Libra Monthly Horoscope

February 2020

Cupid makes an early arrival this month, Libra, so get ready to catch a few amorous arrows! The Sun takes its annual cruise through Aquarius until February 18, heating up your fifth house of passion, pleasure and self-expression. It also whets your appetite for romance and makes you irresistibly attractive. Give yourself a style overhaul and flex those flirting skills. Dress up and don’t be afraid to draw attention—the spotlight loves you now.
Got a creative project brewing? Aquarius season is the perfect time to hang out with the muse. There’s a performer in every Libra, and an abundance of natural charm. If you’re not giving ‘em a show worthy of stadium tickets, turn up the volume! Your Libra decadence has license to indulge. Start planning an epic V-Day, whether you’re single or part of a duo. With energizer Mars in Sagittarius and your social third house until February 16, you’ll be the brightest light of any gathering you attend. Make the rounds of events and parties, and the winter will pass in a flash.

A perfect day to commune with your crew arrives on February 9, when the year’s only Leo full moon beams into your eleventh house of collaborations and group activity. A shared endeavor you’ve been working on (possibly since as far back as the July 31, 2019, Leo new moon) could come together with a flourish. Take stock of Team Libra and make sure everyone’s pulling their weight. Since the eleventh house rules technology, you could be launching a digital venture or project near this date. Celebrate the shared victory with a decadent group dinner! Has a friendship run its course? You may decide to redirect your energy toward other people who are aligned with your goals and values.
Valentine’s Day is wrapped in luxury as the moon hovers in Scorpio and your sophisticated second house. With la luna in an enchanting trine to fantasy planet Neptune and communicator Mercury, you could plan an itinerary of dinner, a show or a special event. Mercury and Neptune are both in Pisces and your healthy and sensible sixth house. Maybe your reservation is at the new vegan gourmet spot, or you find an awesome deal on a hotel-booking app that serves up the decadence without breaking the bank.
Your ruler, romantic Venus is in Aries and your committed relationship house from February 7 to March 4. If you’ve been thinking about making a relationship official (or even just Instagram-official), your status could take a step in that direction. Single Libras will attract people with long-term potential. Take your time, flirt and feel each other out before rushing into anything serious—even if you’re feeling that chemistry!
Another reason not to jump in too quickly? From February 16, Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and travel—will turn retrograde in Pisces and your analytical sixth house. Mixed signals and crossed wires are already par for the Mercury retrograde course—along with data and devices that mysteriously crash (back yours up, stat!). But to make it worse, you’ll be overthinking just about everything, whipping yourself into a state of confusion or “analysis paralysis.”
With Mercury in this weakened position in your health house, you could be susceptible to a midwinter flu or virus. Wash your hands regularly and avoid the sneezers and coughers at the office or school. Take care to manage your stress levels, which can make you more prone to wellbeing breakdowns. Since retrogrades rule the past, this is a smart time to book those overdue checkups and revive your lapsed gym or yoga studio membership. Sticking to a routine will be challenging with Mercury mucking up your schedule. Streamline and simplify your calendar to avoid overbooking.

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Home becomes a hot zone starting February 16 too, as energizer Mars zooms into Capricorn, heating up your domestic fourth house until March 30. In a rare turn of events, Mars will join expansive Jupiter, structured Saturn AND transformational Pluto, which are all in Capricorn this month. Talk about powerful energy! If you’re considering a move, buying or selling real estate or expanding your family, this activating Mars cycle could push plans onto the fast track. Your emotions and moods could get intense at moments, as pushy Mars forces you to deal with your feelings. Avoidance is simply not an option.
Mars is “exalted” in Capricorn, meaning it’s in its favorite and most impactful sign. However, Capricorn forms a 90-degree “square” ( to Libra. You may feel torn between your personal needs and the demands of your family or personal life. Don’t leave yourself out of the equation, Libra, or get sucked into excessive caretaking.
On February 21, Mars will form a flowing trine to provocative Uranus in Taurus and your intense, intimate eighth house. Strong feelings you’ve kept inside could explode suddenly and without warning. If you burst into tears—or feel a powerful bond with someone—it will be impossible to ignore. An attraction could heat up quickly too, taking you both by surprise. Even more shocking? This could be a potent sexual AND emotional connection. Since Uranus rules sudden moves, there could be a sudden split. But since trines tend to be harmonious, it will likely be an amicable parting of ways.
You’ll get back to business on February 18, when the Sun starts its annual sojourn through Pisces, heating up your sixth house of wellness and organization. Toss out the Godiva and swap in some greens. The next four weeks inspire you to clean up your act and sharpen the edges on your life. Make like your fellow Libra Marie Kondo and banish the clutter from your space. Get a new fitness and eating plan underway—a sustainable one, not a fad, please!
The February 23 Pisces new moon is the perfect reset date. Healthy endeavors launched under these moonbeams will get an extra shot of mojo. Between now and September 2 Pisces full moon, your efforts can yield great results. Use the next two weeks to get moving and you’ll soon see a positive snowball effect. The new moon in your efficient sixth house is also ideal for revamping your systems and getting Team Libra into ship shape. Invest in new software, apps and life-hacking tools to streamline your processes. Where are the “energy leaks” and time-sucking tasks draining your reserves? Pinpoint those and get busy hiring, firing or upgrading your service providers. Heed all Mercury retrograde precautions and back up any data before you make a switch. Research your options and comparison-shop, too. Then, bring on the smooth sailing!

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