Cosmic Love Couples: Are They Still Together? Updates on the Elements: Connor, Maria, Noel and Phoebe

Are you wondering about the Cosmic Love cast Elements and asking, where are they now? Are they still with their matched Singles? We have intel!

Are the Cosmic Love cast couples still together? Did love last for Maria, Connor, Noel? And what about Phoebe?! We’ve got the tea on whether the Cosmic Love couples are still together.

Caution: Spoilers ahead!

So you’ve binged Cosmic Love (or you’re watching) and can’t wait to find out…

Oh, and how about the Singles who didn’t end up with an Element? Like Theresa and Darren?! These two Scorpio Singles left the show early, possibly before fully realizing their astrological potential with their matches Noel and Phoebe, respectively, to pursue their own cosmic connection. Did it work out?

You can read about all the Singles in our update, Where Are They Now?

Did the stars bring together the Elements of Cosmic Love with their Singles for lasting love or …

So, are the Cosmic Love couples still together?

Maria, Cosmic Love Earth Element & Chris Ragusa

Maria married Chris Ragusa (AKA Chris R.) in the final episode of Cosmic Love. Ophi officiated their nuptials in a giggly but touching ceremony as the two took their vows. But did happily ever after follow them off the reality TV set?

While on Cosmic Love, Maria (Capricorn/Earth) and Chris (Leo/Fire) had instant and sizzling chemistry, which they wasted no time exploring once they discovered they’d been matched. It’s true that Leo and Capricorn can be a tricky combo (it works for Barack and Michele Obama, but not all are so lucky). But we saw many other astrological connections that showed promise.

When we did a composite (AKA Supercouple) chart for Maria and Chris, we saw that the two shared a special astrological connection with their composite Sun in Libra, the sign of marriage and harmony. Maria’s chart showed that she could be a great wife and life partner for Chris, astrologically speaking, which The AstroTwins told the couple when they visited the Astro Chamber.

Another chart reading revealed that SIX of Maria’s planets in her birth chart occupy the marriage part (the seventh house) of Chris Ragusa’s chart! This would make him naturally see her as a wife and partner. Additionally, Maria’s moon sign, which reveals the kind of person she’d find as a soulmate, is in Leo, Chris’s Sun sign. They may be different as night and day, in some ways, but underneath it all, they are meant to be!

Are Maria & Chris still together?

Did the poet and the powerhouse keep their fairytale alive as a Cosmic Love couple?

Unfortunately, things seem to have soured for Maria and Chris, who are no longer married or together as a couple. Maria, the consummate Capricorn mogul, leaned into launching her new fashion collection, M Beauty Party, with looks based on her self-styled Cosmic Love wardrobe.

After Chris appeared on a dishy YouTube podcast called “Two Dudes, Three Legs,” Maria took to YouTube to finally spill her own post-Cosmic Love experience. And, well, it doesn’t look so pretty.

Going back to the real world, it seems Chris and Maria’s different cultural backgrounds and upbringings could not be transcended by the power of astrology. Chris Ragusa is now living in Florida while Maria lives in New York. In additional to running her business, she’s now a host and culture/entertainment reporter for News X Muse TV.

Connor, Cosmic Love Air Element & Yana

Connor (Gemini/Air) married Yana (Aquarius/Air) after deep contemplation—so deep, in fact, viewers would not have been surprised if they didn’t make it down the aisle!

At the Cosmic Compound, Connor learned that his Gemini trait of going through pros and cons can be helpful for decision-making, but he also realized there are no perfect answers in life. He worked through the difficult emotions of this endless equivocating while deciding to propose to Yana.

Both Connor and Yana are Air signs and four of her planets are in the family section of his chart, they learned from The AstroTwins. This means Yana “feels like family” and was predicted to naturally become part of Connor’s close-knit clan. Connor and Yana share a rising sign in Libra, and have their moon signs in the Earth element (hers is Capricorn, his is Taurus). That means they’re both adventurous souls who also want to plant deep roots.

Are Connor & Yana still together?

Is this Cosmic Love couple planting those roots?

Connor and Yana are no longer together. However, they’ve parted ways on cordial terms, thanking each other for the experience with well-wishing Instagram posts.

In a tribute post to the show a year after filming, Yana writes, “And most importantly, thank you to Connor for being a wonderful match. He’s a man with one of the biggest hearts on the planet and I’m thankful for the time we were able to spend together. While we are no longer together, I wish him nothing but genuine love and happiness in his life.”

Spoken like a true Aquarius friend! Speaking of which, Yana recently shared news that she’s seriously dating a new guy—and fellow Aquarius!—who she captioned “the kindness I wish to see in the world.”

As for Connor, he’s just wrapped up an especially busy wildfire season and is now enjoying time seeing his family in Michigan, visiting friends and at his home in Arizona. With his Saturn return starting in March 2023 (and Yana’s ending then), we expect to see the cosmic momentum start to crystallize for Connor, who was a fan favorite for many Cosmic Love viewers!

Noel, Cosmic Love Element Water & Jazmin

Noel and Jazmin hit it off early in Season 1 of Cosmic Love. And while Noel did have other Single matches to get to know, he kept coming back to Jazmin. They married in a touching ceremony on the final episode, officiated by Tali.

Noel (Pisces/Water) and Jazmin (Gemini/Air) align for a successful marriage, The AstroTwins told the couple while on the show. Their combined charts spoke of a loving and stable home and family.

With Jazmin, Noel could become a more dynamic version of himself in marriage. Jazmin’s Juno (the marriage asteroid) is in Libra, meaning she could feel most satisfied if her partnership is in balance.

Are Noel & Jazmin still together?

Is this one of the Cosmic Love couples that made it? Are they establishing a home?

From the looks of things, this dual-sign duo is still in each other’s lives. On September 23, the two posted a collaborative Instagram reel showing that them together. But with Pisces and Gemini, you just never know! As predicted, this ambitious duo is also working hard on establishing their careers on the heels of Cosmic Love.

Following the advice of The AstroTwins to set up a personal brand, Noel launched a sleek fitness website, with polished new photos, an app and some great free HIIT workout moves that we’ve been enjoying ourselves!

Meantime, Jazmin has been focused on building her influencer/lifestyle brand, receiving her astrology certification and becoming a Reiki Master and sound healer. She’s focusing on “teaching the world how to apply astrology and self-love practices in their everyday life.”

Phoebe, Cosmic Love Element Fire & Phil … or ??

Phoebe (Leo, representing the Fire element) made the decision to leave the Cosmic Love experiment early and said goodbye to the Cosmic Love house in Episode 8.

Despite Phoebe telling Phil (Capricorn/Earth) that it wasn’t in the stars for them, he reads her a poem he wrote and gets on one knee to propose. Phoebe stops him in his tracks: “I don’t feel like you know me well enough yet to actually, truly love me.”

Phoebe says she’s “finally been able to put myself first.”

Where is Phoebe now?

Like a true lionness, Phoebe’s restored her roar and kept the cameras clicking, building her modeling portfolio and most recently, filming a badass mini-movie for Ford Bronco.


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