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June 2021 Cancer Love Horoscope

Venus brings your groove back on June 2

Who’s the most sizzling of them all this summer? Starting June 2, you’ll host both of the love planets, Venus and Mars, in YOUR sign! Red-hot super-attractor Mars has been heating up your libido since April 23 and will remain here until June 11. Turning heads without trying? Check! Venus surfs Cancer’s sensual seas until June 27, inspiring you to overhaul your style, add more glamour to your life and look. Ready to be romanced, wooed and pursued—or will you be the one initiating? It won’t matter while both love planets are in your home court.

Mars shifts into Leo on June 11, making security sexy

It’s been fun hosting lusty Mars in your sign, especially since the red planet only visits every other year! Now, Mars will settle into Leo and your stabilizing second house from June 11 to July 29, whetting your appetite for security instead of excitement. 

The saying “no romance without finance” will apply with Mars in this budget-conscious zone (hey, maybe there’s a reason “finance” and “fiance” only have one letter different). Since Mars can add stress, coupled Crabs should watch for fights about money or a heavy work schedule. Make up for it by choosing quality over quantity. Be frugal a few nights a week by cooking in and you can splurge on a special dinner at a newly reopened al fresco brasserie or treat yourself (and your S.O.) to a couple’s massage as an early birthday gift for you! 

Venus joins Mars in Leo on June 27

The sensuality factor turns up even higher on June 27 as sultry Venus joins Mars in Leo until July 11. If you haven’t (sensibly) splurged or upgraded a couple items of your wardrobe or home decor that have served their time, this window is perfect for that. With your naturally “lean” ways and nose for culture, you should be able to score a few deals on (safe) dining, shopping or even a night at a hotel to bring a little “normal” back to your love life.

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