Leo Daily Horoscope

Today's Leo Horoscope for December 3, 2022 - December 4, 2022

Sincere sweetheart or smooth-talking snake? With illusory Neptune spinning retrograde since June 28, it’s been hard to tell which category certain people belong in. Today, the hazy planet powers forward again, putting your spot-on intuition back at the wheel. If you glazed over important clues, they’ll now be staring you straight in the eye. In some cases, you could discover that someone you considered an ally has ulterior motives. Don't dwell on betrayals. If you can't see a chance for reconciliation, swiftly put an end to the bond. 
It will be hard to decipher fantasy from reality on Sunday, however, as starry-eyed Venus squares off with fog-machine Neptune. You'll certainly FEEL like rocking the rose-colored glasses. But more research is warranted before you put legit time and energy into a purely romantic notion. You won't feel much like dealing with the practicalities of life, potentially necessitating scheduling changes. But who says you can’t intersperse a painting project or shooting a reel for social with all that laundry?

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