S1, e9

Cosmic Love

A Cosmic Guide to Meeting Your In-Laws

Family members arrive to meet their future sons- and daughters-in-law and things get intense. Plus: The AstroTwins share BTS intel on the couples, and advise on how to win over your future in-laws on Amazon X-Ray.

Caution: Spoilers ahead!

What happened in Cosmic Love, Episode 9?

Summary of Episode 9:

The couples meet each other’s families! The families meet their future sons- and daughters-in-law, and they have questions––lots of them. The couples learn the astrology charts of their family members to help them navigate these meetings (and their futures, should they wed). Connor struggles with whether or not he’s ready to propose to Yana.

Meet the parents! Can astrology help everyone get along?

The couples meet their future in-laws and other family members who arrive at the Cosmic Compound.

But first, the Elements are summoned to the Astro Chamber where they receive some astrology advice from The AstroTwins.

Maria (Capricorn/Earth) and Chris R. (Leo/Fire)

Family chart analysis before meeting the parents

Chris’s dad, Louis, is a Gemini (Air). It probably won’t take long for him to warm up to Maria. He’ll likely understand her work hard/play hard nature.

Chris’s mother, Christine, is a Virgo (Earth). She’ll likely be a rock-solid supporter and a sometimes critic. Maria is advised to be herself and not take anything personally. She’s also a curious Gemini rising, so asking her advice may be the way to her heart!

Maria’s mom, Maria, (like Chris!) is a Leo (Fire). He’s encouraged to help her feel comfortable in this new situation, a challenge he feels up to because they’re the same sign.

How the meeting went down with Maria and Chris’s parents

Maria feels nervous to meet their expectations. Chris’s parents have been married for 30 years and there’s never been a divorce in his family.

“I just hope that they really understand that I’m completely committed to this,” Maria says. “And I really am looking for a life-long partner.”

Chris’s mom wastes no time confirming Maria’s fears: “I think that the astrology, honestly, to meet somebody within a couple of weeks and decide you’re going to spend the rest of your life with this person, is overwhelming.”

Along with Chris’s sisters, his parents ask Maria questions about how they believe they’re aligned by the stars. Maria’s best friends and her mom arrive at the Cosmic Compound and join the conversation after exchanging warm hugs. Maria’s mom doesn’t speak fluent English so she translates and shares stories about their dates, which brings Chris’s mom to tender tears.

Maria’s mom is touched Chris wrote Maria a poem to propose. “That’s good,” she says. “I like him. He looks like he could be a great husband … I know you’re going to be a cute couple and you’re going to last.”

But Chris’s mom remains skeptical, especially after she asks him if Maria likes sports and he replies, “that’s a good question.”

“There’s still a lot of details of their lives that they still have to talk about,” Chris’s dad says.

Her fears ease when she meets one-on-one with Maria, though. Maria remembers to ask her advice and Chris’s mom offers up that the key to a happy marriage is to marry your best friend.

“There’s something about this thing with the stars,” Chris’s mom concedes, and embraces Maria, her future daughter-in-law.

Connor (Gemini/Air) and Yana (Aquarius/Air)

Family chart analysis before meeting the parents

Connor’s mom, Stacey, is a powerhouse Aries (Fire), which is one of the easiest signs for an Aquarius to get along with! She has a spirited Leo moon, so Yana is encouraged to show her fun side and keep the energy upbeat.

Conor’s dad, Tony, is a deep-thinking Scorpio (Water), who may not be quick to open up, but once he does, they should bond beautifully as family members.

Yana’s mom, Elena, is a Capricorn (Earth), the sign of commitment and planning. Connor is advised to communicate that he’s taking the process seriously.

Connor is also told about something “unique” happening in his stars on the day he meets Yana’s parents. Venus, the planet of love, was moving into Capricorn, the perfect time to focus on long-term commitments. Venus also crossed over Juno, Connor’s marriage asteroid. This means the stars were aligned perfectly for him to solidify a long-term commitment in his relationship.

“I’m still not 100 percent sure where my head’s at,” Connor says, expressing the stress he feels about a possible engagement to Yana.

Yana is worried that a proposal may not come, that they could “fizzle out.”

How the meeting went down with Connor and Yana’s parents

Connor and Yana speak to his parents on video conference. Connor is immediately at ease seeing them and introducing them to Yana. He quickly gets them up-to-date on the Cosmic Love process, which his dad says “must be weird” because Connor has never “juggled” dating more than one woman at a time. He also notes the distance between their homes (Connor in Arizona and Yana in New York City), which is something that weighs on Connor.

“Sounds like there’s going to have to be a lot of compromising,” Connor’s dad says.

“That’s okay,” Yana replies. “I’m good at compromising.”

Connor tells his parents that Yana is “the one” because she’s been a safe space for him, and that he couldn’t have gone through the experiment of Cosmic Love without her.

Connor’s mom tells him, “just follow your heart.”

Yana and Connor meet Yana’s mom and her little sister, Milana (Virgo), also on a video conference. Yana’s mom jumps right in with a toughie and asks Connor where he sees himself in five years. He sails through answering his questions, though, remembering the astrology advice he got about her being a Capricorn!

Later in the episode, Yana is visited in person by her older sister, Danielle, a Leo, and her Scorpio brother-in-law. Danielle puts the pressure on Connor because he’s not yet engaged to Yana, telling him life is short, and “why not Yana?!” She later tells Yana that maybe Connor isn’t “the one.”

Noel (Pisces/Water) and Jazmin (Gemini/Air)

Family chart analysis before meeting the parents

Jazmin’s dad, Fred, is a Pisces (Water), like Noel! He should find a kindred spirit in his future father-in-law.

Jazmin’s mom, Rhonda, is an Aquarius (Air). Her Virgo rising means she may have some very personal questions to ask him. She’ll be able to tell if he’s genuine or not, so Noel is encouraged to stay true to himself.

Noel’s mom, Sissy, is also a Gemini (Air), like Jazmin! They’re likely to click over the shared Sun signs and create a beautiful bond. However her rising sign is Leo, which means she is protective and will always want to be a part of her son’s life.

How the meeting went down with Noel and Jazmin’s parents

“To know that his mom is a Gemini puts me at ease,” Jazmin says. “I just want to start building trust with her, her knowing she can trust me with her son.”

Jazmin meets Noel’s mom and brothers, who are all surprised to hear about their engagement. “How’d it happen that quick?” Sissy quizzes them. When she learns Jazmin is also a Gemini, she says: “You were supposed to be a Virgo.” Gulp.

Jazmin isn’t phased by the comment, confident their twin Sun signs will mesh and while not a Virgo, she is a Virgo moon.

Jazmin’s parents can’t quite quell their surprise about the engagement, though.

“This is really f-ing crazy,” Noel concedes. “Who really gets married like this? Who meets each other’s parents like this? It’s a lot! All at once and it’s f-ing wild. Honestly, this would make a great story one day. Only if we can make it work in the real world, too.”

Despite the nontraditional method of courting, Jazmin’s family like Noel and are supportive of their engagement.

“You have grown in the length of time that you’ve been here,” Rhonda says, adding that she’s proud to be Jazmin’s mom.

The Astrology of Cosmic Love, Episode 9
Family and in-law astrology tips

Astrotwins behind the scenes astrology of Cosmic Love on amazon prime

In episode 9 of Cosmic Love, The AstroTwins explore the astrology charts of the parents of the Elements who came to visit the Cosmic Love Cosmic Compound.

One helpful thing to look at when comparing the charts of yourself and a parent is to look at your moon signs, Tali says. The moon, which is about emotions, can reveal how you interact with your family, how you feel about them and how close you are to them.

Astrology can reveal “in-law intel”

If you’re in-law (or future in-law) is:

A fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): You’ll want to show warmth. Maybe speak the love language of gift giving. Make them feel important and appreciated. These are examples of a fire response to warmth and honor.

An air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): They want to communicate and connect and ask all the questions; they’ll probably interview you. It’s a good idea to ask some questions back and interact. They will watch and analyze you, too.

An earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): They’re looking at your values and making sure you’re “raised right.” And preferably you’re a good provider for your family.

A water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): They’re the hugging, effusive people who want to feel you out, and they feel you or they don’t. They’re very intuitive, too. They want to make sure their kids are going to be emotionally cared for, loved and nurtured.

What astrology traits are the Elements revealing in Episode 9?

The parents of the Elements were all shocked at first when they met the matches, but also amazingly supportive of their kids.

“Most of them were like, ‘well, if it makes you happy,’ but they did all approach it from their Elemental style,” Ophi says.

The fire sign parents were the first to be like: “welcome to the family!”

The air sign parents were the most skeptical, like: “we’ll see.”

The earth sign parents asked a lot of pragmatic questions.

The water sign parents were feeling things out.

“All of them trusted their kids and it was a testament to the power of astrological matchmaking,” Tali says. “We did pick people, for everyone, that would be a safe bet if things went in the best possible way. Parents know and they can intuit that.”

On Cosmic Love the parents saw: “okay, this person is making my child happy,” Tali says. “They sensed there were connections. This isn’t so random after all.”

“The connections––they may have been matched by data on a wheel, but they were real,” Ophi adds. “People really quickly connected and astrology has this incredible ability to break down barriers. It creates intimacy so much faster.”

Find your in-law’s zodiac sign element, or any family member’s

If you don’t know someone’s zodiac sign, you only need to know their birth date and you can match it to the zodiac sign dates. Once you know their zodiac (or Sun) sign, you can determine which element they are:

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

If you know someone’s time of birth and location, you can go deeper into their astrology and do their birth chart.

The experiment of Cosmic Love continues

Did Connor pop the question to Yana in Episode 9?

Connor tells Yana the whole Cosmic Love experience wouldn’t have been the same without her.

“I don’t think I would have made it this far if I hadn’t got to meet you or got to know you,” Connor confesses. “You’ve always been there for me and I want you to know, you offered me that safe space to be vulnerable with you. That meant so much to me. And time and time again, you’re this positive little beam of sunshine.”

Connor says he wants Yana to know all these things, “no matter what happens.”

Yana wonders if Connor is getting into his head and she senses something is wrong.

Connor confirms her fears, and says he’s been “all over the place.”

Episode 9 ends without Connor popping the question or telling Yana it’s not in the stars for them.

What’s coming up on Cosmic Love: Season 1, Episode 10, the finale?

Connor makes his decision about Yana. The brides and grooms go dress and tux shopping with their families and things get lively when sex therapists show up!

Super spoiler: vows are exchanged!