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Your New Year’s Horoscope Is Here: Don’t Let Mercury Retrograde Crash Your Party!

Mercury is retrograde for New Year’s 2022-2023—for the first time since New Year’s 2016-2017! Our New Year’s horoscopes to help you navigate the retrograde and celebrate without glitches.

Let’s get this irritating tidbit out of the way right now: Yes, Mercury is retrograde on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The reverse commute begins on December 29, which is not exactly happy news for anyone who travels to ring in 2023. Leave early for the airport, confirm reservations and bring an extra form of ID (JIC).

Since this backspin takes place in Capricorn, try not to waver from the solid plan you designed earlier this month. There’s always something that seems better but if you have to redirect 20 friends to pull that off, are you setting yourself up for a stressful night?

Even local plans could get squirrely under this signal-scrambling influence. Our advice? Get everyone set up on a group chat ASAP. Include map links to all destinations and a clear itinerary. Once you get to the venue, tuck your phone away if you don’t want to spend the entire night glued to your screen. You have better things to do than help the perpetually late factions of your posse figure out something that a GPS can do better. 

And you can hold back on making any epic resolutions. Mercury won’t shift out of reverse until January 18. But hey, the pressure’s off! We recommend waiting to formally make your resolutions until January 21, when the first new moon of 2023 (in Aquarius) aligns your wishes with limitless possibilities. In the meantime, start with a vision board or a first draft of your intentions for the year ahead.

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A Taurus moon colors your New Year’s horoscope

Decadence, luxury and sensuality are on deck with the moon in Taurus all weekend

We might not be ready to party like it was 2019—but we’re certainly ready to dress like it. That means pulling out the sequined, body-con, shimmery, skin-baring, colorful numbers that have been in scarce rotation since the pandemic—or maybe since your senior prom! With the moon in Taurus lending an air of black-tie formality to the night, you need to further excuse to go OTT with your ‘fit. 

Warning: Uncomfortable heels might be kicked off before it’s even close to midnight. But hey, if they’re part of your look, there’s nothing wrong with giving “bombshell” for a few photos…then switching it up to “living room dance party ASAP.

Music, rich food and premium cocktails are par for the course when the Taurus moon guides our celebration. Careful not to overdo it, though. The raging Bull doesn’t always know how to modulate its own strength—and you might not either. 

And Venus and Pluto in Capricorn round out your New Year’s horoscope

Romance is also on the agenda

Not only does the Taurus moon get us in a touchy-feely way, but shortly after midnight (EST), seductive Venus sidles up to private Pluto in Capricorn. A party of two may be a suitable guest list for the rest of the weekend. Even if you can’t ditch, could you slip off into a darkened corner and get to know each other better? The lucky recipient of your midnight kiss might just stay in bed with you until January 2!

If you’re not starting 2023 with an erotic fireworks festival, you might be downloading creative hits and taking notes for a year-ahead project. As you look ahead for 2023, this empowering alignment challenges you to raise the bar to a height that inspires you to elevate yourself. But don’t set it so high that you feel like you’re grasping, especially since Mercury remains retrograde in goal-getting Capricorn until January 18. 

New Year’s horoscopes to ring in 2023

Your Horoscope for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Aries (March 21-April 19) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve: Forget about shivering in the cold or waiting in long lines to get in to the party. With the moon in sensual Taurus on NYE, you’d rather get cozy at an intimate gathering. Some Aries might even attend a black tie affair or another dressy shindig. Why not end 2022 on a luxurious note? You won’t feel the need to be the belle of the ball tonight, but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t indulge in a little extra pampering like getting your hair done at the salon or having a pro do your makeup before you go out.

New Year’s Day: Your new year starts on very auspicious footing as charming Venus huddles with intuitive Pluto—and in ambitious Capricorn, no less! While Mercury may be retrograde until the 18th, is there one step you can take over the coming few days to advance a goal? You’ll send the universe (and yourself) a clear signal that you are dead-serious about this. If you haven’t written your objectives down, it’s worth your time. That’s another way to give them a little extra manifesting mojo!

Taurus (April 20-May 20) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve: Hello NYE celebutante! With the moon in Taurus, you are the confirmed star of the soiree circuit. You might feel pressured to attend a laid-back house party or spend the evening with family and close friends. Scrap that! If you don’t get out in the crowds for at least a little while, you’ll lose your mind. Go ahead and host some pre-festivities cocktails at your place, but enlist your crew in purchasing tickets to a club, concert or another special event. You want to be entertained!

New Year’s Day: As your ruler, creative Venus, meets up with Pluto in Capricorn and your expansive ninth house, you’ll have a vision of what you really, REALLY want to manifest in 2023. You can call them resolutions or—if it feels more empowering, your 2023 intentions. Either way, the more seriously you take them now, the more momentum you’ll build to keep it going for the rest of the year. The ninth house invites you to think big. So instead of taking a yoga training program downtown, start researching retreats. Dream now, but wait until Mercury turns direct after the 18th to officially sign up.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve: With the moon in your soulful twelfth house for your New Year’s horoscope, you’ll be intent upon leaving 2022’s stress behind you. Spend time making a list of what you’d like to let go of, totally forget about, and never have a repeat performance of again. Before you hit the dance floor, gather with a few friends for a ceremonial purging. Make those “farewell to thee” lists, read them aloud and then burn them (safely, please!). Some Gems may prefer a midnight meditation, spiritual service, or yoga class to the loud boom of bass at a club.

New Year’s Day: Luxury loving Venus merges with shrewd Pluto in your eighth house of long-term wealth and shared resources, inspiring you to think beyond what you can do alone. This might be the year you and a partner (business or romantic) pool your funds or make a big investment together. If you’re ready to sign documents, stall until Mercury turns direct on January 18, if possible. Of course, with this seductive cosmic sync-up, your midnight kiss might last until January 2. Feel no pressure to get out of bed this NYD, especially if you have a plus-one to cuddle with!

Cancer (June 21-July 22) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve: Huddle in your shell on NYE? No way! With the moon in your “the more, the merrier” eleventh house for your New Year’s horoscope, you’ll be the live wire of the celebrations. Chill an extra bottle of bubbly but don’t put the pressure on yourself to refresh everyone’s glass. While a Taurus moon likes things fancy, there’s no need to break the bank on high-dollar tickets. Hang out at more laid back venues: you’ll have a far better time with the hipsters than you will with the suit-and-tie crowd.

New Year’s Day: Shortly after the stroke of midnight (EST), 2023 gets off to an auspicious start as amicable Venus mashes up with Pluto in Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships. You may be feeling extra-close to someone, and one of you may be inspired to make a daunting confession or proclamation of your feelings. One issue that might come up, however, is your insistence on things going a certain way. Be brave enough to look at where you’re being inflexible at your own demise—and strong enough to explore WHY you are clinging to those rules. Is that really the right look for you in 2023?

Leo (July 23-August 22) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve: With the decadent Taurus moon aglow in your prestigious tenth house on NYE, you’ll want to be at THE party of all parties. Fear not, Leo! If you aren’t game for spending more than general admission, you’ll easily charm your way into the VIP room once you’re past the main entrance.

While you’re a lion with a plan, your New Year’s horoscope cautions to not be too pushy or impatient with your celebratory squad. You may have to linger longer at the cocktail hour event (or meet them at the next venue!) to accommodate the slower moving revelers in your pack. While everyone else is snogging, you could be talking shop with a promising new contact. But don’t forget to have fun…and maybe squeeze in a kiss of your own.

New Year’s Day: You can bump self-care to the top of your NYD list, thanks to today’s union of luxuriating Venus and introspective Pluto in your sixth house of wellness. It’s easy for your magnanimous sign to juggle a million things and meet a slew of people’s needs. But at what cost? With the holiday hubbub in your rearview, slow down long enough to take a few deep breaths and tune in to what YOU desire most in the year ahead. Should this require someone else’s assistance, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Virgo (August 23-September 22) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve: Sorry Ryan Seacrest, but your Virgo viewership may be down a quart this NYE. An adventurous NYE is in store for you, one that could even find you trekking out of town to celebrate. Let the spirit of spontaneity take hold, no matter your GPS coordinates. Did you accidentally invite a clingy friend to join your brigade? Have a straight-up boundaries talk before you head out together. Make it clear that tonight you need to feel free to come and go as you please. And with WHO, too!

New Year’s Day: Just after midnight, love planet Venus canoodles seductive Pluto in your amorous fifth house, which could start the year off with some epic fireworks. Regardless, your mind will be on romantic desires for 2023. Single Virgos won’t be interested in flash-in-the-pan hookups though. With this “rolling in the deep” alignment, your New Year’s horoscope calls for interest on people who deliver lasting value. In an LTR? Coupled Virgos may opt to spend NYD talking about some of those grander topics you may have hesitated to broach, like marriage, children and even real estate.

Libra (September 23-October 22) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve: With the Taurus moon dipping into your secretive, seductive—and even solitary—eighth house, it’s literally a mystery how you’ll opt to spend your NYE. Feel zero pressure to report your whereabouts on the socials or inform friends who you’d rather see AFTER 2022 of your celebratory intentions. A masked ball could be the perfect way to celebrate; or, you might prefer to sway hypnotically to an amazing band or DJ. This sultry energy could bring a midnight kiss from a dashing stranger. A private fete with your amour or a favorite person might be all you need to set the year off on the right note.

New Year’s Day: Laying low in the Libra lair will be nirvana on New Year’s day, as your ruler, Venus, links arms with private Pluto in Capricorn. With this cosmic duo nesting in your domestic fourth house, you may be perfectly content in your own company. But if your inner circle wants a piece of your time, let them drop by—and tell them to bring snacks!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve: A glamorous New Year’s Eve is in store for Scorpios, so even if you weren’t initially planning to dress up and hit the town…quick! Can you pull together a budget for vintage bubbles and a ticket to that buzzy event? Don’t leave your favorite plus-one out of the plans. The moon’s in Taurus, activating your relationship house this NYE.

Single? The stars in your New Year’s horoscope could deliver a promising prospect; one who can go way beyond a stellar midnight smooch. Got resolutions? Of course you do—and you wouldn’t be forward-thinking Scorpio if they weren’t already rattling around in your head, if not the pages of your journal. But those goals won’t accomplish themselves!

New Year’s Day: As your ruler, power-broker, Pluto, merges with social Venus in your communication sector on New Year’s day, you’ll be reminded that it really does take a village to get big things off the ground. Whether you’re gathered ‘round a table or a fire pit, share your plans with friends—and discuss ways you can help one another manifest your dreams.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve: All things in moderation this NYE—except, of course, your enthusiasm on the dance floor. The Taurus moon is parked in your sixth house of service and wellness, modulating your energy toward healthier forms of celebration for your New Year’s horoscope. Mix up those mocktails or sip water liberally between champagne flutes. While you won’t mind playing social organizer, keep things simple. Despite being the zodiac’s nomad, you’ll prefer to pick one venue for celebration tonight. Ring it in from there, be it a club, karaoke bar, or an epic house party.

New Year’s Day: Value-driven Venus aligns with security-loving Pluto putting your mind on your money. If your bank account took a big hit during this holiday shopping season, you need a solid plan to refill those coffers—and to maybe hit a new target number. While you don’t have to spend January 1 working on your budget, you might actually excited to do a little crunching in the first days of the year. Or maybe you just want to raise your net worth in 2023. Who do you know who can help you make that happen? As you ease into the next few days, send a HNY text and get lunches on the books!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve: Pucker up, Capricorn! With the moon twerking through your festive, romantic fifth house this NYE, a sultry midnight snog is practically guaranteed. Don’t play coy about your interest if you’re actually into someone. You have good reason to feel confident, but also remember that sometimes a kiss is just a kiss. When it comes to your outfit, this theatrical moon wants sequins, cutouts and dopamine-bright hues. Your New Year’s horoscope gives you permission to peacock your way into 2023!

New Year’s Day: How solid are those New Year’s resolutions, Capricorn? If they’re still a little wobbly—or haven’t been committed to paper yet—this day offers a perfect opportunity as visualizer Venus merges with intuitive Pluto in your sign. This can have the effect of blending your highest dreams with a commitment to not walk away until you reach the finish line. To give those goals a little extra juice, share them with a close friend and invite them to do the same. Just remember: Mercury is retrograde in your sign until January 18, so no need to rush to set these in stone! Just start researching and formulating.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve: Home is where the Aquarian heart is this NYE, as the moon shimmies into Taurus and your domestic fourth house. Some Water Bearers will be content to pop the champagne and host a karaoke challenge or movie marathon in your living room. But your New Year’s horoscope calls for an opportunity to flex your culinary prowess and pull of a fancy dinner party. Don’t feel like entertaining? Scout out someone else’s house party or tour the party circuit in a tight huddle with your squad.

New Year’s Day: As creative Venus mashes up with intensifier Pluto in Capricorn and your introspective twelfth house, hand the reins to your subconscious. Let your mind drift to potential 2023 resolutions. Your elevated sign isn’t always onboard with this kind of paint-by-numbers planning, but maybe there really is something to it. But don’t feel like you have to create yours the way others do theirs. Start pulling images that you can assemble on a vision board. Give yourself until the January 21 new moon in Aquarius to finish this project—and find some great used books and magazines to clip from.

Pisces (February 19-March 20) New Year’s Horoscope

New Year’s Eve: You’re in full on social butterfly mode this NYE, thanks to the Taurus moon lighting up your garrulous third house. The only thing that can dampen your spirits? Inviting Debbie Downers, judge-y gossips, or friends with social anxiety to join your entourage. This is YOUR day to ring in a new year, so drop the guilt, Pisces, and make plans with people who lift your spirits higher. You might trek out with only one friend (or your sweetie) instead of a whole crowd too—someone who loves to get into trouble as much as you do. Get ready! You’re going to make some new friends along the way.

New Year’s Day: As extroverted Venus and seductive Pluto form a conga line in Capricorn and your communal eleventh house, you’ll be in the mood for meaningful interactivity. Round up the troops, if you don’t already have firm plans on the books, and see who’s up for a late brunch or vision-boarding party. Even if you stayed up all night, you can always get back in the ring for round two. If you have the space for it, play host!


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