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Aries Season: 5 Ways to Blaze Your Own Trail Until April 19

aries season

New beginnings! March 20, 2017 marks the bold Sun’s transition into assertive Aries, coinciding with the Spring Equinox. For the next four weeks, fresh starts are on the horizon! Driven by leadership, Aries is the star sign of confidence, pride and free will. Aries season will turn up the fierce factor.

Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign. During this “season” everyone feels the energy of this prevailing astrological energy, no matter what your Sun sign. Aries is the first of the zodiac’s three feisty fire signs and part of the leadership-oriented “cardinal” quality. As the zodiac’s first sign, Aries loves anything new, possessing a fierce desire for individuality. During Aries season, we might all have stronger opinions and personalities than usual, and a need to be number-one until April 19.

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Ruled by the aggressive Ram and ambitious Mars, Aries are competitive and love a challenge, but are often better at starting than finishing. It takes a lot to hold the attention span of an Aries—though when they find their obsessions they go in all the way! Aries is also the sign of the trendsetter and trailblazer. These energies will be available to all of us over this month.

As the twelfth and final astrological season of sensitive Pisces draws to a close, the persistent Ram takes the helm, resetting the zodiac wheel and beginning anew—just in time for spring! For thousands of years, the Vernal Equinox and Aries season have fallen on the same day, signifying a fertile time for planting seeds; a re-emergence after the long, dark months of winter.

Under this solar spell we’ll all feel a sense of renewal—fired up with initiative and eager to take on fresh experiences. Embrace “maximalism” in all its forms now. Live-out-loud Aries season is a time to grab life by the horns and be fearless with your own self-expression. Expect intense competitive vibes and plenty of hot-and-heavy spring fever during this passionate, proactive period.

Here are five ways to experience the rebirth at the Spring Equinox and blaze your own trail during Aries season.


1. Check your head (and your ego).

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Ram butting its horns until it breaks down any barrier in its way. There’s a thin line between tenacity and stubbornness now. Aries energy tends to come with a me-first attitude, and we might all find ourselves extra ambitious and ego-driven. It’s no surprise that so many Aries are famous divas and star performers: Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey (to name a few). Aries are the “independent babies” of the zodiac, and we’ll all have to navigate this paradox now. People demand more attention during this cycle—but at the same time, we crave our own space, too. We want it all on our terms and can get a bit demanding over the next month. Watch for a tendency to operate from the ego during Aries season. While there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first, don’t push other people aside. A “my way or the highway” approach could burn important bridges. If you find yourself getting ruthless, step back and view situations from a perspective that benefits everyone involved.

2. Take care of Numero Uno.

That said, Aries season is an auspicious time for putting your needs on the front burner. Have you neglected yourself because you’ve been so busy taking care of others? Reset and re-prioritize. What’s fallen by the wayside? While we all have to pay the bills and fulfill our responsibilities, Aries season reminds us that there’s more to life than that. As Mark Twain (who was a Sagittarius) put it, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did.” You might make a list of the top five acitivities you love to do most and brainstorm ways you can incorporate more of these into your day-to-day life.

As Art Garfunkel said, “Anything worth doing starts with being scared.”

3. Fear less; dare more.

With warrior Mars ruling this fiery phase, we’ve all got extra cosmic mojo behind us now to go after what we really want. Aries season fills us with the guts to take initiative and “dare greatly” as author Brene Brown would put it. You might even want to print out this courage-stoking manifesto (below) from Dr. Brown’s book Rising Strong—it’s fitting guidance for Aries season!

brene brown rising strong manifesto

Via brenebrown.com

During Aries season, we can all harness the courage and “hero complex” of the Ram to blast past self-imposed barriers. All too often, a mindset rooted in fear stops us in our tracks before we’ve even gotten off the ground. During Aries season, we’re cosmically encouraged to take big risks. Remember: Where attention goes, energy flows. So put those horns to the ground and don’t take “no” for an answer. Confidence doesn’t mean that fear is absent—it just means that you don’t let fear stop you from taking action. As musician Art Garfunkel put it, “Anything worth doing starts with being scared.”

Aries are born fearless leaders with a strong sense of self-belief. Gloria Steinem, Ashley Judd, Rosie O’Donnell, Camille Paglia and Lady Gaga are all unapologetic Aries.They’re not afraid to speak up for what they stand for most, and they don’t let others’ opinions censor them—whether you love ’em or hate ’em. Women especially could use a little more of that. Judd’s earth-shaking delivery of Nina Donovan’s “Nasty Woman” poem (below) at the Women’s March rocked people to the core. We can access this power during Aries season, pulling emotional energy from the depths of our souls and using it to wake people UP.

4. Channel your rage.

Aries season is a #nofilter time, so being “nice” when you’re upset can cause some volcanic explosions! Suppressed emotions will manifest as palpable anxiety and anger. Better now to let it all out and air those grievances. While don’t advise picking fights just to get a rise out of people, we do believe that anger can be used as a productive and healing tool. For example, many people in the spiritual community have advised “sending love” in the face of the political and social injustices occurring in our world today, and refusing to get angry. To that, we say, hell no! That’s the textbook definition of denial, and it will only keep people weak and oppressed.

While you don’t want to get stuck in anger, giving yours space to “breathe” can be the first crucial step to getting #woke and clarifying what we stand for. It’s like opening a bottle of wine and letting the vapors out. Once we’ve defined the source of our anger—which Aries season will help with—we need to organize and get proactive. This is not a time for sitting around wringing our hands from a sheltered bubble. Aries season is about DOING something. It’s raw action, kinetic energy. Communication planet Mercury is also in Aries until March 31, sparking healthy (and sometimes heated) dialogue. So let’s get talking about the REAL stuff! Make sure to move, too. Aries is a physical sign, so if you just find yourself feeling extra feisty under this starmap, sweat it out at the gym or a cardio-heavy kickboxing class.

5. Embrace your inner wild child.

Look out! Unleashed Aries energy can be like a hyperactive toddler on a sugar bender. Aries season puts everyone in touch with their “inner child,” which can be a mixed bag. This childlike energy can be selfish and tactless, spewing harsh uninformed opinions and exuding impatience. It can make us naive and entitled. Watch for these tendencies and embrace the innocence of the child instead. Approaching your goals with the playful wonder of a child can ease some of that self-defeating pressure we put on ourselves. Children don’t judge themselves when they’re learning a new skill, like playing an instrument or kicking a soccer ball. But as we grow older, our egos and self-doubts get in the way, telling us that we’re no good. Imagine what it would be like to finally start your own business, go on that yoga retreat to Bali by yourself, or write a book—without a care in the world of whether or not you succeeded or failed? Sure that’s a lofty aim, but even a pinch of that could spell the difference between whether you pursue your passions or let them fall by the wayside one more time. Here’s a fun exercise: Try a day of saying “yes” to everything (within reason, obviously). It’s an experiment we’ve tried when we’ve felt stuck in a rut—and it can really awaken that childlike sense of possiblity.

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