Libra Love Horoscope

Libras (September 23 – October 22) are ruled by love planet Venus, which explains why these balanced, beauty-loving beings are all about charm, fairness and harmony. 

Libra rules the zodiac’s seventh house of relationships, and you’re at your best when you have a companion to share your life with.

A romantic idealist, you’ll wander the Earth looking for the perfect match. In fact, you’ll wait years until the right person comes along, leaving friends and family wondering why someone with your charm and good looks is still single. And if you’re reading this Libra love horoscope, you may be wondering too.

Attractive Libra is ruled by beauty-planet Venus. With your wit, finesse, and style, you have plenty of admirers. Many Libras sport finely balanced features and a cute set of dimples. Grooming is important to aesthetic Libras, and you expect your partners to maintain good appearances. Since outgoing Libras love to mingle, you could meet your true love at a party, a singles event…anywhere you can dress up or display your social graces.

While it’s fine to take it slow, you could lose some great catches to your endless deliberating. Libra may be the one sign that actually needs an ultimatum!

As the sign of the scales, you’re constantly seeking balance, and for that reason, it’s crucial that you choose partners wisely. Admit it, you can be a softie at times, so watch out for dominating people who try to steamroll you with their demands. Libra is big on equality and fairness, and you need an open-minded mate who wants to share and share alike. You’re equal parts sugar and spice. You like to debate (for fun only—your peace-loving sign hates conflict). You want to be with someone who’s passionate about a few issues, though not too forceful. Your gentle disposition can’t deal with an imposing personality.

Libras hate to be rushed and may take years to commit, driving their eager-to-settle-down mates crazy. Like the scales the represent your sign, you’re always going back and forth, “Is this person right for me or not? Could I do better or is this as good as it gets?” While it’s fine to take it slow, you could lose some great catches to your endless deliberating. Libra may be the one sign that actually NEEDS an ultimatum: marry me or else!

If you’re that type of Libra, consider this: in a survey of elderly people, most reported that they only regretted the things they DIDN’T try in life, and regretted nothing that they did. So don’t let your fear of making a mistake stop you from taking risks! Who knew this Libra love horoscope was going to be so motivational?

The other Libra pitfall is dependency. Since your sign rules the zodiac’s seventh house of “other people,” you may lean too heavily on those around you, expecting them to carry your emotional baggage. This can prevent you from developing a key relationship skill: the ability to feel absolutely whole and content by yourself.

The trick for Libras? Strive for balance within yourself, first and foremost. Then, seek a harmonious, equal relationship with a partner who balances you out, and needs you as much as you need him/her. We hope this Libra love horoscope was helpful. Now go out there and find Libra love.

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