October’s Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse Helps You Tap Hidden Powers

What lies beneath? A Scorpio new moon penetrates the shadows to expose things unseen.

In secretive Scorpio, change is as much an inside job as it is an outer transformation. This annual lunation provides the nudge you need to examine your beliefs, buried feelings and self-imposed limitations. Not an easy task, we know: Scraping up against those edges can churn up powerful feelings (one of Scorpio’s hidden blessings). The trick? Dig deep while aiming high.

What is the date of the 2022 Scorpio new moon?

Ready for an extreme makeover? Or a notable shift? The Scorpio new moon gets the alchemy underway. The 2022 Scorpio new moon arrives Tuesday, October 25, at 6:49 AM EDT.

The October 2022 Scorpio new moon is also a solar eclipse

What phase will the moon be in on October 25?

The October 25 Scorpio new moon is also a solar eclipse. It begins the fall 2022 eclipse season that includes a Taurus full moon lunar eclipse on November 8 (also Midterm Election Day in the U.S.) Read all about the meaning of the fall 2022 eclipse season here.

What is the meaning of a Scorpio new moon?

Looking for answers? Search beyond your usual range— and shine the light deep within your psyche. Under the dark sky of this mysterious new moon, what you don’t see may be far more telling than anything your eyes radar in on. Stay open to non-obvious insights and chance encounters.

Who are you vibing with? Pay attention. A bond that begins at the Scorpio new moon could develop into a strong soul connection. Shared finances, passive income and property matters come under the microscope. How can you pool funds for greater wealth? If you’ve been spending indiscriminately, start tucking more away for the future.

Saving doesn’t mean stuffing cash into a mattress or even a basic savings account that pays minuscule interest. Have a portion of your paycheck automatically streamed into your 401K (or SEP IRA if you’re self-employed). Search for investments with compounding interest. Is that all Greek to you? Start learning the language of money. Read a personal finance book to educate yourself on the basics or ask savvy friends to recommend a money manager. Build a diversified portfolio, one that sets you up for a future of greater security and freedom.

What is the meaning of a solar eclipse?

The fall eclipse season of 2022 begins on Tuesday, October 25, at 6:49 AM EDT, with the Scorpio solar eclipse. Solar eclipses always occur during new moons (lunar eclipses during full moons.)

Look in a new direction during a solar eclipse, because that’s where opportunity lies. This can feel scary, since letting go of control will be necessary. These momentous new moons push us off the starting block and into new waters. But we have to move fast, since just like an eclipse, the manifestation period is both rare and brief. Find out what fall 2022 eclipse season means for your zodiac sign.

Love and a Scorpio new moon

You’ve probably heard by now that Scorpio is the zodiac’s sex symbol. (And anyone who’s spent a night with someone born between October 23 and November 21 can probably testify to this truth…if they weren’t sworn to secrecy!) Under the energetic beams of this sultry new moon, we all get to be vixens.

But don’t get it twisted! Seductive Scorpio plays for keeps. (Just look at Scorpio Supercouple Vanessa and Nick Lachey who share a November 9 birthday and have beat the Hollywood odds, staying together for decades.) If you’re going to open Pandora’s Box, Cupid’s Closet or Venus’ Vault, make sure you’re ready to play the long game. Otherwise, you could catch wind of Scorpio’s painful sting—or the unsavory traits of this sign like jealousy and vengeance. No thanks!

Scorpio new moon facts

The Scorpio new moon appears during Scorpio season between October 23 and November 21 most years.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto

Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign (Scorpio is symbolized by a scorpion)

Scorpio is a water sign, along with Cancer and Pisces

This annual new moon is an optimal time for healing rituals. Try ours: Scorpio New Moon Ritual: Conjure Hidden Desires

Try also a meditation that draws on the energy of Scorpio or one that invokes the water element

How does the Scorpio new moon affect me?

7 journey starters at a Scorpio new moon

Remember, you don’t have to handle it all at once. The work you begin now at the Scorpio new moon will see completion at the Scorpio full moon in six months.

1. Upcycle your closet

Reuse, repurpose and upcycle! Creative Scorpio has a knack for reviving relics from the past. With a little style-sleuthing, this new moon could bring some serious finds.

Scour consignment sites for a pair of vintage Western boots or Levi’s that you can adorn for a 90s throwback. Shop your own closet for pieces you can refresh with patches, scissors or other modifications. Check out our Style Horoscopes by zodiac sign for some inspo!

Maybe it’s time to pull out that novel or album you’ve started and stopped so many times and commit to it once again. Under the observant Scorpio new moon, everyone you observe has “character study” potential and every decision holds a clue to the next scene you’re developing.

2. Boost your immune system

Ruled by Pluto, god of the underworld, Scorpio is the sign of internal health. With cold and flu season upon us, the Scorpio new moon reminds us it’s time to shore up the immune system. Eating seasonally can be a great form of preventive medicine. Butternut squash, harvested now, is loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C. Warming foods like garlic and ginger can help build internal heat…so how about adding them to a bisque?

Probiotics improve gut health, and by extension, keep your immune system strong. Plus, they’ve been proven to reduce respiratory infections. Load up on this “good bacteria” by eating yogurt and fermented foods like sauerkraut and tempeh. And even though the days are short, get outside for at least 15 minutes while the sun is shining to soak up some immune-boosting Vitamin D—along with taking a supplement if you live in the northern hemisphere. While research isn’t 100% conclusive, medical experts are theorizing that boosting levels of Vitamin D can support staving off virus risk.

3. Explore your eroticism at the Scorpio new moon

As the ruler of the reproductive organs, Scorpio has earned its rep as the zodiac’s sex sign. With your mojo rising strong under this new moon, plan some intimate time with a partner…or by yourself. (Think of it as sex-positive self-care.) Experiment with toys, play out a fantasy or spend the day in bed binge-watching erotica.

As this provocative new moon reminds: There’s always something new to learn, and a seductive online curriculum can help pick up where your high school sex-ed teacher left off (O.School and OMGYes.com offer a master class on the birds and bees. Find out your “erotic blueprint” from sexpert Jaiya—or check out the soul-deep work of self-proclaimed pleasure revolutionary Regena “Mama Gena” Thomashauer.

4. Embrace your shadow

Scorpio has two galactic guardians. Its modern ruler, Pluto, governs the unconscious—the parts of ourselves that we disown and even project onto other people. Before the icy dwarf planet was discovered by telescope in 1930, Scorpio (along with Aries) was governed by Mars, the fierce, combative, warrior planet. Either way, this cosmic force field is a powerful one. Turbulent emotions can arise under this new moon—and whether they express themselves internally (Pluto) or externally (Mars), the experience can be both arousing and unsettling.

Have you been suppressing any “negative” feelings, like jealousy or anger? If so, they could bubble up like hot lava from a dormant volcano. Instead of denying your angst, find a healthy outlet to unleash that pent-up emotion. Work out vigorously, unleash a primal scream…how about singing? True fact: We know an uncanny number of people with Scorpio chart placements who are die-hard karaoke addicts (guilty-as-charged here with our four-planet Scorpio stellium.) Maybe it’s time to pick up a home system so you can belt out the ballads any time your heart desires.

5. Build a portfolio—starting wherever you are

Time for some money moves! This security-minded sign rules our long-term resources like stocks, real estate investments; basically anything that’s loaned and owned. Look beyond the 9-5 grind to illuminate new paths to prosperity. Commissions, royalties, bonuses, and inheritances are Scorpio’s domain—and so is marrying into money, in case you’re dating an oligarch scion. But either way, now is the time to activate your assets. Do you have a retirement account—and if you do, does it include a diversified mix of high and low risk investments to satisfy your personal comfort level? If the term “mutual fund” makes you say, “huh, wha?” cue up a book on basic finances ASAP.

Scorpio also rules debt, so if you’re struggling to get out of the red, take a deep breath and start looking for solutions. Many creditors (and even the IRS) will work out payment schedules, as they prefer to get SOMETHING rather than nothing; some will even negotiate a lower payout amount. Online coaching programs like can also bring support for freeing yourself from the weight of those IOUs. Who knows? Six months from now, under the Scorpio full moon, you could be back in the black.

See our Money Horoscopes by zodiac sign for some ideas

6. Pool your funds strategically

When it comes to money, fiscally savvy Scorpio knows that we can be stronger together. Under the Scorpio new moon, make like the Property Brothers and co-sign for the win. But do so strategically! Scorpio likes everything backed and guaranteed as much as possible. If you’ve developed a solid baseline of trust, perhaps you can support each other with making a bold leap toward a mutual moneymaking goal.

Just note that Scorpio-ruled joint ventures aren’t always split 50/50. One of you may be putting in cash while the other is contributing labor-based sweat equity. It goes without saying that arrangements like these should be memorialized in writing, ideally with the support of a legally binding contract that covers your assets. And that goes double during a new moon in Scorpio. Since this sign can also be associated with nefarious activities, power plays and vengeful moves. Protecting yourself can preserve the integrity of the partnership since you’ll both be clear about what you’re signing on for: a win-win.

7. Rise like a phoenix at the Scorpio new moon

Did you know that Katy Perry—a triple Scorpio (Sun, moon and rising)—was dropped by three labels before “I Kissed a Girl” launched her to stardom? When not one single label would sign Jay-Z—who was born with boundary dissolving Neptune in Scorpio—he established his own. At its highest manifestation, Scorpio is like these musical icons: A phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes of despair to create new life.

If you shut down because of fear or a perceived failure, this lunar lift can put you back on the path to progress. But first, get real about any painful emotions you’ve been hanging onto. Are you disappointed? Discouraged? Down in the dumps? Find supportive people who can safely hold space while you share your vulnerable emotions. Just make sure you don’t stop there! Once you’ve acknowledged the past, you can get back into an “Empire State of Mind.”

Find out how the Scorpio new moon will affect your sign in our weekly horoscopes: https://www.astrostyle.com/weekly-horoscopes


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