Your New Year’s Horoscope Is Here: Don’t Let Mercury Retrograde Crash Your Party!

Mercury is retrograde for New Year’s 2023-2024 (just like last year!) Our New Year’s horoscopes can help you navigate the retrograde and celebrate without glitches.

Let’s get this irritating tidbit out of the way right now for your New Year’s horoscope: Yes, Mercury is retrograde on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Mercury began its last retrograde of 2023 on December 13, which hasn’t been exactly happy news for anyone who uses planes, trains and automobiles this time of year.

This Mercury retrograde cycle launches in structured Capricorn but slides into traveler Sagittarius on December 23. Mercury’s baggage carousel moves in reverse until New Year’s Day (ending at 10:08 PM ET), so take some extra precautions if you’re heading out: leave early for the airport, confirm reservations, bring an extra form of ID (JIC), an extra phone charger–you get the idea!

Even local plans could get squirrely under this signal-scrambling influence. Our advice? Get everyone set up on a group chat ASAP. Include map links to all destinations and a clear itinerary. Once you get to the venue, tuck your phone away if you don’t want to spend the entire night glued to your screen. You have better things to do than help the perpetually late factions of your posse figure out something that a GPS can do better. 


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Should I delay New Year’s Resolutions because of Mercury retrograde?

Good luck getting aligned around NYE plans, 2024 goals, or whatever habit you think you want to kick.

Maybe you felt the desire to make a mental list of resolutions but Mercury’s tug in December meant you couldn’t solidify anything. The good news is you can hold back making your resolutions. Consider waiting until the new moon that arrives on January 11, in success-driven Capricorn, that aligns your wishes with limitless possibilities.

In the meantime, you could start a vision board or a first draft of your intentions for 2024, without the pressure of having to implement them as soon as the ball drops in Times Square. Get a head start on next year by planning for All the 2024 Mercury Retrogrades!

123123! One note about the last day of 2023: 12-31-23

We’re not counting dance steps…the last day of the year is a numeric palindrome: 12-31-23! And while this doesn’t influence your New Year’s horoscope, per say, it’s got a lot of people talking, so here’s our take. We love angel numbers and Numerology and exploring meaning in numbers we see by chance, on our phone clocks, addresses, and in this case, the calendar. 

So what does 12-31-23 mean? 

You can look at each number separately or add them up.

1: Be in the moment and pay attention!
2: Notice and appreciate who is around you.
3: Get creative in your communication and be sure to love yourself.



5 is the change agent in Numerology—and a glamorous, fun-loving vibration!

If Mercury retrograde messes with your Plan A, lean into the spontaneous whimsy of 5. That last-minute detour could take you to the party of the decade! Easy does it on the bubbles. There’s a hedonistic energy to 5. Don’t push your inner party monster past its natural limits!

New Year’s Horoscopes To Ring In 2024

Below are horoscopes for every zodiac sign for New Year’s Eve 2023 and New Year’s Day 2024. You can read for your Sun sign or your rising sign (ascendant). Visit our Cosmic Calculator section if you want to calculate your Rising sign or discover more about your personal astrology.

New Year’s horoscopes for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day… Mercury direct begins January 1 at 10:08 PM Eastern.

Aries (March 21-April 19) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve

The moon shifts into Virgo and your sixth house of healthy habits on December 31, urging you to get clear on your New Year’s resolutions. Before uncorking the Veuve, write down the top five goals you want to realize in 2024. Display your list in a prominent place to remind you to do at least one thing every day to help tick all those boxes.

As for tonight? With this service-oriented lunar energy, you might be cool with playing wingwoman, entertainment director or designated driver instead of dancing on the tabletops. Just don’t overburden yourself with responsibility. Your New Year’s horoscope calls for a celebration you deserve, too.

New Year’s Day

The world feels a lot like your oyster this NYD. Revel in it, Ram, and let your mind start wandering about where you’d like to travel next. At 10:08 PM EST, mental Mercury wraps up a three-week retrograde and blasts ahead through Sagittarius, electrifying your expansive ninth house until January 13. Have you identified your grandest goals for the New Year? Maybe you want to sell your screenplay, start your own side business, or travel to the jungle to train as a healer. While today is best used for dreaming, your desires could start taking shape—and fast—in the days ahead!

Taurus (April 20-May 20) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve

Thought you’d just stay in and celebrate in your silk pajamas this NYE? Think again, Gemini. With the moon strutting through your glamorous fifth house on December 31, splurge on the VIP tickets and professionally applied smoky eye. Start off with dinner or a smaller pre-party to bond with your fellow revelers. You might not see them much once you hit the main event, o’ popular one.

New Year’s Day

Money’s on your mind this NYD, and you’re eager to create a solid wealth plan for the year ahead. But don’t ruin your champagne buzz by reviewing every line item on your 2024 budget.

Mental Mercury is retrograde until 10:08 PM EST, which means today is best used for visualizing what could be rather than making a hardcore action plan. What would also be useful, Taurus, is to make a list of relationships you’d like to invest in this year. Ideally, these symbiotic connections will make you stronger together and maybe even richer! What do they have to offer and what will you give in return? 

Gemini (May 21-June 20) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve

Nostalgic New Year, anyone? The moon shifts into Virgo and your soulful, sentimental fourth house, so usher in 2024 with your nearest and dearest. Whether you’re heading out on the town or watching the ball drop from the living room, cozy up with your inner circle. Chances are, you’ll prefer an intimate evening in, perfect for carrying on family traditions—or dreaming up new ones. 

New Year’s Day

Power to your partnerships, Gemini! Well, the healthy ones, at least… Your ruler, cooperative Mercury, is in your dynamic duo zone (Sagittarius) this NYD, but it’s lingering in retrograde until 10:08 PM EST.

While you’re sipping mimosas, scroll through your phone and do a crew review. Who were the standout stars from 2023 and who failed to live up to their promise? Your New Year’s horoscope calls for your first bold act of 2024 to be possibly deleting some numbers from your contact list. You’ll feel like a weight’s been lifted off your shoulders! Then, pinpoint a few vibrant people who add color to your life and make a point of connecting with them in the coming days. 

Cancer (June 21-July 22) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve

With the moon in Virgo and your “let your hair down” third house, you might prefer a laid-back hang over a crowded NYE shindig. If you’re going to splurge, use your coin for haute cuisine, then work off the meal with some raucous dancing or karaoke.

And while you might start off the night with a smaller guest list, you won’t end it that way. All the more reason to pick a location without a huge cover charge: You can just tell friends (who are bored with the stuffy, overpriced events) to come on over and join the fun.

New Year’s Day

It’s up to you to get your needs met, Cancer, so vow to begin 2024 as your own loudest advocate. This NYD, messenger Mercury is wrapping up a three-week retrograde in Sagittarius and your sixth house of self-care, urging you to make Numero Uno your top priority. The holiday madness, coupled with taking care of basically your entire family, might have depleted your energy reserves.

As the calendar turns, you are more than ready to nurture “me, myself, and I.” Now for the challenge! Let other people know that you could use their support in around your wellness resolutions. That way you can engage in power naps, regular massages, and working out sans interruptions. Amen!

Leo (July 23-August 22) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve

Did you offer to take charge of NYE’s celebrations? If so, brace yourself for an influx of texts and calls wanting to know the details. Send out a group message with all the relevant info—and don’t forget the dress code! Steer clear of complicated plans, and don’t invite the needy people out of pity. You’ll want to mix and mingle unencumbered, not hand-hold. Well, unless it’s with your date or a sexy stranger you meet under this evening’s sensual stars. 

New Year’s Day

Ready for romance? If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to find your soulmate—or just go out on some stimulating dates—you’re off to a great start. Expressive Mercury wraps up a three-week retrograde and powers forward through your amorous fifth house until January 13, priming you for passion as 2024 begins.

You’re not about to settle for a “fine for right now” fling, Leo. Your New Year’s horoscope calls for you connecting with someone on a deep level. Couples: Make sure you’re on the same page about kids—the fifth house has been known to cause baby fever. A creative project could be hatched while you’re sipping mimosas, but don’t start ordering supplies until the retrograde haze passes. You may have second thoughts in a couple days.

Virgo (August 23-September 22) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve

Who needs fireworks this NYE? With the moon in your sign, you’re lighting up the celebratory circuit like a show of colorful starbursts. Feel free to take charge of planning the festivities, but make it clear to your friends that you’ll be acting as a free agent. There are so many parties and so little time this evening, and you’re not about to miss any chandelier-swinging moments because you’re worried about “abandoning” people.

Tap out and move on as you wish. Who knows? The crew can meet up with you later. In the meantime, talking to strangers could bring some surprisingly enchanted moments.

New Year’s Day

Is it possible to get a “crowd hangover”? You may be feeling the after effects of New Year’s Eve a little differently this year, especially if you spent time in a large group. The moon lingers in Virgo today, which kicks the year off on an independent note for you. Your New Year’s horoscope calls for letting your mind drift to what “living MY best life” might look like.

Bear in mind that your ruler, messenger Mercury, will be wrapping up its three-week retrograde at 10:08 PM EST tonight. As it powers forward through Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house until January 13, personal happiness may involve redecorating, relocating or setting stronger boundaries with family.

Libra (September 23-October 22) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve

You’ve got more to say goodbye to than just 2023. As the moon drifts through your twelfth house of endings and healing, a window opens, helping you release something substantial. Forgiving and forgetting is easy for no one, but what positives do you glean from clinging to resentment? Your New Year’s horoscope calls for you to reflect on how your anger is preventing you from moving forward.

Take a bit of time before jumping in on the festivities to make a “letting-go list” of all the things you will release at the stroke of midnight. Start the new year with a lighter load—and even with a candlelight meditation or sacred ceremony under these soulful stars.

New Year’s Day

Start passing out the friendship bracelets! With so many kindred spirits to appreciate, it would be easy to spend the entire day sipping mimosas and exchanging warm-fuzzy messages. And that’s just the beginning of this networking spree.

At 10:08 PM EST, Mercury pivots out of a three-week retrograde and powers forward in Sagittarius and your cooperative, communicative third house until January 13. Share your vision for 2024. What do you need to make it an amazing year? What do your people need? No one will know you’re looking for a new job, for example, unless you mention it. And you might have a resource to share once a friend opens up to you about her plans. Get the conversation flowing.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve

Guaranteed you’ll be at the heart of the action near midnight as the moon parties down in your gregarious eleventh house. Don’t rush to the noisy party. Start with dinner, even a black-tie affair. But you’ll be kicking off your heels as 2024 approaches and twerking to the middle of the dance floor to cut loose, Scorpio-style. Be open to last-minute guests and tagalongs too—the wild cards could be the ones who totally make the night.

New Year’s Day

When you’re done noshing on your NYD brunch, put your money where your mouth is, Scorpio. Messenger Mercury is wrapping up a three-week retrograde—and tonight (at 10:08 PM EST), it powers forward in Sagittarius and your fiscally savvy second house. Your New Year’s horoscope is clear that it may be time to create a new budget for the new year, especially if your priorities (or earnings) have shifted. Or if you’ve hit a plateau with your skill set, you may need to invest in education or training that rounds out your skill set and makes you marketable again.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve

Your popularity reaches new heights as NYE invitations come rolling in. With the Virgo moon setting off fireworks in your ambitious tenth house, you won’t want to turn any of them down. But don’t box yourself in with too many commitments or you’ll wind up super-stressed as you launch 2024. Limit yourself to a maximum of two soirees tonight, and send your regrets to the others.

Tip: This lunar light is shining its beams on the most elite events. Start the new year on a well-heeled foot, and choose the most “affluential” bash to attend.

New Year’s Day

Lofty visions are dancing through your head this NYD, as the Virgo moon spins james in your tenth house of success. Nothing wrong with dreaming big! You wouldn’t be a Sagittarius if you didn’t. But before you race down any rabbit holes, your New Year’s horoscope asks you to bear in mind that mental Mercury is retrograde (in your sign) until 10:08 PM EST tonight. Make a napkin sketch, record an audio memo, but then, let ideas keep drifting through like clouds. Tomorrow, you can review them with retrograde-free eyes and see which ones are worth pursuing further. 

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve

Ready to do something unconventional this NYE? The moon beams into your spiritual ninth house, possibly drawing your attention to the metaphysical. You could be inspired to participate in a candlelit meditation ceremony focused on world peace, or perhaps host a gratitude ritual with friends. Even if you find yourself with a champagne flute in hand at midnight, your conversations are bound to be deep and free of small talk. Bonus points if they take place somewhere outside of your home zip code.

New Year’s Day

With the Virgo moon in your expansive ninth house this NYD, you could wake up eager to broaden your horizons. But growth doesn’t have to look like adding more and more to your plate. Quite the contrary! To open up space for the new, close the door on activities that suck your time and energy. That advice goes double tonight, when Mercury ends its three-week retrograde and pivot forward through Sagittarius and your twelfth house of closure.

You may decide it’s finally time to seal the door on a relationship that’s no longer working. This isn’t necessarily a romantic partnership—it could be a friendship that’s run its course or a business alliance that’s not appropriate anymore. Rip that Band-Aid, Cap, and let 2024 be the year you cut all toxic ties.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve

NYE quiz: Ironic sequined ballgown or elegant black dress? Whatever you don tonight, don’t be afraid to show your sexy side. With the moon in Virgo and your erotic eighth house, intimacy is on the menu the minute 2024 begins.

Already have plans to ring in the new year with a group of people? Reserve a bit of time before you head out for some one-on-one with your lover or BFF. Unattached? Your allure is irresistible under this lunar light, so remain open to those mystery midnight snoggers. A sexy stranger could try to woo you—or the object of your affections could reveal a mutual attraction. Don’t be shy about showing affection to the ball rolling instead of dropping.

New Year’s Day

With the Virgo moon submerged in your private eighth house this NYD, you might not feel as bubbly as last night’s champagne. A quiet day of reflection is well-deserved, plus, you may as well enjoy the “me time” while you can! Tonight (at 10:08 PM EST), social Mercury wraps up a three-week retrograde and powers forward through Sagittarius and your communal eleventh house until January 13. The more will officially be the merrier. Pack your calendar with coffee dates, yoga and dinner with friends. This is no time to be a hermit—the connections you make now can pay off down the line!

Pisces (February 19-March 20) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve

Reserve your NYE for that one special someone, Pisces—or just be open to meeting a person who fits the bill. This Sunday, the emo moon hovers in your partnership sector, setting the stage for romantic bonding. Be it a black-tie affair or a live DJ set, this lunar light can help deepen your bond with your mate as you ring in 2024. Unattached? Steer clear of Ryan Seacrest, and bring on the sequins and stilettos. Summon your coquettish side, and you could end up locking lips with someone who’ll keep you warm during the cold of winter.

New Year’s Day

This New Year’s Day, as communication planet Mercury wraps up its retrograde in your tenth house of success your thoughts may gravitate toward your most ambitious resolutions. And good for you! While the cosmic messenger won’t turn direct until tonight at 10:08 PM EST, start visualizing how you want to share your talents with the world in 2024.

In the days ahead, don’t be afraid to ask an accomplished friend for a recommendation or strike up a conversation with a VIP. There’s some truth to the expression “It’s not what you know but who you know.” What you know actually DOES matter, so be ready to walk your talk in 2024!

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