Pisces Love Horoscope

Pisces (February 19- March 20) are among the most mysterious and paradoxical signs. Caution: romance with this fantasy-weaving sign can be all-consuming and addictive.

Your Pisces love horoscope for every possible relationship phase: dating, sex, weddings, breakups, cheating, friendship, and more

You’re a romantic sign, Pisces, and you love to be in love—at least, in theory

Ruled by Neptune, planet of fantasy, you want to be swept away by romance. Glamorous Pisces rules the imagination, and you have a way of making everything feel tinged with magic and fantasy. You’re gentle, nurturing and sensitive, and your mates rely on you to soften the rough edges.

Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and this sums up your approach to love. You’re eternally searching for a partner to provide both security and freedom, and you can be genuinely puzzled when they don’t come in one package. You can be a hardcore realist one second, then desperate to escape into a fantasy world the next.

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Pisces love is part fantasy

For that reason, the reality of commitment is your least favorite part, and at times you’ll do anything to avoid it. For example, you’ll complain endlessly about how badly your mate treats you. Secretly, you love the drama, as long as it stokes the flames of your fantasies. This can confuse the heck out of your friends, who urge you to dump the loser. But as quickly as you diss people, you’re back in their arms…that is, until someone better comes along. Like the fish that symbolizes your sign, you swim right to the next one. You certainly know how to catch ’em, too!

As the ruler of the underworld and the zodiac’s twelfth house of trouble, you can be your own worst enemy in love. Admit it, your taste in partners can be suspect. You’re drawn to tortured souls, grungy performance artists, and even to people with a dark side. Anyone with a sob story can melt your compassionate heart, too. You can be a bit of a tortured soul yourself.

Pisces love can be soft and romantic, helpful, wise, comforting and imaginative. This water sign loves long walks on the beach and romantic poems and love letters. Pisces can become upset when reality bursts their bubble. This is a sign that literally wants to live in a dream-like state!

But it’s not entirely your fault. Your ruler Neptune is a hazy, watery planet where it’s hard to tell what’s real. Sometimes you experience life this way, unsure what to believe or whom to trust. Unfortunately, this can make you vulnerable to being victimized, or making poor judgments you later regret. Wise Pisces learn to step back and give themselves a reality check before making any big moves.

Pisces love challenges

Your biggest challenge is asserting yourself, and asking your mate directly for what you need, rather than getting quiet or passive-aggressive when you’re unhappy. Remember, nobody’s a mind reader! Just because you feel your emotions so intensely doesn’t mean your partner knows you’re hurt. You may swim from one relationship to the next, rather than patch up the one you already have. While you often find the pursuit more interesting than the catch, be careful not to lose yourself in the chase.

Your incredible intuition helps you feel another’s pain — but there are better ways to bond in Pisces love than through misery. Your intense creativity, desire to make the world a better place and love of all creatures makes you a total catch. A storybook relationship is well within your reach, as long as you pick a partner who brings as much magic to the table as you do.

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