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Cosmic Love

Love in the Stars

The Elements who got engaged head to the altar in the final episode. Plus: The AstroTwins reveal the best type of wedding for every zodiac sign on Amazon X-Ray.

Caution: Spoilers ahead!

What happened in Cosmic Love, Episode 10?

Summary of Episode 10, the finale:

Connor makes his decision about Yana. The couples go dress and tux shopping with their families and there are bachelor and bachelorette parties. The AstroTwins step out of the Astro Chamber to officiate weddings for the Elements who make it to the altar!

Do Connor and Yana get engaged on Cosmic Love?

Does Connor trust in the stars and propose to Yana?

At the end of Episode 9, Connor tells Yana that he was grateful to meet her and experience the Cosmic Love experiment with her, but he did not propose.

At the beginning of Episode 10, Connor says taking risks causes him frustration. Despite the stress and anxiety he’s feeling, “Yana is an incredible person, and there’s something about our chemistry that I can just see things working out.”

He tells Yana: “I know it’s been a long ride. And I’ve been a hell of a lot to handle, being so in-my-head.” He thanks her for being so patient with his process, especially because the other Elements and their matches moved more quickly.

Connor then gets down on one knee, presents a ring and says, “would you do me the honor of marrying me?” And before he can finish the sentence, an elated Yana says, “oh god, yes, of course! Yes, absolutely, yes!”

They embrace in a long hug and pop a bottle of champagne. Just as they toast, the other couples descend upon them, cheering with excitement and offering their congratulations. Yana says, “It feels amazing to join the little engaged squad. It’s fun. You feel the love. Everybody is so excited for one another.”

Later in the episode Yana’s sister asks her if it makes her “feel any type of way” that Connor “took so long.” Yana tells her sister: “I know the decision took a little longer than other couples. Yeah, for like a second, it does make you think ‘why are you waiting? why can’t you just pull the trigger?’ But sometimes that’s just what you need, someone to be thorough and think these things through.”

Despite Yana’s feelings, her sister says, “I don’t know about him.” Yana feels her sister’s skepticism is justified, but Yana is confident in her relationship with Connor.

Cosmic Love wedding planning: dress shopping, parties and sex tips!

The couples and their families go shopping for wedding dresses and tuxedos. The men have a bachelor party with their families and get some marriage advice of the non-astrological type from Jazmin’s father, Fred (Pisces/Water): “Learn how to say, ‘yes, dear’ and it’s all good.” The guys all laugh.

The women have a bachelorette party with their families. Maria reflects on the Cosmic Love journey with the group, remarking how happy she and Jazmin and Yana are. “Everything we’ve been through, everything we’ve learned from each other, and everything we’ve learned from our future husbands––how we’ve seen them grow in this time, has been amazing,” she says. “It’s been like a dream.”

Salayna Hulburt, a sex therapist, visits the women. She arrives bearing gifts, like colorful sex toys, that will keep things interesting! And she drops a question: “When was the last time you had an orgasm?” Maria exclaims, “my momma is right here!” Some in the group instantly become uncomfortable, there are some nervous giggles, and other women jump right in to explore the toys.

The men welcome sex therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue who says, “The number one thing women complain about in my office, in relationships, is…”

“Not orgasming,” Chris completes his statement to a burst of hearty laughter from the men.

The men and women learn about sex compatibility, which is also written in your stars! Check out our Sex by Zodiac Sign horoscopes to learn about your sign or someone else’s when it comes to sexual compatibility.

The Astrology of Cosmic Love, Episode 10
Wedding Astrology

Astrotwins behind the scenes astrology of Cosmic Love on amazon prime

In episode 10 of Cosmic Love, The AstroTwins talk about using your Sun sign element (fire, earth, air, water) for wedding planning.

Don’t fire the wedding planner! But use your element as your guide for wedding planning.

For example:

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): The most important thing for your wedding is fun and energy. Maybe you’ll have some outfit changes. This could be a stadium-level production, including music. Everything has to be big and bold, just like you!

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): You tend to be far more traditional. These signs like to talk to and involve their families. Religion or a church setting could be a focus. These are also the materialists, who like luxury and quality, status. The ring, dress, and cake better be done right (in other words, to their specifications!).

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): It’s all about their friends and the guest list. These are the most social signs who love to create an experience. A wedding is the party of the century for them. They want their weddings to feel like a fun celebration. More than wanting to be the center of attention the whole time, they want to be sure everyone is having fun.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): These are meaningful, sentimental signs (bring the tissues!). They’re also more private signs, so these may be smaller ceremonies. A beach destination wedding or vineyard is a popular setting for these signs. Memories are important to these signs, and therefore the focus is on the individuals less so than the larger party atmosphere.

See our Wedding Planning Horoscopes on Astrostyle to learn more about your sign’s wedding style, from cakes to rings to dresses and venues!

The AstroTwins give some final astrology advice to the couples

Speaking through the Astro Chamber, the couples get some parting astrology guidance from The AstroTwins consulting their composite charts, focusing on the marriage aspect. (Composite charts are explored in depth in Episode 8.)

Noel (Pisces/Water) and Jazmin (Gemini/Air) align for a successful marriage. Their combined charts speak of a loving and stable home and family. With Jazmin, Noel will become a more dynamic version of himself. Jazmin’s Juno (the marriage asteroid) is in Libra, meaning she’ll feel most satisfied if her partnership is in balance.

“I know I love Jazmin and I want her to be a part of my life, but there’s still a part of me that still wants to be free,” Noel says.

Connor (Gemini/Air) and Yana (Aquarius/Air). Connor’s Gemini trait to go through pros and cons can be helpful for decision-making, but he’s reminded that there are no perfect answers in life. Both Connor and Yana are Air signs and four of her planets are in the family section of his chart. This means Yana already “feels like family” and will naturally become part of his. They also both have Sun and rising sings in Air signs. This means they’ll both be adventure-ready while also wanting to plant deep roots.

“What do I love about Yana?,” Connor asks. “Her optimism, her patience, her ability to kind of see the good in everybody. I’ve fallen in love with Yana but there’s a small part of me that just wants to run. Not saying I’m going to do it, but it might be crossing my mind.”

Maria (Capricorn/Earth) and Chris (Leo/Fire) are a perfect pair. They share a special astrological connection with their composite Sun in Libra, the sign of marriage and harmony. Maria is the perfect wife and life partner for Chris, astrologically speaking.

“I’m finally getting my happily-ever-after and it feels amazing,” Maria says. “It feels like I’ve been waiting all of my life to feel this. All I ever wanted with someone was to be myself, and I can do that with him.”

Six of Maria’s planets occupy the marriage part of Chris’s chart! That means he naturally sees her as a wife and partner. Additionally, Maria’s moon sign, which reveals the kind of person she’d find as a soulmate, is in Leo, Chris’s Sun sign. They may be different as night and day, in some ways, but underneath it all, they are meant to be!

Who gets married on Cosmic Love, Episode 10?

Three couples tie the knot on the finale of Cosmic Love

Noel and Jazmin get married!

The ceremony takes place outside the Cosmic Compound under a beautiful zodiac wheel adorned with flowers. Noel’s mom wipes away tears when she sees her son in a white and black tux, and a huge smile.

“Walking down the aisle, I’m extremely nervous,” Noel says. “Am I really about to go through with this? It’s never a question if I love Jazmin. It’s more of a question if I could be the guy I truly wish to be within the relationship.”

Jazmin is walked down the aisle by her father and the two stand before Tali, who officiates.

“Today, we hope to celebrate a Cosmic Love,” Tali tells the wedding guests. “Noel and Jazmin, you both entered this experiment open and willing to turn your romantic destinies over to the stars.”

Jazmin and Noel share their tender thoughts about each other. They both say “yes” and exchange rings after Tali reads the marriage vows.

“I didn’t think astrology would lead me to love, but it did,” Noel says, and with a kiss on her forehead, calls her his soulmate. “Astrology did guide me, and I feel like a changed man.

“Everyone needs to have an Astro Chamber at home just to make sure they’re on the right track,” Noel quips!

Connor and Yana get married!

Two days after proposing, Connor walks himself down the aisle in an forest green tux, before all of his family and Yana’s.

“I can’t imagine a more beautiful bride,” he says when he sees Yana walk down the aisle.

Tali asks them to share their vows with each other. “I can’t believe that it’s only been a few short weeks,” Connor tells Yana. “It feels like I’ve known you for a lifetime. I promise to protect you and offer you that same comfort and safety that you’ve offered me. No matter what happens, I’ll always love you.”

Tali asks them to solidify their Cosmic Love and she reads their marriage vows. The couple exchange “I do” and rings (after Connor pauses for a suspenseful moment!) “We did it!” he exclaims, as he playfully scoops up Yana.

“I’m proud of myself for finally getting out of my head,” Connor says. “In this experiment, I took a risk with my heart. I definitely believe in astrology now more than I did coming here. By trusting the stars, I found my soulmate.”

Maria with Chris R. get married!

Among the wedding guests at the Cosmic Compound for the nuptials of Maria and Chris is Phoebe!

“Maria and I have gone through this entire journey together,” Phoebe says. “Even though I didn’t find my Cosmic Love, I am so excited to celebrate hers.”

Maria and Chris can barely contain their excitement as they stand before their family at the altar and before Ophi, who officiates their union.

“As a Capricorn, Maria, and a Leo, Chris, you’ll both share mutual admiration and a quest for the best in life,” Ophi tells the couple. She then asks them to share their vows. With a lot of laughter, the two share their thoughts about each other, their promises, and Chris even says a line in Spanish that delights everyone.

Ophi reads their marriage vows and the couple exchange “I do” and their rings.

“I found my Cosmic Love,” Maria says. “Now I believe in astrology so much because it allowed me to open my heart and my mind.”

The experiment of Cosmic Love concludes

“When we do an astrological chart, we feel like we know the person before we’ve met them. So these people felt like they became family to us,” Ophi says about the experience The AstroTwins had on Cosmic Love.

“We got really invested in them––who they were, who they were becoming and what they discovered about themselves. It was just so special for us to be able to come together with them at the end of this experiment, be there to close the loop.”

“The whole process was very sacred for us,” Tali says. “We are happy that the show went in the direction of love. That is how astrology is meant to work. It is a healing tool.”

What’s next for Cosmic Love?

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