Cosmic Love Cast Singles: Where Are They Now?

Are you wondering about the Cosmic Love cast Singles and asking, where are they now? We have updates on all the men and women who dated the Elements: Connor, Maria, Noel and Phoebe.

We’ve got the scoop on all the Cosmic Love cast Singles (special shout-out to Morgan Raphael who helped us compile the intel about her fellow castmates!)

So, what are they all up to since the end of Season 1? And what about the Singles who made their own cosmic love match: Theresa and Darren?!

Caution: Spoilers ahead!

So you’ve binged Cosmic Love (or you’re watching) and can’t wait to find out about the Cosmic Love cast Singles and what they’ve been up to since the show…

But first, what about Theresa and Darren?!

These two Cosmic Love cast Singles—both Scorpios!—left the show early, possibly before fully realizing their astrological potential with their matches Noel and Phoebe, respectively, to pursue their own cosmic connection. Did it work out? Read on!

Where are they now? Did the stars deliver love for the Cosmic Love cast Singles, on or off the show?

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Adrianna Raphaela

Feisty and confident Adrianna (Sagittarius/Fire) is living her best Sagittarius life in Florida. Since leaving the Cosmic Compound, Adrianna is single and dating—and we say, don’t rush, Sag sister! True to her entrepreneurial Sun sign, Adrianna is heavily focused on growing her indie fashion label, Tres Angeles Swim. She spends time revamping her website and updating swimwear to heat up next season. And since no Sagittarius can do only ONE thing for a living, she’s also a working actress, and just completed her first movie, Circles.

Ana Miranda

Ana (Pisces/Water) is currently a bit of a mystery—but she wouldn’t be a Pisces (and a rare Human Design Reflector) if we could read her like a large print book. She’s done some traveling and just made her way back to San Diego, CA. Ana is believed to be currently single—but with her Libra moon and rising, the right person could become a companion on her adventures.

Caleb McDonnell

Since the show, Caleb’s real estate career continues to grow, which is no surprise given his ascendant and south node in Scorpio, the sign that rules real estate. The Pisces/Water sign purchased more investment properties and helped lots of clients sell and buy homes. In between, he’s been traveling around the U.S. and his native Europe, no doubt charming the ladies with his adorable accent and dimples. (Who can resist the charms of a sexy Scorpio rising and a clever Gemini moon?) He’s currently single and enjoying life. With his Saturn return approaching in March 2023—in Pisces!—we predict that our Cosmic Love cast Single/bon vivant might start to feel ready for true love in 2023.

Christopher Jones (CJ)

CJ (Sagittarius/Fire) is living in Philadelphia, attending law school at the University of Pennsylvania. In his spare time, he enjoys exercising and traveling as time allows. Prior to starting school, CJ spent his summer in New York working at a corporate law firm. This Sagittarius is currently single, so slide into his DMs, ladies. Pro tip: CJ is a Human Design Projector, the archetype whose strategy is waiting to be invited. (As a result of their nature, Projectors often get overlooked by flashier types.) Translation: This Cosmic Love cast Single/hidden gem won’t mind one bit if you approach him and let him know you’re interested in getting to know each other.

Christopher Essex

Country crooner Chris E. (Pisces/Water) may have left the Cosmic Compound singing a new tune, but he proved that Pisces indeed rule the feet, skillfully sweeping Maria off of hers by dancing the pachanga on their first date. (Many Cosmic Love fans report wishing Maria chose this Chris as her final match…) Back home in Nashville, he continues to record songs, country line dance and perform his music. With his Venus in sensual Taurus and Mars in romantic Pisces, that “hopeless romantic” signature in Chris E.’s astrology chart will no doubt keep winning hearts (and informing the lyrics to a song or three).

Chris Ragusa

Chris R. moved from Connecticut to Boca Raton, FL, where he is connecting with others to share inspirational stories via content on his TikTok. This Leo/Fire king of the jungle is currently single and prioritizing his own personal growth and relationships with his friends and family.

Did we say “single”—See what happened with Chris R. and Maria in our update about the Cosmic Love Elements.

David Christopher

Multihyphenate single David (Aquarius/Air) didn’t find his match on Cosmic Love—and he wasn’t too happy about it, as he’s made clear—but hey, the sign of friendship sooooometimes means being friend-zoned, we guess? Nonetheless, in true Water Bearer style, David’s focusing on the future, where Aquarians thrive.

Since Cosmic Love, he’s launched a streaming fitness network called FitTV (yes, this is one reason we matched him with fitness fanatic Phoebe), modeled menswear and appeared in a documentary. Oh, and he appeared in GQ too, reminding us that his Leo rising will continue making moves. Born in the Year of the Rabbit, he’ll be bunny-hopping into his Lunar Year return in 2023, when the Rabbit rules the skies again—and we expect to see this Cosmic Love cast Single win the race yet!

Danae DeSpain

Danae (Leo/Fire) is living her best Bennifer 2.0 life. After being a Cosmic Love cast Singles finalist, but ultimately not selected as Connor’s final match, she did some traveling and destiny stepped in. Danae met the love of her life, a fellow Leo, on her journeys (hello, globetrotting Sagittarius moon)—the perfect partner to lavish and ravish this lady lioness with love. Mid-November, Danae dropped an Instagram bombshell: she’s pregnant with a little girl! A tide-turning eclipse in Scorpio, the ruler of Leo’s fourth house of motherhood and family, says Danae and her bae are aligned with the stars. Mazel tov!

Darren Hopes

Since filming, Darren (Scorpio/Water) is back on the Houston real estate scene…and, well, maybe a few other scenes too. (Cue the steamy Scorpio-on-Scorpio Venus Vault scene with Theresa…but next time, let’s take our socks off pleeeease!) Cosmic Love appears to have tamed the shyness of Darren’s Cancer moon and helped him step into his showstopping Leo rising. Check out his stunning photos as a handsome model! Darren is also using his emerging platform to launch In the LOOP, a Houston-based travel series, on social media. He is single and actively dating! (For references, see Cosmic Love episode 6, fittingly named It’s Scorpio Season!)

Jasmine Rodulfo

Listen, we wouldn’t be called The AstroTwins, if we didn’t leave a light legacy of “twinning” behind. As the third reported cast member to be dating someone of their own sign (Danae and Yana are as well), Jasmine (Cancer/Water) is currently living in Dallas with her girlfriend (yes, you heard that right—and she’s a stunner!) and fellow Cancer, also named Jasmine! They have nearly identical charts, with birthdays one day apart, so it’s safe to say love was written in the stars after all. Jasmines: We love this for you!

This Cancer, who famously cried while overwhelmed by emotions on the first episode, won’t be shedding tears no’more. She’s busy working in the hospitality industry and building her social media consulting business…while regaling us with TikToks and Instagrams of her heart-melting romance!

Javier McIntosh

Capricorn on the move! With the chart of a mogul (Aries moon and rising), Javier is one of the Cosmic Love cast Singles who is busier than ever with entrepreneurial ventures. Since the show wrapped, Javier (Capricorn/Earth) is directing films featured on Peacock, Tubi and Bounce TV. His company, McIntosh Bros Productions, works with clients like Drake and Under Amour, to name a few. Though he wasn’t able to find love on the show (but took Maria’s rebuffed attempt at a kiss like a champ), he is actively dating back in Atlanta, where he recently bought a beautiful home and property.

Jazmin Potts

Jazmin (Gemini/Air) has been focused on building her influencer/lifestyle brand, receiving her astrology certification and becoming a Reiki Master and sound healer. She’s focusing on “teaching the world how to apply astrology and self-love practices in their everyday life.”

What happened with Jazmin and Noel after Cosmic Love? Are they still married? See our update about the Elements.

Morgan Raphael

Morgan (Virgo/Earth) is living her best life in Chicago, where she recently moved into a new apartment with jaw-dropping views, curated with her artful Virgo sense of style. Morgan is working to grow her online self-care community and expand her spiritual leadership skills (she’s now certified in leading meditation). She’s still technically single since the show (“technically”….do we sense a secretive Scorpio moon and rising here?), but looking for love and feeling optimistic and hopeful it’s right around the corner.

Morgan reports that she’s “learned to no longer take on relationships that feel like projects” after Cosmic Love—a worthy lesson and lifelong journey for every Virgo we know. Good luck with that, Morgan. You’ve got lots of other promising (non-human) projects in front of you!

Phillip Newhard

Phil (Capricorn/Earth) is thriving in his real estate career, living right outside of New York City, in Westchester County. Since the show, he wears fewer bandanas. And he’s committed to finding his soulmate!

Theresa Vongkhamchanh

Theresa (Scorpio/Water) showed us exactly what a treasure trove of secrets Scorpios can be when she emerged from “quiet wingwoman” to the badass vixen of the Venus Vault in episode 6. Good for you, Theresa! Back home in Nashville, she’s really coming into her own and seems to be confidently showing more dimensions of her fun and colorful personality on social media. (Hey, when you’ve filmed a steamy sex scene on reality TV, there’s really nothing left to hide!) We hope she continues to have fun celebrating life.

Yana Orlova

This year brought her a new job, a new home and a new relationship for Yana. “The show was a whirlwind and such an incredible experience, but real life feels like a dream these days, the Aquarius/Air sign says. Yana continues to work in nightlife and enjoys NYC. As she wraps up her Saturn return, we’re not surprised she’s found someone to get serious with—cheers to “Champagne Yani!”

What happened with Yana and Connor? See our update about the Cosmic Love Elements.


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