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Aries Zodiac Sign Guide

The Complete Book of Aries
By The AstroTwins, Ophira & Tali Edut

Digital Download (PDF)

What makes an Aries unique?
If you were born between March 20-April 19, this must-have book was written to help you understand yourself, inside and out.

In this gorgeous full-color, 50-page guide, you’ll discover the best path for an Aries in:

Love & Relationships — from courtship to wedding planning to healing from a breakup

Style & Beauty — your best looks and colors, home decor

Health & Fitness — best workouts & foods to help your specific sign stay fit

Prosperity — fitting career paths & how your sign can manage money

Happiness — travel, entertaining & friendship styles suited to your sign

Family — how to get along with your clan & deal with dynamics


Learn a few easy, useful astrology basics—our go-to secrets for star-powered timing!

New and full moons, retrogrades, eclipses, and more. Plus, a month-by-month breakdown of the best astrological cycles for YOUR sign, and how to “plan it by the planets.” (PDF format)



Love planet Venus is retrograde.

Don’t let it mess up your relationships!

The AstroTwins reveal how to get through this challenging time—with help from the stars.