The One Wakeup Call Every Sign Needs as the 2022 Neptune Retrograde Ends

The fog clears December 3 when the 2022 Neptune retrograde ends. What will you see clearly?

Neptune began its annual retrograde, in Pisces, on June 28, 2022. The backspin ends on Saturday, December 3, 2022, with the planet moving direct through the sign it’s been in since 2011!

The planet of dreams and healing resumes course in a transit that extends to 2026.

The Neptune cycle in astrology

Because of its distance from the Sun, Neptune has a huge orbit to make. It takes 165 years to circle el Sol, and therefore spends an average of 15 years in each of the zodiac signs. Like the other outer planets, Neptune goes retrograde annually for about five months.

Every Neptune cycle shapes a generation. It directs the music that moves us, spiritual ideologies that resonate with mass culture, and, the way we live out our dreams.

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Themes of the 2022 Neptune retrograde

2022 Neptune retrograde in Pisces: June 28-December 3

As the planet of unconditional love (and unconditional everything!), Neptune suspends logic. It allows us to truly dream as if anything were possible. So Neptune retrogrades can be deeply introspective time periods—but ones that require extra reality checks!

During the 2022 Neptune retrograde you may feel like retreating or escaping from the world. This can be a healing process or one that lures you back to a destructive habit.

“Just this once” can become famous last words when Neptune’s in reverse. Set up support systems so you don’t give in to toxic temptations. With Neptune intensifying its boundary-dissolving effect in its home sign of Pisces, that advice went double!

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Neptune direct horoscope for each zodiac sign

Now that the 2022 Neptune retrograde is over, read how you can move forward as the planet does! (Pisces hosts Neptune until January 27, 2026, in a cycle that began on February 3, 2011.)


Clarity resumes as foggy Neptune rouses from its five-month retrograde in your twelfth house, putting your entire life into sharper focus, Aries.

Since June 28, 2022, you might have backslid into an old habit you thought you had left behind—or perhaps danced with one of your old demons. Instead of berating yourself for this relapse, focus on getting back on a healing track.

Neptune’s direct turn beginning December 3 can also bring more flow to a creative venture that’s been stalled for the past five months. The muse is making a comeback!


Trying to force a square peg into a round hole, Taurus? Signals have crossed consistently since June 28, thanks to illusory 2022 Neptune retrograde through your eleventh house of friendships and technology.

Fear not. Getty back in sync with “your people” becomes easy again as Neptune resumes forward motion beginning December 3. You might feel eager to expand your community. But the truth is you’ve already got a solid network of support, and you could use their help to advance your goals.


Hustle culture? No thanks. But ever since the 2022 Neptune retrograde began in your career sector on June 28, you may have felt weighted down with the responsibilities of three people.

The ethereal planet corrects course and resumes forward motion today, helping you rebalance your professional priorities and lighten that load. Re-establish equilibrium by clearly expressing your boundaries.

At last, Gemini, people will hear you loud and clear. If you’ve been struggling to secure a stable position, something more permanent could come a-knocking. Have your resume and online profiles polished and ready!


What really resonates with your soul, Cancer? The 2022 Neptune retrograde ends December 3 in your ninth house of higher truths. Foggy Neptune turns direct, illuminating YOUR authentic desires.

Since June 28, you’ve entertained both dreams and solid ideologies. Despite your search for a clear path, you may have ended up more confused, perhaps because you’ve been giving other people’s perspectives more weight than they deserve. Neptune helps you home in on YOUR instincts so you can forge ahead with what feels right for you and you alone.


Sincere sweetheart or smooth-talking snake? With the illusory 2022 Neptune retrograde, it’s been hard to tell which category certain people belong in. Beginning December 3, the hazy planet powers forward again in your eighth house, putting your spot-on intuition back at the wheel.

If you glazed over important clues, they’ll now be staring you straight in the eye. In some cases, you could discover that someone you considered an ally has ulterior motives. Don’t dwell on betrayals. If you can’t see a chance for reconciliation, swiftly put an end to the bond.


Love may be a many-splendored thing, but it can also hurt like hell.

Since June 28, the 2022 Neptune retrograde has been in your relationship house, which at times put your heart through the ringer. People showed their true colors—and they haven’t always been pretty.

Just because one person proved to be a huge disappointment doesn’t mean you should give up on the entire human race, though, Virgo. And don’t hold that one mistake against someone you adore forever.


It’s never too late to jump back on the wellness wagon, Libra. Staving off temptation has been a tall order since the 2022 Neptune retrograde began on June 28, in your sixth house of self-care.

Beginning December 3, the hazy planet powers forward, giving you the fortitude to ditch those draining vices and recommit to a healthy habit. Naturally, it won’t be a walk in the park, but with the right support, you CAN do it.

Your fitness routine could gain momentum, too: You might be ready for a more challenging workout.


Dashing royal or total frog? It’s been tough to get a clear read on romance since June 28, when illusory Neptune dipped into its annual retrograde. Over the last five months, you’ve preferred to don the rose-colored glasses, which may have brought a few rude awakenings.

The ethereal planet straightens itself out beginning December 3, and powers forward, putting your razor-sharp instincts back at the wheel in your fifth house. Don’t abandon your quest for true love, Scorpio. In the coming days, you could meet a soulmate-grade prospect or revitalize a waning attraction to your long-term sweetie.


During the five months of the 2022 Neptune retrograde, “home sweet home” has felt more like an abstract concept than an accurate description of Chateau Sagittarius. With illusory Neptune retrograding through your domestic zone since June 28, you may have clashed with relatives or roomies or found it hard to feel totally at peace in your space.

The hazy planet powers forward on December 3, helping you reestablish harmony where you hang your hat. Deal directly with conflicts and put them behind you. If all signs are pointing to relocation, pack it up and move on. Your future digs could be near water or in a quieter neighborhood.


As you’ve hustled to make progress, Capricorn, people have tested your patience with their wishy-washy behavior. You can thank nebulous Neptune’s five-month retrograde through your communication and cooperation sector for the flakiness.

But the foggy planet corrects course beginning December 3, helping you smooth out the wrinkles in your interactions. Instead of pushing people to get onboard with one of your mega-missions, try to engage them in a more casual context first, giving them a chance to warm up to you slowly.


Has your bank balance dwindled to a dangerously low level, Aquarius—or possibly lower than you’d prefer? Since June 28, the 2022 Neptune retrograde has back-pedaled through your financial district.

Perhaps money flowed through your fingers like water, or you were hit with some unanticipated expenses. Beginning December 3, the nebulous planet corrects course, putting you in better control of your hard-earned cash.

There’s no need to shift into deprivation mode, but in the name of building a nest egg, a sacrifice or two may be necessary. Put a costly mega-mission on the back burner until you’ve got more moola to play with.


Who do you see when you gaze in the mirror? Since June 28, answering this question has been a challenge as your ruler Neptune drifted through its annual retrograde in your first house of identity.

The last five months of the 2022 Neptune retrograde pushed you to develop slumbering parts of your personality, helping you tap into an inner strength you didn’t realize you had.

Your dreamy planetary protector resumes forward motion beginning December 3, encouraging you to spotlight these newfound aspects of yourself. Be confident in your gifts and perspectives, Pisces—sharing them with the world will stir and inspire others.

Neptune transit 2023

Pisces is ruled by two fish swimming in opposite directions. With limitless Neptune sailing through these waters, we’re ascending to new heights and achieving depth records. The highs and lows have been dizzying at times, bringing out the best and worst of humanity.

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2023 Neptune in Pisces themes

Water is life: Neptune is the god of the seas, and we’ve damaged ours for years. On March 7, 2023, structured, suppressive Saturn joins Neptune in Pisces—a journey that lasts for three years. Saturn is a hardcore realist, demanding restrictions and sacrifices be made in the name of change.

Spiritual or religious: Neptune in Pisces cycles bring a mix of both religious and spiritual developments. Astrology may very well be the “neo-Spiritualism” of Neptune’s 2011-2026 cycle. The groundswell of interest turned global obsession is compared to a modern-day religion.

Altered states: Reality? We’d rather escape its harshness while Neptune cycles through Pisces. It’s little surprise that psychedelic healing like medicinal mushrooms are gaining popularity.

Grappling with grief and trauma: Neptune in Pisces forces us to confront our pain, but it expands our ability to process subconscious triggers and ancient emotional blocks. This watery, compassionate cycle opens dialogues about empathy, highly sensitive people and fluidity in every arena.

Artistic renaissance: The arts are blessed by this Neptune transit, which brings fascinating developments in the Pisces-ruled areas of dance, film and music.

The 2023 Neptune retrograde

Neptune turns retrograde annually for about five months. The next Neptune retrograde, in Pisces, is June 30 to December 6, 2023.

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