July 2024 Horoscope: Relaxed Summer Vibes and a Dash of Ambition

Your July 2024 horoscope has all the cosmic details to help you navigate the month. Here’s an overview of July’s astrology and what you can expect.

Summer 2024 and Cancer season are in full swing as your July 2024 horoscope begins. The temptation to tuck deep into the Crab shell will be strong for the first half of the month, or at least until live-out-loud Leo season takes over on July 22.

But don’t sink into that hammock or poolside lounger too quickly! The start of summer is bookended by two full moons in ambitious Capricorn, on June 21 and July 21, that will have us all thinking about our goals no matter where we are.


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Make time for deep contemplation (in moderation) with Neptune retrograde in Pisces

Neptune retrograde in Pisces begins July 2. The oceanic planet in its home sign of Pisces can wade us deep into subconscious waters. But while Neptune’s retrograde until December 7, there can actually be a positive side effect. Its reversal can help us roll back the fog of denial, distraction and delusion. (Interesting timing right after the first presidential debate for the 2024 Election…)

Immediately, you can use this head-clearing transit to pick up unfinished creative projects or heal a layer of emotional trauma.

Just days before this annual retrograde started, Saturn turned retrograde in Pisces. With the taskmaster planet backspinning through imaginative Pisces from June 29 until November 15, discerning between fact or fantasy can get dicey. Keep this in mind while you’re wading through the contemplative waters this month.

The Cancer new moon on July 5 sets stage for family-style bonding

Sink into some well-deserved self-care and practice the liberating art of saying “no” at the July 5 Cancer new moon. Spending time near water can be especially healing.

Confirm your attendance at those inviting pool parties and beach weekends! On the home front, this domestic new moon could unveil a dreamy listing or unleash an interior design spree. A deep decluttering session or a soul-soothing house-blessing ritual could be the perfect summer energy cleanse for your most sacred spaces.

Love gets playful when Venus enters Leo on July 11

If the start of July feels a bit heavy, you can put away your tissue box on July 11 for the playful Venus in Leo transit, which lasts until August 4. When the love planet visits this sign, put on your dancing shoes because your love life can go from mild to wild pretty quickly!

Unlike last summer, Venus won’t be retrograde in Leo, so enjoy the extended fireworks display of this sultry, saucy season. Just watch for the Venus-Pluto opposition on July 12 that could set off paranoid alarm bells and control issues. As Venus in passionate Leo opposes vengeful Pluto, you could overreact. Things may not be what they seem, but of course always trust your intuition. The best strategy is to start with a conversation before accusing.

And love gets irresistible when Mars enters persuasive Gemini on July 20

Passionate Mars blazes into persuasive Gemini for a month on July 20, turning the world into an open marketplace. Whatever you’re selling, others are buying! It won’t take much convincing to get excited people on board. But there’s a catch for this transit that lasts until September 4: trust is paramount. Watch for fast-talking types who rush you into buying what they’re selling.

You’ll probably want to monitor your screen time, too. Stressful Mars in this gadget loving zodiac sign can be a time suck once you get scrolling and texting. Some recent studies have showed we pick up our phones more than 50 times a day! An article in the MIT Technology Review suggests our smartphones “are the new cigarettes.” Thankfully, on July 21, the second Capricorn full moon of the year supports our goals. What better milestone could there be than relying less on our devices? Read more about the Mars in Gemini transit.

Second Capricorn full moon on July 21 rounds out rare double-header

A bonus second full moon lands in goal-getter Capricorn on July 21 (the first Capricorn full moon was on June 21). It forms a brilliant trine to changemaker Uranus, prompting you to add a splash of genius to your lofty plans. Since we’re halfway through the year, how are those plans coming along? This second full moon in the workhorse sign gives you a chance to pivot, review, revamp—whatever is needed, or even scrap plans if they aren’t working at all.

While you’re revising, don’t forget to celebrate what you’ve accomplished this year. Don’t worry if you aren’t feeling in the mood for that right now. You certainly will when the Sun splashes out of watery Cancer and into spotlight-seeking Leo!

Leo season 2024 begins July 22: Your batteries recharge

All the world’s a stage when the Sun struts into scene-stealing Leo for it’s annual, four-week show, beginning July 22. This cycle is high season for all things glamorous, romantic and creative. So if your July starts off feeling sluggish, it will end feeling energized.

Blow the dust off neglected talents, desires and put your name in lights, if that’s where you want to see it. Visualize a successful outcome to whatever is vexing you, because the universe responds to a show of confidence during Leo season. Believe in yourself, even the tiniest bit, and the Leo Sun will pour its life-force energy into your tanks!

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