The AstroTwins on Hold the Light Podcast Reveal 2024 Themes and Calls to Action

Ophi Edut is a guest on the Hold the Light podcast, talking about The Year of Transcendent Leadership, The Year of the Dragon, and major astrology events (and impacts) for 2024.

Host Laurie Gunning Grossman welcomes her listeners to 2024 with Ophi Edut, one half of The AstroTwins, on a recent episode of her podcast, Hold the Light, which you can listen to below.

Theme for 2024: Transcendent Leadership

“Every year we pick a theme that sums up the energy of the year,” Ophi tells Laurie. This theme is also a call-to-action for everyone, astrologically. The AstroTwins have dubbed 2024 “The Year of Transcendent Leadership.”

2024 is also the Year of the Dragon. Dragon years occur every 12 years, so the last ones were 2012, and before that, 2000 (forever remembered as “Y2K” with Mayan end-of-the-world predictions).

The world is much more spiritual and wellness oriented since Y2K, certainly, Ophi says. And in 2024, a transcendent year, we may be leaving more of the old ways behind, as we fully enter the Age of Aquarius.

“It’s a year of electing leaders, but the leader we really want to elect first is the one in ourselves,” Ophi tells Laurie on the Hold the Light podcast.

What Transcendent Leadership means for you

Ophi says being a Transcendent Leader means being a leader in your life, in your home, in your community, in your love life, in your work life. It’s about giving yourself permission to be who you are.

Every zodiac sign has unique strengths and gifts to make the world a better place. Ophi advises you lean into what those are, bring them out in 2024, and turn up the volume on it. “Someone else’s life can be made better by you being in it,” she says.

Laurie asks Ophi on Hold the Light: how do we stay optimistic despite the weight of the world right now?

“We are the sign of the optimist,” Ophi says about being a Sagittarius along with her twin sister, Tali. “So our job is to find the hope, and to share it.”

Ophi adds that 2023 was the Year of What If?, which hopefully prepared us for 2024.

What else is happening in the stars in 2024 to shape our lives

Laurie asks Ophi if there will be “intense things” happening in the stars in 2024. Ophi says: absolutely! And it’s about how we meet those things, handle them. Topics covered include:

Laurie says astrology is another tool to learn about yourself, which Ophi wholeheartedly agrees! On Hold the Light, several personal astrology topics are covered, including:

Is there a month in 2024 that collectively we “should be careful of”?

Ophi tells Laurie that while there are transits occurring that influence all of us, how you react to them has to do with your zodiac sign. Each sign has it’s own rhythm.

“Once you understand yourself, your sign, you can use astrology to know what’s coming and plan around it,” Ophi says. “Live the life you want. But knowing you’re doing it in a specific energy container can help you feel like you’re not swimming upstream.”

Laurie, a Virgo, summed up Ophi’s advice as “cosmic support.”

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