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Aquarius Love Horoscope

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) is the sign of friendship and the future. These unconventional free spirits cherish their individuality and love to rewrite the relationship rules.

Your Aquarius love horoscope for every possible relationship phase: dating, sex, weddings, breakups, cheating, friendship, and more

When it comes to love, Aquarius is a funny creature

You’re an idealist who believes in true love, and you’re always searching for a best friend and soulmate in one. On the other hand, your air sign rules casual connections, and you guard your independence fiercely. While you have friends by the thousands and you’re totally laid-back around them, you can be neurotic and unpredictable with your romantic partners.

Just figuring out what you want—and sticking to it—is enough of a challenge for ever-shifting Aquarius love. Your sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprises and sudden moves. We’ve seen countless Aquarians marry young and out of the blue, only to divorce just as suddenly.

Are your signs compatible?

Aquarius love needs some space

Connecting with your partner on the mental plane is far more important than seeing them in the flesh every day.

The real issue? You may look like the boy or girl next door, but most Aquarians are eccentric beings. What’s in that package may be quite different than the often clean-cut wrapper suggests. Although you may come across as light and superficial, you’re a true visionary with a lot of complex layers, and you may secretly believe that nobody can truly understand you. This leads you to settle for less-qualified candidates, just to avoid being alone.

But also likes a group

Rather than get hung up on a bad match (you can obsess over a breakup for years), Aquarians should mingle in social circles that reflect your deepest interests. Aquarius is the sign of groups, friendship and humanitarian pursuits. Join a network of people who share your beliefs—like environmental protection or animal rights—and you’ll likely meet a mate who shares your ideals. Wouldn’t you love to date a best friend with whom you can kick back, laugh AND save the world?

Since your sign need lots of freedom, you may be drawn to a long-distance relationship. Unconventional living arrangements are not uncommon in Aquarius romances. You may wish to keep your own residence even after you’ve declared your matrimonial vows (maybe in a living apart together/LAT scenario). Connecting with your partner on the mental plane in Aquarius love is far more important than seeing them in the flesh every day. You’d rather be sending “I miss you” e-mails from a spiritual pilgrimage than having the same “how was your day, dear?” conversation after a predictable day.

Aquarius love is evolving

As the sign of the rebel, you’re not above a good controversy, so it all comes out in the wash. You love to shock people. Just make sure you don’t base your romantic choices on the need to prove a point. If your family has pressured you to tie the knot, you could spend years giving them the proverbial finger and refusing to engage in a long-term relationship. While Aquarius can seem a bit too avant-garde at times, your desire for revolution is inspiring. Your warmth and courage are also endearing. And your quirky demeanor is irresistible.

While you should always maintain your independence, don’t be afraid to put down roots and discover how commitment can actually set you free! You bring so much fun, creativity and wackiness to a relationship, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy inventing a romance with your own funky spin.

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