Sagittarius Season Pushes You Past Comfort Zones. Your Horoscope for the Sun in Sagittarius.

Raise the stakes! No-limits Sagittarius season begins November 22. The Sun graces this visionary and optimistic sign until December 21. Explore new areas and expand your knowledge base—all while keeping a wide-open mind.

The Sun blazes into worldly, inclusive Sagittarius for a month, encouraging you to move beyond your core crew and connect with others outside of your familiar zone.

Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign. During this “season” everyone feels the energy of this prevailing astrological sign, no matter what your Sun sign horoscope may be. Here is everything you need to know about the astrology of Sagittarius season, plus your horoscope!

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Cast a wider net during Sagittarius season

Expand your horizons! With el Sol beaming into this broad-reaching zodiac sign for a month, it’s time to stretch WAY beyond your comfort zone and see what else is out there.

During Sagittarius season, be welcoming and open to diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Play superconnector for your friends or dip into a new talent pool for potential collaborators.

Sagittarius also encourages transparency and honesty, so if you need to have an air-clearing talk with someone in your life, do it now before you get swept away in holiday festivities!

Beware! Mercury retrograde is coming!

“Anywhere but home” always seems like the ideal destination for Sagittarius season (Sagittarius is the zodiac’s traveler). But we recommend getting your travel in early. Mercury turns retrograde at the tail end of this solar cycle, starting December 13 (and ending on January 1, 2024). So this could be a good reason for a gift shopping road trip or a long weekend jaunt, perhaps one that requires a passport!

Travel doesn’t require a suitcase when it’s Sagittarius season

Sagittarius season also includes travel in the metaphoric, more wallet-friendly, sense. There’s always more to learn about cultural sensitivity, for example. Check out books, virtual lectures and inter-office training programs to expand your perspective. Sagittarius rules education. What could you learn before the year is through? (Or enroll in a class now to get your new year off to a powerful start!)

Find new ways to flex your entrepreneurial muscles, or just your muscles

Organize a mastermind group or set up shop at a holiday pop-up sale or maker’s fair—or on Etsy. This sporty solar cycle could get you bundled up and onto the slopes or onto your yoga mat to warm your body from the inside out.

Love breaks type during Sagittarius season

Convinced that you have a type? Guess again. The next four weeks could dispel any such myths as the Sun spreads its wings in broad-minded Sagittarius. You may fall head over babouches for someone’s adorable accent or their refreshingly different perspective on life.

Unearthing common ground will be equally enchanting. And if surface appearances tell a different tale, your love story could provide inspiration for other couples who believe in free-dating. And that’s exactly the point. Rather than judging a book by its cover, delve into everyone’s story with the spirit of discovery.

Do this even if you’re half of an “old marrieds” pair. Human beings are dynamic creatures, after all. You may think you know your S.O. inside and out, until you approach them with what the Buddhists call “beginner’s mind.” Converse with limitless curiosity, as if you were meeting for the first time. You might just fall in love all over again—or get so damn real that you establish a whole new level of intimate communication.

Your Sagittarius season horoscope

Below are horoscopes for every zodiac sign for Sagittarius season, from November 22 to December 21, 2023. You can read for your Sun sign or your rising sign (ascendant). Visit our Cosmic Calculator section if you want to calculate your Rising sign or discover more about your personal astrology.

Embrace the energy of the season with one of our many Sagittarius season ritual ideas, too!

Aries (March 21-April 19)

There’s no limit to how far you can expand starting November 22, when the Sun kicks off a monthlong tour through Sagittarius and your ninth house of travel and independent growth. So set your sights high! Until December 21, you’ll have more energy than you’ll know what to do with. Better still? Your bold actions could bring worldwide recognition over the coming four weeks of Sagittarius season. The timing is perfect for globetrotting, so start surfing the travel blogs, set fare alerts and plan your next epic getaway. Big bucks could roll in for Rams who own a business, or you may be tasked with an independent project within a company. Read more Aries horoscopes.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

You want it all, Taurus, and there’s nothing wrong with that! On November 22, the Sun glides into Sagittarius and your intimate eighth house, making you crave connections that go way past skin-deep. Do your part to pump up the passion until December 21. The emphasis is on deep, meaningful exchanges with the people you trust the most. If a relationship has been at a slow simmer, it could quickly reach a boiling point now. Passive income and shared financial ventures are also highlighted under this influence. Explore angel investors, IRAs or real estate deals that could make your money work harder for you. Read more Taurus horoscopes.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

We don’t have to nudge a Gemini to bring on the dynamic duos! But you’ll have more partnership offers than you’ll know what to do with starting November 22, as the Sun swings into Sagittarius and your relationship house for the next four weeks. As the sign of the Twins, you’re in your interpersonal element now. Until December 21, focus your attention on authentic connections (personal and professional) that are built to last. Single Geminis could dip a toe in the dating pool and meet someone with real potential during Sagittarius season. In a relationship? Shake up the usual routine and do something outside of your comfort zone to rekindle the flame. Read more Gemini horoscopes.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

All things in moderation, Cancer. The Sun grapevines into Sagittarius and your healthy sixth house, kicking off an awkwardly timed wellness cycle. While you might have to miss a few workouts here and there, swinging to decadent extremes will only leave you feeling sluggish and run-down. For the next four weeks of Sagittarius season, find a balance so you’re neither mindlessly devouring a tray of cookies nor depriving yourself of seasonal treats. Streamline your workflow too, and enlist a few helpful people to help you get a mountain of work done by deadline. Read more Cancer horoscopes.

Leo (July 23-August 22) 

The camera loves you, Leo—and more than ever starting November 22 as the Sun swings into Sagittarius and your glamorous fifth house. Over the next four weeks of Sagittarius season, you could find yourself on center stage or the subject of everyone’s curiosity. Take plenty of selfies while you’re dressed up for celebrations—and maybe some professional shots while you’re at it. Love is in the air under this passionate starmap, and you’ll be fearless in your pursuit. An engagement or pregnancy is possible under this fertile transit, so rule nothing out! Read more Leo horoscopes.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Tuck into that cashmere throw and throw another log on the fire. Starting November 22, the Sun sets up camp in your fourth house of family and roots, turning you into a shameless homebody until December 21. Cancel extraneous social events and take time to refuel your tanks during Sagittarius season. Spruce things up at Chateau Virgo. Even if you hadn’t planned on hosting a holiday dinner, you might just change your mind when you’re done playing decorator. Has tension been brewing with a relative? Aim to get it sorted before Mercury (your ruling planet) turns retrograde on December 13! Read more Virgo horoscopes.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Your social life is set to soar as the Sun swings into Sagittarius and your gregarious third house beginning November 22. Until December 21, you could be flooded with invitations from old friends and new acquaintances alike. Say yes to as many as you can without triple-booking yourself! Partnering up is favored by this starmap—and as a Libra, you’re always happy to embrace the power of two. Find someone whose skill set complements your own during Sagittarius season, and see what you can cook up together before 2023 is through. Read more Libra horoscopes.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

While the Sun transited Scorpio and your first house of self for the past four weeks, you were on fire, pitching and showcasing away! Now it’s time to take those ideas to the bank. An end-of-year prosperity boost could fill your coffers starting November 22 as the life-giving Sun blazes into Sagittarius and your second house of money and security until December 21. You laid the groundwork for your big plans; now start to put them into action in a profitable way during Sagittarius season. Some Scorpios could get a promotion, a raise or a chance to prove your leadership prowess by spearheading a project.  Read more Scorpio horoscopes.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Happy birthday to you! Beginning November 22, the Sun beams into Sagittarius and your trailblazing first house, resetting your cosmic clock for the coming 365 days. The past is behind you, so turn a fresh page as you harness this new outlook on your life. Until December 21, scale back on work and make it your mission to live lighter—and out loud too! Disengage from energy vampires who’ve been dragging you down with drama and gossip. If some people just aren’t on board with your grand visions, it’s okay to (kindly) shuffle them to lower-priority tier. For the four weeks of Sagittarius season (and beyond) surround yourself with kindred spirits who lift you up and share your values. That’s how you’ll soar into your new year! Read more Sagittarius horoscopes.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

You don’t need to don any rose-colored glasses, Capricorn, but life IS about to get pretty dreamy. Beginning November 22, the Sun sets up shop in Sagittarius and your otherworldly twelfth house, offering a respite from the grind. Ease up on your professional ambitions and avoid taking on too much over the coming four weeks of Sagittarius season. Creativity is heightened now, so give yourself permission to channel the muse through catharsis. This starmap is a sleepy one, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself canceling plans to catch up on all that lost shut-eye. The silver lining? You’ll be ready to emerge from your cocoon once your birthday season arrives on December 21.  Read more Capricorn horoscopes.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) 

All for one and one for all! The Sun sails into Sagittarius and your collaborative eleventh house until December 21, revving up your esprit de corps. ‘Tis the season for Water Bearers to expand your network, both socially and professionally. As you hit the holiday party circuit, watch the synergies spark—and don’t shy away from a little shoptalk when they do. You could even throw a festive gathering at Chez Aquarius, mixing friends with c-workers and playing superconnector. Quick trips with friends could bring memorable moments, but try to book those jaunts BEFORE Mercury turns retrograde on December 13. Read more Aquarius horoscopes.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Living the dream, Pisces? For the next four weeks, the Sun is blazing through Sagittarius and your career-focused tenth house. Get your holiday mingling in, but not at the expense of turning a lofty 2023 goal into a bona fide reality. Any fantasies of sandy white beaches might have to wait while you put your nose to the grindstone for four weeks of Sagittarius season. Until December 21, you’ve gotta work, work, work so that winter escape you’re plotting will feel all the sweeter. Don’t forget to send out those holiday cards and gift baskets! Showing appreciation is a sincere and savvy way to build your network. Read more Pisces horoscopes.

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