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November 2020 Aquarius Love Horoscope

With love planets Venus and Mars in opposite signs this month—staring at each other from across your axis of expression and education—communication becomes all the more essential to maintain the health of your love life. Whether you’re single or attached, boost your happiness by reading books, listening to podcasts and checking out educational resources like the Gottman Institute. Just talking about what’s on your mind can make a huge difference!

Venus is in Libra until November 21, activating your worldly and optimistic ninth house and, if you’re single, giving you hope that your soulmate really is out there! You’ll be feeling adventurous and open. Regardless of your status, you may have particularly itchy feet and could be bored with the status quo. But restrictions and personal values will factor into how much you actually mix things up or take ANY kind of trip. Of course, there are ways to expand your “horizons” without leaving your ‘hood. Check out virtual cultural offerings and mingle with people from different walks of life (online or safely distanced IRL). 

Meanwhile, Mars is in Aries this month (and for the rest of the year), heating up your interactive and local third house. The red planet wraps up a retrograde on November 13 that began September 9, so the first half of November could have a few discordant moments where you feel irritable and can’t stop bickering. An attraction to a friend could land you in uncomfortable terrain. Think twice before going there...

Before the month ends, Venus will get into cosmic clashes with Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn AND Uranus, suggesting that a lot of stuff is going to come up and will need to be hashed out, negotiated and compromised on. All the more reason to take your time and think everything through carefully.

The diciest of those altercations could be on November 9, when Mars and Venus make an exact opposition, a tricky day for getting on the same page. Hang in there until November 21, when Venus relocates to Scorpio and your goal-oriented tenth house until December 15. You should be more grounded and eager to talk about the future. Suddenly the grass doesn’t look greener over there, and you’re laser-focused on what you want and how to get there. 

Key Dates:

November 9: Venus-Mars opposition
With the zodiac’s love planets in opposite corners, you may feel out of sync with the one(s) you adore. Even a well-intentioned attempt to hash things out could lead to further misunderstanding. An admirer might ply you with the sweetest lines, but are they able to follow through with action? Wait and see.

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