’t about workflow or time management but the confidence you bring to each endeavor. If you’re aiming for perfection and beating yourself up for falling short, that M.O. needs to change. Embrace a “trial and error” approach instead. Mistakes are how we learn! This Sunday, your attention could be on a specific relationship, particularly if one is just getting off the ground or a solid bond is experiencing some shake-ups. The emotional moon in your security-conscious second house is battling ardent Venus in your heartfelt fifth house today, so you may need a little extra reassurance or a show of loyalty. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to spell out how you’re feeling. You need to get this off your chest.

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Sagittarius Daily horoscope

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) daily horoscope for Saturday March 30

Aim higher, Archer! Saturday’s Sagittarius moon is forming an alliance with the vibrant Aries Sun in your creativity zone, daring you to take big strides toward a dream. Tune out the haters telling you your aspirations are too lofty or not doable. Regardless of how ambitious your agenda might appear to them, it’s worth the blood, sweat and tears it will take to manifest. But to minimize the tears (and blood!), put a solid plan in place before you step on the gas. You might feel like your wings are being clipped on Sunday, and freedom-loving Archers are not at all fond of being fenced in. Even though the moon is in thrill-seeking Sagittarius, it’s at odds with compassionate Venus in your fourth house of kith and kin. A member of your inner circle or your family may need your support and reach out. Give only what you’re sincerely inspired to share. Otherwise you’ll resent the person you’re trying to help. 

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Capricorn Daily horoscope

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) daily horoscope for Saturday March 30

A good mood will stand you in good stead on Saturday, when a chimerical twelfth-house moon fist-bumps the radiant Sun in your emotional fourth house. This harmonious alliance can help you get over an emotional hurdle—for instance, kicking an unhealthy habit or letting go of a negative belief. If the idea of change overwhelms you, connect with someone in your inner circle who has “been there, done that.” Their triumphant tale can inspire you to live out your own. On Sunday, give your social butterfly wings some much-needed rest and enjoy downtime in your cocoon. The moon in your retreat corner is squaring Venus, coaxing you to take a step back from the scene you’ve been exploring these last few days. If you’re yearning for alone time, switch your phone to Do Not Disturb and chill solo. Connect with a loved one if you’d prefer some company while you nest. But steer clear of anyone who stresses you out. You need tranquility today!

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Aquarius Daily horoscope

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) daily horoscope for Saturday March 30

While Saturday’s harmony between the moon and Sun awakens your sociable nature, you don’t have to agree to every single idea that you hear. You’re usually the one convincing others to be more radical and avant-garde. But under these skies, you’d rather go with the flow and do whatever works. Keep people’s special requests in check so a plan-in-progress doesn’t become impossible to pull off. With the touchy moon in your group zone going up against luxe-loving Venus in your money realm on Sunday, finances could cause friction between you and your crew. First of all, don’t kid yourself about what you can afford. Get clear on your bottom line so you know your limits when you’re socializing. Having fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Fill your friends in so they get that you’re not being a buzzkill—and get separate checks if possible.

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Pisces Daily horoscope

Pisces (February 19-March 20) daily horoscope for Saturday March 30

You’re on your way, Pisces! When Saturday’s driven tenth-house moon teams up with the audacious Sun in your finance zone, you’ll have more than enough fuel in the tank to win a race up the career ladder. Are you cultivating a business idea? About to present your pitch to a conference room full of power players? Take a second to picture where you want to be a year or a month from now. We don’t need to tell you that manifesting is a key step to making your dreams a reality. And if you still have a lot to learn, register for a class or watch some tutorial videos. The more you know, the more unstoppable you’ll be. Your spirit is restless on Sunday as the unbridled Sagittarius moon squares off with desirous Venus, who is traveling through your sign. A wave of dissatisfaction could wash over you, causing you to look at everything through the lens of “but is it actually enough?” A question like that could take you down a bottomless rabbit hole, Pisces, so flip to a more empowering inquiry, such as, “How can I make this situation more enjoyable for myself and others?”

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