Libra Monthly Horoscope

April 2019

Two is your magic number in April with the Sun traveling through Aries and your seventh house of committed partnerships until April 20. As the natural ruler of this zodiac zone, Libra, this is your wheelhouse. Spend quality time connecting with your closest people, checking in to make sure everything is balanced and harmonious between you.
The April 5 Aries new moon could bring a partnership opportunity, either personal or professional, that merits serious consideration. While new moons take up to six months to unfold, you could start exploring whether this is a win-win scenario, asking all the important questions to suss that out. This month is also ideal for repairing your longtime (and long-term) relationships through honest dialogue and conscious connection. Make time for your most important connections, Libra!
Is it time to make things official? Aries season, especially near the new moon, could turn up a contract or commitment. Now that Mercury retrograde is over, signing on the dotted line might get the green light. But don't rush: Three slow-moving outer planets—Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn—will turn retrograde in April, backtracking for four to five months. Even though these cosmic players typically reverse course like this annually, it can still be a valuable time to pause or recalibrate your big plans.
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Jupiter is the first one to backspin, reversing through Sagittarius and your third house of communication, siblings and neighborhoods from April 10 to August 11. Jupiter is in Sagittarius for a 13-month stint from November 8, 2018, until December 2, 2019, which has probably already brought new friendships or opportunities to get involved in local affairs. But you might need to scale back your social calendar a bit over the spring and summer. An abandoned writing, teaching or media project could recapture your fancy. Has a once-close friendship or creative collaboration lost its luster? Consider mending fences or having an honest talk about what you both need. Maybe you can get back in sync again.
Circle April 19 as one of the month's most important days. The Libra full moon helps bring a major personal project or decision to head. This is especially pivotal because it's a rare second full moon in your sign—the last was a March 20 supermoon. Look back to a month ago to see what may have surfaced. The last Libra full moon fell during Mercury retrograde, which wasn't the most favorable time for a grand debut. But now that you've had a month to sort things out, you could be ready—and eager!—to show the world what you've got.
On April 20, the vibe intensifies as the Sun begins a monthlong plunge into Taurus and your intimate, private eighth house. A relationship could move into the perma-zone as you decide whether you truly want in for the long haul. The next four weeks can bring a joint venture opportunity or a chance to multiply your money with passive income or by pooling your resources for mutual gain.
Watch for a sudden emotional eruption on April 22, when the Sun and Uranus make their once-a-year conjunction (meetup). With these two volatile and expressive luminaries in your transformational eighth house, you could have a MAJOR aha moment…but it could also unleash the floodgates. Don't try to hold back the dam from bursting. Even if it does include a torrent of tears or impassioned feelings (so cleansing!), you've got an opportunity for a spiritual breakthrough here. Holding on to control is futile when Uranus' seismic waves rock your steady Libran composure.
The Sun-Uranus alliance can make you impulsive, so you might act on an attraction or feel a sudden urge to uproot some part of your life. It's a delicate balance here. On the one hand, you could get a flash opportunity on an investment, real estate or something financially lucrative that demands swift, decisive action. You don't want to MISS that window, but on the other hand…the details! If you feel rushed or pressured to commit to anything without a full grasp of what you're getting yourself into, don't do it.
Another reason to pace yourself: Pluto and Saturn will both turn retrograde a couple days later, reversing through Capricorn and your emotionally anchoring fourth house of home, family and foundations. From April 24 to October 3, transformational Pluto's backspin will push you to dig into your roots a bit, resolving some family dynamics or changing the energy in your home with Feng Shui. If you've never done one of those ancestry-testing tests, you might follow your curiosity—but with deep-diving Pluto here, a climb up your family tree should be about more than just finding out that you're .005 percent North African or Scandinavian. Maybe there's a visit to your ancestral homeland or a blog to publish about lessons from your female lineage (the fourth house rules women specifically).
From April 29 to September 18, structured Saturn will turn retrograde, adding some heaviness to home and family matters. It might be time to take a hard look at whether you like where you live, for example, or at a longstanding issue with a relative that needs some repair work. Your relationship with your mother or a child could be up for resolution now. Libras in the childbearing set could get serious about starting or expanding your family, or all the related moving parts, such as buying a home in a school district you like. Restrictive Saturn could make it hard to conceive or, if you're a parent, you may deal with some empty-nest issues or inner conflict around a child growing up. Other Libras might take in an elderly relative (Saturn rules aging) or look ahead at the kind of nest egg you want to build for retirement, regardless of your age.
On a more upbeat note, architectural Saturn might just prompt you to follow fellow Libra Marie Kondo's lead and organize your home with new shelving, systems and a deep decluttering. While Saturn is retrograde here, less is definitely more in your home!

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