S1, e6

Cosmic Love

Scorpio Season

With less matches to juggle, the Elements start turning up the heat with their would-be partners and exploring chemistry with them. Plus: The AstroTwins show how to find your past lives and soulmate connection in a birth chart on Amazon X-Ray.

Caution: Spoilers ahead!

What happens in Cosmic Love, Episode 6?

Summary of Episode 6:

All the Elements have made their first eliminations. The house tearfully says goodbye to four Singles. But the tears dry when the heat cranks up on some of the matches! Phoebe questions her place in the Cosmic Love experiment. The Elements spend time with their remaining matches to see if the relationships go to the next level. Everyone shares something about their past.

It was Scorpio Season when Cosmic Love, Episode 6 was filmed. Scorpio season is the time of year when intense Scorpio energy is strongest (from October 23 to November 21). During a zodiac sign “season” in astrology, the prevailing energy of that sign is felt by everyone.

The Astrology of Cosmic Love, Episode 6
Past life connections and the Lunar Nodes

Astrotwins behind the scenes astrology of Cosmic Love on amazon prime

In episode 6 of Cosmic Love, the theme is about the Lunar Nodes (destiny points) in astrology.

“This is a lesser known part of the astrological chart that we love,” says, part of The AstroTwins who served as matchmakers for Cosmic Love.

The North Node is your “karmic destiny.”

When people ask: Who am I meant to be? What is my purpose? Why am I here? There are two points in the chart that can help answer that.

The South Node, which indicates who/what you were in your past lifetimes.

The North Node, which indicates what you came here to learn.

About the North and South Nodes in astrology

The North Node and South Node are always in opposite zodiac signs. The combinations are:

Discover your North and South Nodes

Astrologers find your North and South Nodes based on calculations that have to do with the eclipses, which are rare events that happen 4-6 times a year, and where the path of the moon and the Sun connect. More technically, they are called the Lunar nodes.

“It’s a fascinating compass for directing your life,” Tali says.

“If you’ve ever met someone and you feel like you known them before––they feel familiar––or you have that person who feels like the ‘one who got away’ or reminds you of someone, check your North and South Nodes,” Ophi adds. “There may be some unfinished business in past lifetimes between you two.”

This can be found in your birth chart or use our Cosmic Calculator below to find your Nodes.

What Are My Nodes?

Calculate Yours!

What astrology traits are the Elements revealing in Episode 6?

In Episode 6, The AstroTwins revealed to the Elements their North and South Nodes. The nodes are a “mind-blow” in astrology because it bottom-lines your journey as a soul, a spiritual being having an experience. It’s the part that answers the question, “Why am I here?”

For example:

Maria and Christopher J. “CJ” are one of the matches on Cosmic Love. CJ is a Sagittarius with a Capricorn North Node. Maria is a Capricorn with a Sagittarius North Node. “We put them together to see if the person who is the embodiment of what you came here to learn can teach you something about yourself,” Ophi says. And, “whether you end up as a match that lasts or not this encounter can be profound. ‘You represent my potential as a human being.'”

Connor, who is a Gemini who’s matched with Yana, is a Gemini South Node. They have a real familiarity but are concerned about logistics (since they live in far-apart cities). “We were looking for the Nodes in the charts for potential on how these people are going to be brought together,” Ophi says. (Connor’s North Node is in Scorpio)

Noel’s North Node is in Capricorn, which means in this life he’ll grow to be more devoted and disciplined. He’s encouraged to embrace that destiny starting, now, by thinking about the long game. Where does he see himself in five years? And who is by his side?

Phoebe’s North Node is in Sagittarius, same as one of her remaining matches, Phillip. This means that together they can learn why friendship, honesty and playfulness are the keys to a lasting relationship.

“Knowing that marriage is on the table, knowing if you’re on a similar path is helpful,” Tali adds. “The Nodes are where you can connect on that deep, purpose-driven level.”

Who gets sent home in Cosmic Love, Episode 6?

At the beginning of Episode 6, Maria eliminates a match. She emotionally tells Christopher J. (“CJ”) it’s not in the stars for them, and he goes home. The Elements are also told in Episode 6 to eliminate another match. They each break up with a second match.

Maria tells Javier (Capricorn/Earth) that it’s not in the stars for them.

Connor tells Ana (Pisces/Water) that it’s not in the stars for them.

Phoebe tells Caleb (Pisces/Water) that it’s not in the stars for them, especially considering his relationship with Adrianna.

Noel tells Theresa (Scorpio/Water) that it’s not in the stars for them.

Which matches are left on Cosmic Love?

All the Elements have made their first and second eliminations now. The matches that are left:

Maria with Chris R. (Leo/Fire) and Chris E. (Pisces/Water)

Connor with Danae (Leo/Fire) and Yana (Aquarius/Air)

Phoebe with Phillip (Capricorn/Earth) and Darren (Scorpio/Water)

Noel with Jazmin P. (Gemini/Air) and Morgan (Virgo/Earth)

What’s going on with the other matches?!

For the Singles who remain who formed bonds outside of the Cosmic Love astrology matching experiment…one couple in particular took things up a notch during Episode 6.

Theresa and Darren (both Scorpio/Water) are steamier than ever! Scorpio is a sensual sign. And a same-sign match means a magnetic attraction.

“I was ninety-nine percent sure I was gonna leave here with Phoebe but then I started hanging out with Theresa and I actually like this girl,” Darren says. “Being with her just feels right.”

“At the end of the day, love is a choice,” Theresa says. “If he continues to choose me in this experiment, I welcome it completely because I definitely think my purpose here was to cross paths with Darren.”

Meanwhile, Phoebe wonders if pursing her relationship with Darren is worth it.

The experiment of Cosmic Love continues

“I think I speak for all of the Elements when I say that sending home someone is a huge responsibility,” Phoebe says. “Not only is it really difficult to hurt somebody else and potentially break somebody else’s heart, but it’s also really scary because if I send home the wrong person, then I could be ruining my own chances at finding love.

“I’m starting to feel like if I’ve messed up in this experiment,” Phoebe adds. “I’m not really sure how to move forward.”

Connor says, “I never would have thought that having three smart, beautiful women to choose from would leave me feeling so paralyzed.

Maria adds, “I came here to find my husband and I didn’t know how hard it could be.”

What’s coming up on Cosmic Love: Season 1, Episode 7?

Darren is overcome when Noel eliminates Theresa—and what he does about it might shock you!