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May 2022 Aquarius Overview Horoscope

Your personal life is going through some happy changes, Aquarius. It’s Taurus season until May 20, which spotlights your domestic sphere. As the month begins in the wake of the April 30 Taurus solar eclipse, you could be looking at a new living situation or changes to your home and family that suit your natural rhythms. 

Have work demands dominated much of 2022 for you so far? That could change this month, especially on May 10, when expansive Jupiter exits Pisces and your financial zone and moves into Aries and your social third house until October 28. Now, opportunity can be found with some proper work-life balance. The more you get out and mingle, the likelier you are to meet some inspiring and dynamic people, some of whom could become collaborators or just really good friends. Considering a relocation? Jupiter in this sector could tempt you to explore new neighborhoods—or just to find some new hot spots in your own local area. 

But don't take your eye off the financial ball entirely, Aquarius, even if you start having a more fun and balanced life. On May 16, a Scorpio total lunar eclipse will sweep through your tenth house of career and leadership. A prestigious promotion or plum client could be headed your way. Water Bearers who’ve been itching for a new path could seize a sudden opportunity or just make a clean break from an oppressive situation. 

Prior to that, communication planet Mercury will turn retrograde from May 10 to June 3. While Jupiter and the eclipse tempt you to leap without looking, Mercury’s backspin asks you to carefully consider the repercussions of any hasty moves. Someone from your past could also resurface. Go slowly if you’re giving them a second chance. When the Sun moves into Gemini and your playful fifth house for a month on May 20, your passionate side emerges, capped off by a May 30 Gemini new moon that could bring a spring romance, a creative renaissance or even some buzzworthy fame!

Taurus season gets you in the domestic groove 

Cozy up, Aquarius. You're on a belated hibernation schedule until May 20 while the Sun pays its annual visit to Taurus and your domestic fourth house. Bask in some relaxing spring vibes by nesting and resting, booking ample quality time at home. With el Sol moving through the base of your chart, you've got planetary permission to nest, rest and tend to family. Catch up on self-care and keep your schedule light. You give so much to others but you’ll need extra “me time” this month.

Thanks to an April 30 Taurus solar eclipse, you may be experiencing some changes under your roof, if not to your entire living situation. You’ll feel this energy during the first week of May, especially when the Sun makes its annual conjunction (meetup) with your ruling planet, disruptor Uranus, on May 5.

There could be a sudden change of residents under your roof, an unexpected urge to move or a need to pull up the stakes and relocate. You might decide to renovate, redecorate or make some other radical shift to your lifestyle. While that's all well and good, this IS a one-day transit, and the dust will settle not long after. So unless you absolutely must make a swift change, you might be better off capturing your ideas on a Pinterest board instead of impulsively painting a wall or ordering new furniture. Your inner Martha Stewart could be elbows deep in planting a veggie garden (or an herb box for the windowsill) and switching to seasonally appropriate linens. 
The Sun-Uranus conjunction in this family zone could also bring a tense moment with a relative. The fourth house is linked to mothers and women, whereas the Sun is one of the astrological symbols for a father figure. Parent issues alert! Unresolved emotions might erupt out of the blue, or you might need to deal with a change related to your family of origin.

Mic drop! Jupiter enters Aries and your communication zone May 10

You'll soon be getting a master class in communication anyway because on May 10, expansive and outspoken Jupiter will begin a 12-month visit to Aries and your third house of self-expression, ideas and community. Between now and October 28, your social circle could blossom, and you could get involved in a local or cutting-edge media project. With global Jupiter in your third house of neighborhoods, you might find a "second city" to call home or start looking for a new part of town to live or hang out in.

Jupiter will make two trips through Aries: This first lap is until October 28, then a second round happens from December 20, 2022, until May 16, 2023. Don't rush to put down roots (that'll happen in 2023, during the next Jupiter cycle). Keep things exploratory now—in this variety-loving Jupiter era, it's all about exploring your options.
Jupiter only visits this part of your chart every 12 years (it was last here on and off from June 2010 until June 2011). You'll probably enjoy the lightness since the last Jupiter transit was all about work, work, work. Since December 28, 2021, the red-spotted giant has been in Pisces and your second house of money and security. For many Aquarians, it’s been a productive year so far, possibly bringing a new job, an expanded role at work or a chance to take a financial risk on an entrepreneurial venture. 

If you're a business owner, this new Jupiter phase can help you craft your messaging in a way that gets your talents or products out to a wider audience. How about an image or marketing overhaul? From your visual design to the "voice" of your brand to your company's offerings, inspiring Jupiter will help you market yourself in interesting and authentic ways. Sync up with kindred spirits to take your ideas to new audiences and markets.
But even if you don't have a side hustle, it's a great time to evaluate the way you come across. How do other people see you? And does that align with how you WANT to be seen? If not, you might want to do some strategic tweaking to your message. With curious Jupiter in your info-hungry third house, look for classes, podcasts, books and experiences that pique your intellect. 

Mercury turns retrograde May 10 to June 3 

No need to rush though, Aquarius. The same day Jupiter enters Aries (May 10), communication planet Mercury will turn retrograde, a challenging cycle that can cause technology, interactions and travel to go awry. Back up your data and take special care with what you say, type and post as you’re liable to be misunderstood now.

Mercury is retrograde in Gemini until May 22, causing mischief in your romantic, attention-seeking fifth house. An ex could resurface, or you could have a tense encounter with a dramatic diva type. Your own playful pranks could be taken the wrong way now, so save the jokes until after this phase or you could end up offending someone or, worse, canceled! From May 22 to June 3, Mercury will back through Taurus and your domestic fourth house. Be extra mindful with relatives and roommates as tension could spike under your roof.

Career coup at the May 16 Scorpio full moon and total lunar eclipse 

On May 16, a total lunar eclipse and Scorpio full blood moon beams into your tenth house of ambition and success, bringing your hard work to a triumphant peak. Since eclipses can bring sudden turning points, you could be offered an out-of-the-blue promotion or leadership role. A manager, client or position could also be unexpectedly eclipsed away. If there’s an abrupt departure, trust that the eclipse is clearing the decks for a better candidate. 

With the karmic south node and the full moon in close proximity, you may recognize some toxic or codependent dynamics at work that need to be nipped in the bud. Saturn is also traveling in a tight square (90-degree angle) to the full moon, pushing you to advocate for yourself. Saturn is in Aquarius and your assertive first house, a planetary prompt to firmly but diplomatically speak up.

This is the first Scorpio eclipse in a two-year series rippling across the Taurus/Scorpio axis between November 2021 and October 2023. These eclipses will revolutionize your personal and professional realms, bringing changes to home, family and career, as well as how you balance them. By the end of this cycle, you could live in an entirely new place, have a different job or experience significant changes under your roof.
A project or goal you've been working toward since last fall reaches a decisive moment now. What's your next move, Aquarius? Will you go forward and take this to the next level—or call it a day and move in a new direction? If you've been thinking about a career change, this eclipse might be your exit point. You could also go after a choice client, get a promotion or step into a leadership role. Diligent effort may be recognized with an award or some flattering media buzz!

Gemini season (May 20) and the May 30 Gemini new moon

Starting May 20, the Sun takes a month-long spin through Gemini and your fifth house of love and creativity. In addition to your getting some fun-filled and decadent dates on the calendar, the muse pays a visit, sparking some artistic notions. Let yourself play—and if you've got a performing streak, take to the stage or studio during this richly expressive time. The May 30 Gemini new moon could bring the start of a love connection or a creative undertaking that draws attention and praise. Seeds planted today will fully manifest by the December 7 Gemini full moon six months from now.

Fireworks! Mars and Jupiter connect on May 29

You’re bouncing off the walls like a kid who’s eaten too much sugar this May 29 as go-getter Mars and visionary Jupiter connect in Aries and your third house of communication. Whew! But this conjunction (exact meetup) pours rocket fuel in your social tanks, helping you befriend the right people and share a message far and wide. Mars and Jupiter haven’t met here since 2011, so it’s kind of a big deal.

You're excited (#understatement!) about an idea and eager to pitch it. And that enthusiasm, while impossible to contain, could also be highly contagious if meted out in the right dosage. Just be careful not to come across as pushy or argumentative in your quest to get others onboard. Ask questions and listen more than you talk. Interrupting people will alienate them, and then you'll never get to hear their real objections. Ultimately, you want the RIGHT people to take what you’re offering. Think beyond the short-term.

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