Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Are A Scorpio ‘Supercouple’: A Super Bowl of Combined Birth Charts

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the NFL’s power couple, culminating with Super Bowl LVIII. But off the field and out of the public eye, how compatible are The Eras Tour pop singer and the Kansas City Chiefs star tight end? The AstroTwins interpret Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s combined “Supercouple” composite chart.

In astrology, your relationship has a zodiac sign. It’s created by blending both of your birth charts into one high-powered composite we call the “Supercouple” chart. It’s the key to unlocking the magic of your connection—with any zodiac sign. Learn more about Supercouple charts here, and do your own!

Now: Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce astrologically compatible? Read on!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s birth charts, interpreted by The AstroTwins

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s astrological compatibility can be found in their combined birth charts, which we call the Supercouple chart, but you may know as a composite chart. A Supercouple (or composite relationship chart) combines your chart with another person’s chart. This third chart is a cosmic care and feeding manual for any two people.

The following analysis of “Swelce” (the couple-approved combined name for Swift and Kelce!) includes links to astrology terms throughout. So don’t worry if you’re not familiar with reading a composite chart, we’ve done the work for you, and we’ve picked the juiciest highlights to share. If you’re more advanced, below is an image of the composite chart for you to conduct your own reading, as well!

taylor swift and travis kelce composite chart Pin

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Birth Chart Analysis Begins With Their Sun Signs

Taylor Swift’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. (See the individual Taylor Swift’s birth chart here)

Travis Kelce’s zodiac sign is Libra. (See the individual Travis Kelce birth chart here)

Taylor and Travis’s Sun signs are two signs apart, that means they’re in a friendly sextile, and it further means they would get along even if there wasn’t a romantic connection! But it’s super cute that it all began with a friendship bracelet.

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Blending Taylor and Travis’s Sun Signs Gets Spicy

The Sun represents the essence of your personalityyour main character energy

When you blend Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Sun signs into a composite, that’s where the spicy part begins: they actually become a composite or Supercouple: Scorpio!

Scorpio is the zodiac sign between Sagittarius and Libra. So when these two signs get together, even if they’re kind of fun-loving, free-spirited or laid back on their own, an intense bond gets formed. Their bond has a deep sense of loyalty—and intensity.

Taylor and Travis’s Moon Sign Is Routine-Loving Virgo

•Your moon sign governs the “inner you” and influences your emotions•

Taylor has a Cancer moon, a water sign, which is very sensitive. It’s a sign of females, which is why her girl gang is so tight!

Travis has his moon in Sagittarius, which is a fire sign and also the sign associated with athletics. So he is indeed passionate about football and perhaps taking the Chiefs to another Super Bowl victory.

Now there is a sort of an incompatibility in their emotional nature

She is a lot more guarded and sensitive and probably likes to take her time. She feels everything deeply but is protective of that. His moon in Sagittarius is very eager and passionate and idealistic. He doesn’t hold back/goes for what he wants. Sagittarius is a hunter and he was not afraid to pursue her.

Their composite moon is in Virgo, which in a composite Supercouple chart reveals a deep sense of caretaking and an ability to support each other’s day-to-day routines and goals. So she’s not going to skip rehearsals and he’s not going to miss practice. They support each other’s needs to succeed and may even fuss or nitpick with each other over time, but in a cute way.

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Taylor and Travis’s Combined Mercury in Scorpio Spells: Trust, Secret-Sharing

Mercury directs the ways we think, communicate and share information.•

They both have Mercury, the communication planet, in earth signs: Taylor’s is in Capricorn (big goals) and Travis’s is in Virgo (getting the job done). This makes it easy for them to talk. It also makes them very traditional in their mindset, despite their outward appearance. They both also like to spend time with family and socialize with their close-knit crew.

Their composite Mercury is in Scorpio, which means Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce trust each other and share a lot of secrets. This is a tight bond. They’ll open up to each other about things that they might not tell anyone else.

Love Astrology of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: Sensual and Deep

Venus and Mars are the love planets in astrology. In your birth chart, Venus represents seduction and romance while Mars represents lust, motivation and erotic instincts.•

If we look at their Venus and Mars, side-by-side, things get a little weird. Taylor Swift’s natal chart Venus is in Aquarius, which is a sign of friendship. She likes her friends to come along with, to do double/triple/quadruple dates, or for everyone hang out together. The more the merrier! But Travis has Venus in Scorpio, so he may be more eager to have one-on-one dates with her and alone time.

Mars shows lusty energy, and this is where Taylor has Scorpio. So once he gets her alone, it’s on! His Venus in Scorpio and her Mars in Scorpio can unite in a really sensual, deep, “let’s get it on” for hours kind of way.

He has Mars in Libra, which makes him much more marriage-minded, perhaps, than she is.

Taylor and Travis’s Love Planets Are Giving Long-Game

His Mars in Libra and her Venus is in Aquarius (both air signs), so that’s a nice match.

What’s interesting is her Mars in Scorpio is much more of the “aggressive” energy where his Venus in Scorpio is much more of the “receptive” energy. So even though he follows her, when the lights go down, she may be more of the leader in the sensuality department.

Also: her Venus in Aquarius might make her a little more of the experimental one. But his Mars in Libra makes him game to play along. When you compare the cross relationship of their Venus and Mars, this is a relationship that does not have traditional power roles. They can both go back and forth with being the leader and the follower.

Supercouple Mars and Venus Predict: More Travel, Maybe Babies?

Their Supercouple Venus is in Sagittarius. This means traveling is a great way for them to connect. It’s not a big deal that he follows her on tour or she follows him around during his NFL regular and playoff season games. Taylor and Travis are compatible if they’re traveling for work or if they’re exploring new cities together, or just being in new environments. Changes in scenery will always keep this relationship fresh.

Their Supercouple Mars is in Scorpio. This couldn’t be better for “Swlece” sex and babies! Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s composite Supercouple chart Mars in Scorpio is a fantastic placement for not only sex but for reproduction. If they do have kids together, they’re going to make great parents! They could have quite a few kids, actually, or be very devoted to however many kids they decide to have.

1989 Isn’t Just A Swift Album, It’s Her Birth Year AND Kelce’s. So Their North And South Nodes Are: Same!

•Astrologers use the nodes of the moon (found opposite each other in your birth chart) to determine where your destiny lies (North node) and what you were in past lifetimes (South node).

Because Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were born in the same year, 1989, they have the same North and South Nodes.

Their South Nodes are in Leo (their past life energy), therefore their Supercouple composite past life energy is in Leo. This means there’s a foundation for romance and passion. Think: school girl crush love that she writes about in so many of her songs! That gets fulfilled with this guy. And he’s all about it, he’s here for it!

Could Taylor Swift’s Music Change Because Of Her Romance With Travis Kelce?

We may see Taylor Swift’s music changing in a totally new direction with fodder from the relationship with Travis Kelce. There is certainly precedent for that; Taylor Swift famously writes songs after relationships end. Not that this one will end, we’re just making note!

Their North Node (destiny point) is an Aquarius. So they are here to create communities. This we have seen as their relationship has spawned an entire fleet of Kansas City Chiefs fans and probably some new Swifties as well! They could use their relationship to make a huge difference and impact the world. Taylor Swift is already gathering some headlines because the Republican party fears she is a plant for Democratic party support to re-elect President Joe Biden in the 2024 Election.

So when Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce get together and put their support behind anything, the world will follow! It’s right there in the stars. They are a formidable power couple.

With the Leo South Node foundation, they’re the king and queen for The Age of Aquarius that we didn’t know we were looking for.

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