Virgo Daily Horoscope

Today's Virgo Horoscope for June 10, 2023 - June 11, 2023

Of course you'd never ignore someone in your inner circle who's struggling, but be careful not to accidentally overwhelm them with help and kindness, Virgo. This weekend, compassionate Venus in your introspection sector forms a tense square with #nofilters Jupiter in your spontaneous ninth house. Suppress your natural urge to rush in for the save or offer more help and advice than they've asked for. Often all a person needs is a shoulder to cry on and a pair of ears that actually listen. If they're looking for more than a pep talk, then you're the perfect person to turn to! ​​Mystical, penetrating Pluto—who’s been retrograde in Aquarius and your wellness zone since May 1—slips back into Capricorn and your romantic fifth house. For the remainder of its backspin, which lasts until October 10, you won't be able to rely on assumptions. Ask clear questions and do your detective work to avoid getting sucked into a real-life romcom. Brace for intensity, even in the most secure relationships, as you work through a few complicated emotions and buried needs. If you're willing to ride this wave of passion, you could be rewarded with a richer, lasting connection.

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