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October 2020 Cancer Love Horoscope

A solid friendship—along with open communication—forms the basis of any good relationship. So you’ll love hosting Venus, the planet of harmony and affection, in your third house of mutuality and expression while she visits Virgo from October 2 to 27. Sparks could fly with a friend since the third house rules media and gadgets, encouraging you to “carpe DM” and start a flirty chat session—IF you’re unattached.
As carefree as Venus may be, the other love planet, Mars, is unfortunately not playing wingman. The red planet is in grouchy retrograde in Aries and your tenth house of long-term goals from September 9 to November 13, making it hard to see eye-to-eye about the future. You’re feeling the love, but do you want the same things from life? There’s the rub. With impulsive Mars in reverse gear, you may be feeling anxious about it, perhaps even having second thoughts. But rather than do any knee-jerk reaction changes, as is Mars’ wont, try to ride it out.
Under this “back-facing” energy, an ex could resurface—and it might be someone who triggers “dad issues” (no shame, we’ve all got some version of ‘em) regardless of your gender identifications. Or it may be a person who pushes the exact buttons that remind you to create better boundaries with people. Sometimes the messenger comes in interesting guises...
A great day to talk about the future or the “c” word (commitment!) is October 19, when Venus forms a heavenly trine with expansive Jupiter in your partnership zone. The “great benefics”, as these two auspicious planets are called, don’t link up very often, so take the opportunity to speak openly and share about your visions for a future together. If you’re single, do some visualizing and write down what you want in a partner—and feel free to dream big with sky’s-the-limit Jupiter here.

Key Dates:

October 10: Venus-Uranus trine
What are you waiting for? Whatever you’ve been waffling over, today’s action-spurring alignment of amorous Venus and spontaneous Uranus can push you off the fence. Be the one to break the ice or say yes to someone’s offer! With your social sectors lit up, couples can enjoy an upbeat, drama-free night out on the town—or stay home and light some indoor fireworks!

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