New Year’s Eve Horoscope: How to Celebrate by the Stars

New Year’s Eve is almost here, so why not celebrate in sync with the stars? As we bid adieu to a difficult 2017 (seriously, what just happened there?!), we all deserve a little revelry for making it to the finish line. Below, we’ve charted the New Year’s Eve astrology lineup to help you plan a smooth entry into 2018.

A little lightness, a touch of tradition, a smidgen of sexy: That’s your recipe for toasting 2018 in celestial style. The year coasts out with an almost-full moon in vivacious, variety-loving Gemini. (Heads up: January 1 will feature a full Cancer supermoon). These beams brighten our spirits and call for an interactive night. Song request, anyone? But carve out quiet zones for making plans—and making out—as a cluster of planets in sexy Scorpio and cautious Capricorn counterbalance the playful Gemini atmosphere.

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Moon in Gemini: Keep it light & lively


Variety is key. Yawns before midnight? Oh no! With the moon in spontaneous Gemini, everyone’s got a short attention span and a voracious appetite for novelty. Refresh the roster (and the drinks) to stave off boredom while everyone waits for the ball to drop. If you’re out, plan on party-hopping instead of getting stuck in one place making small talk. Hosting? Think interactive: karaoke, dancing, vision boarding and DIY projects (Gemini energy is great for crafty activities that use your hands). Set out a few silly board games—you never know who might start playing.

Rally a DJ. A well-curated playlist that spans a few decades will keep everyone upbeat. Make sure you have enough songs (or friends with great Spotify playlists).

Can you hear yourself talk? Since chatty Gemini also loves conversation, keep the music in specific areas so the non-dancers can hear each other talk.

Snacks are everything. Gemini rules the hands, so keep grab-and go bites coming. If you go out, be sure to eat a proper meal (and some hors d’oeuvres), since you’re likely to lose count of your champagne refills.

Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn: A touch of tradition


Weave in a little tradition. Four planets in this anchoring earth sign keep us from floating off into the airy Gemini ether. How can you strike the right balance of class and sass? Start with a sit-down dinner and end the night dancing in a dive bar. Buy tickets to a black-tie benefit but cap off the night with disco fries at your favorite diner. Ketchup on your formalwear? C’est la vie!

Set pre-sundown goals and intentions. Before you head out, take some time to think about your 2018 wishes. Capricorn, the horoscope’s historian, would prefer if you log them on a piece of paper or a Notes app for accountability’s sake.

Call an older family member. Capricorn reminds us to respect timeless values and pay tribute to loyal loved ones. Pause from the party to say “Happy New Year” to an older relative, a mentor or someone who’s opened doors for you in 2017.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Mix up the guest list


Invite a newcomer. With social Mercury in worldly Sagittarius, don’t just hang with the same-old clique.

But choose your newcomers wisely. With messenger planet Mercury in tense opposition to the moon, pass on including that button-pusher who will talk politics or play devil’s advocate and ruin the fun.

Mars & Jupiter in Scorpio: A sexy undercurrent (and a safety precaution)


Midnight kiss? Lusty Mars and adventurous Jupiter are both in intimate Scorpio, charging the air with amorous intensity. Slip off somewhere private-ish with your S.O. between drinks and the DJ’s dance sets. Make that midnight kiss an unforgettable performance!

Stay in touch with your wingperson. After a year of Harvey Weinstein horror stories, this Mars-Jupiter energy could also take a wrong turn. The shadow side of Scorpio energy can be violent, predatory and dangerous. With flowing drinks and massive crowds and strangers added in, safety precautions are a must. Have at least one person who knows your whereabouts (and heck, switch on the “find my phone” locator). Don’t just throw your coat and wallet in a random pile on the bed or dash off with a total stranger who “seems fun.” Yeah, it may sound obvious…but we had to say it.

Watch for jealousy. Between the ultra-flirty Gemini moon and the Scorpio envy factor, you can go from playful to paranoid fast. Keep that boundary-challenged player off the guest list and make sure you don’t ditch your friends or partner as you mingle.

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