November’s Taurus Full Moon Is A Game-Changing Lunar Eclipse

Hang on tight! A Taurus full moon brings you back to your senses—and your sensuality—with a sudden jolt.

The Taurus full moon arrives during Scorpio season each year to anchor you during an astrologically intense time. Are you feeling ungrounded? Anxious for no discernible reason? Earthy Taurus can get your feet back on terra firma. It can make you strong and stable enough to alchemize all the mystical Scorpionic visions into tangible form. 

But first, get ready to weather a few last unexpected shakeups. The November 8 Taurus full moon is a game-changing lunar eclipse, the second in a three-part series that included one on November 19, 2020, and rounds out with the final Taurus lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023. It could bring a metaphoric earthquake before you find steady ground. Don’t wait for change to happen to you. Get proactive! What unproductive habits might be holding you back? Where have you been failing to appreciate the comforts you have—or to value the folks who have your back?

What is the date of the 2022 Taurus full moon?

The Taurus full moon arrives Tuesday, November 8, at 6:02 AM EST. November 8 also happens to be Midterm Election Day in the U.S. which isn’t exactly the news anyone’s been waiting for with this nail-biting political moment. As a zodiac sign, Taurus is fundamentally conservative. This ethical, rule-bound sign likes to play by the books, follow due process and proceed with caution.

Note that we did not say “Republican” or “Democratic.” While traditionally, the right wing has been more Taurean in nature, the landscape has shifted dramatically over the past decade with rebellion and establishmentarianism happening on both sides of the aisle.

Eclipses are known for revealing and concealing. During this blood moon, we see the Earth’s shadow paint the full moon a brownish-red. Metaphorically, this eclipse could reveal secrets and scandals about everything from candidates to voting rights interference. But that shadow also dims the full moon’s light, inviting furtive behavior!

Another challenging aspect of November 8? The eclipse will be in close connection to radical Uranus, the planetary agent of chaos. Will we see another January 6-style sedition, even on a local level? This election could spark a “revolution,” which is a loosely defined term in 2022. No matter where the final tally falls, we expect there will be a strong political movement in response.

The November Taurus full moon is also a lunar eclipse

What phase will the moon be in on November 8?

Lunar eclipses always occur during a full moon, while solar eclipses can only happen during a new moon. The November 8 Taurus full moon and lunar eclipse is the grand finale of fall 2022 eclipse season that began with a Scorpio new moon solar eclipse on October 25.

Read about the fall 2022 eclipse season here, including what it means for your zodiac sign.

What is the meaning of a Taurus full moon?

The Taurus full moon could bring some eye-opening reminders to pay attention to everything you’ve been taking for granted.

The Algonquin tribes and early colonial Americans called November’s lunation the Beaver Moon because in North America, it was the last chance to set beaver traps before water froze. During the week of the Taurus full moon, put an infrastructure in place to “capture” a dream you’ve been hunting since the Taurus new moon six months ago.

Don’t tiptoe—the Taurus full moon gives you permission to open the throttle. Just remember to take the curves with Taurean precision and pragmatism.

What is the meaning of a lunar eclipse?

The fall 2022 eclipse season began on Tuesday, October 25, at 6:49 AM EDT, with a Scorpio solar eclipse. Solar eclipses always occur during new moons, lunar eclipses occur during full moons.

During lunar eclipses, the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the moon (known as an opposition between the Sun and the moon). Lunar eclipses give us a glimpse into the “shadow self.” What we discover about ourselves and others during lunar eclipses can be tough to admit, even shocking. Still, this gives us the opportunity to embrace our wholeness, and see where we have room to grow in new directions.

 Find out what fall 2022 eclipse season means for your zodiac sign.

Taurus full moon facts

The Taurus full moon appears during Scorpio season most years

Taurus is ruled by Venus

Taurus is the 2nd zodiac sign (Taurus is symbolized by a bull)

Taurus is an earth sign (along with Virgo and Capricorn)

Taurus is a fixed sign quality (along with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius)

This annual full moon is an optimal time for healing rituals. Try ours: Taurus Full Moon Ritual: Slumber Party

Try also a meditation that draws on the energy of Taurus or one that invokes the earth element

How does the Taurus full moon affect me?

6 ways the Taurus full moon lunar eclipse helps you sway with the winds of change instead of getting swept away by every gale force!

1. Embrace the process

Put your inner rebel in the time-out chair! As a fixed earth sign, Taurus reveals the ease that sound structures can provide. Rather than reinvent the wheel, learn about the physics that keep the wheel in motion. The (ahem) mechanical Bull loves a blueprint, rule and master plan—and the Taurus full moon reminds us of the power of process.

Where has your life become too complex? Bring it back to basics. By stabilizing your foundation, you’ll soon again soar. If you’re advancing toward a major goal, this full moon brings laser-focused guidance about next steps. Don’t stop there! Plug those plans into project management software like Trello or Asana to keep your thoughts—and your team—organized.

2. Treat yourself to something beautiful at the Taurus full moon

Ruled by sensual Venus, Taurus adores beautiful things—and isn’t afraid to spend top dollar for them, as long as they are classic, timeless and made with the utmost precision. It’s no surprise that the classic House of Versace has been kept alive by Taurus Donatella for decades since her (Sagittarius) brother Gianni’s death. So…what keeps popping up on your Pinterest board? If you’ve been reading the reviews and stalking the sales, the Taurus full moon green-lights a luxury purchase.

Top-quality, impeccably produced goods aren’t just an indulgence. If they have a practical use and a long lifespan, they’re an investment, dammit. That classic wool-cashmere cape coat or hand-tooled leather tote may very well be coming home with you. While you’re at it, give your body the same royal treatment. Taurus rules the neck and shoulders, so maybe book a session to have a skilled bodyworker release the knots. Or get into the earthiness of this full moon and head to the spa for a mud bath or hot stone massage.

3. Embrace your analog roots

There’s grace to be found in the rhythm and flow of everyday life. And this back-to-nature full moon challenges us to embrace our analog roots. Here’s a challenge: Try moving through a couple of your daily rituals without the machines you rely on for comfort and convenience:

  • Hand a dish towel to your S.O. and have a real conversation while you’re drying plates.
  • Sweep the floor and unpack groceries slowly and mindfully, so these tasks become a meditation.
  • Hang your clothes to dry rather than a tumble in a dryer which saves hundreds of dollars in energy bills and—more importantly—keeps 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. That makes a difference in a warming world, something this fixed earth full moon supports wholeheartedly.

4. Find your voice at the Taurus full moon

Taurus rules the throat (and the throat chakra), and you’re likely to feel compelled to speak your truth without holding back during this full moon. Just make sure you’re not riding that bullish energy while the bronco is still bucking. Use your voice in constructive ways—to speak up for your values and ethics, which are ruled by the zodiac’s second sign.

Or use your voice creatively, for things like singing or podcasting. Yogic chanting can tune up your throat chakra while creating a collective healing energy that’s greater than any one voice in the room. Look for a Kirtan (call-and-response chanting) class to elevate your vibration. It’s no surprise that legendary vocalists like Stevie Wonder and Adele were born under this Sun sign.

On a purely physical note, have you been giving your vocal cords love they need? Hydration is essential for keeping them healthy, so drink lots more water and less dehydrating substances like coffee and alcohol. Since heaters can be drying this time of year, plug in a humidifier to maintain proper moisture balance.

5. Plant a tree

Planting a billion trees can help save the Earth from climate change and biodiversity loss, according to The Nature Conservancy, which has taken on the lofty goal! If you don’t have space to plant a tree, you could check with the local government where you live to plant or donate to a tree planting program, many municipalities have them to enrich and beautify public spaces. Or you could simply find a tree in a park or in nature and post a photo of yourself hugging it on Instagram to increase awareness.

Trees are critical to life on earth and provide oxygen, shade, and medicine—not to mention absorbing greenhouse gases to slow down global warming. Taurus rules rootedness. This is a great time to plant a few trees in the soil (and in your feeds), even if you reside in a concrete jungle.

6. Mind your green

How friendly is your budget? While Taurus is sensual, it’s also sensible, and needs plenty of security in order to relax. The Taurus full moon illuminates your spending and savings plans…or lack thereof. Impulse shopping can be a symptom of deprivation. This isn’t about tightening your belt so much that you feel constricted. But it is an important week for tracking where all your hard-earned dollars flow. Put a budgeting app on your phone or challenge yourself to pay for every purchase with cash for a week. Getting powerful related to money leaving your hands can create a mindful relationship to your expenses—and your earnings!

Horoscopes for the Taurus full moon lunar eclipse, for every zodiac sign

The November 8 Taurus full moon is a game-changing lunar eclipse, the second in a three-part series that included one on November 19, 2020, and rounds out with the final Taurus lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023. How the lunar eclipse affects each zodiac sign:


Cash in, Aries! The Taurus full moon lunar eclipse lands in your second house of money, carrying on a two-year series (November 2021 to October 2023) that is energizing your financial axis. Translation: It’s time to reap the rewards of your hard work! This lunation brings to fruition your hard labor of the past six months and may reveal hidden opportunities you weren’t aware of. Even if your salary doesn’t reflect this uptick immediately, it soon may. Start getting clear about the pay you deserve—or figuring out what skills you may need to sharpen to command a better rate.


Prepare for liftoff, Taurus! The year’s only Taurus full moon also happens to be a potent lunar eclipse—the second of three eclipses in your sign from November 19, 2021 to October 25, 2023! The personal growth and change you’ve implemented over the past six months (or year!) could bring a huge victory in the coming days. Eclipses reveal hidden opportunities, but you have to jump on them quickly. Change is inevitable while eclipses visit your sign. Stop resisting, and let the next chapter of life take hold. You may feel unmoored temporarily, but you WILL regain your footing.


Sometimes the most efficient way to get things done is to simply surrender and allow the vast power of the universe to do the heavy lifting, Gemini. Support is all around you, so you don’t have to go it alone. The Taurus full moon lunar eclipse powers up your spiritually introspective twelfth house. Rather than constantly seeking outside counsel, for the next two years, tune in to your own deepest wisdom and follow it wherever it leads you. If you need a little support in “the real world,” enlist a mentor, therapist, healer or coach to help you reach the finish line.


Gather your soul squad as the electrifying Taurus full moon lunar eclipse charges up your collaborative eleventh house, Cancer. While this could bring a co-production to a successful milestone, it may illuminate hidden opportunities that you’ll explore while this eclipse series wages on until October 2023. Over the coming two to four weeks, you may get more involved in a project that benefits society or changes the cultural landscape. Check any ego at the door and show what a team player you can truly be.


The shake-em-up lunar eclipse in Taurus electrifies your tenth house of career ambition and success, bringing a burst of new direction for your career. Set some goals and meditate on what you can do in the next two weeks to jump-start your ascent. But since this eclipse series lasts for two years—from November 19, 2021 to October 25, 2023—give long-range plans attention too. First assignment, Cancer: Dress for the part you want to play, even if you’re not fully there yet. If funds are available, make an investment in your future like a specialized training or crucial equipment for the job.


The rare and energizing Taurus full moon lunare eclipse—the second in a two-year series from November 2021 to October 2023—powers up your expansive ninth house. You’ve got wind in your sails as Lady Luck spurs you to action. What have you been dreaming about, Virgo? This is the time to step off the sidelines and out of your safety zone. An entrepreneurial venture or media project could get off the ground in a huge way. Reach out to friends in far-flung places and start talking about a visit. A cross-cultural connection that’s been simmering could heat up over the coming two weeks, so make your move!


Your passion levels are heating up as the Taurus full moon lunar eclipse scorches your erotic eighth house. Your urge to merge may be irresistible, and luckily your seductive powers are finely tuned. Over the coming two to four weeks, a lucky swipe on the dating apps could bring a deeper-than-expected connection. But make sure your actions align with your soul, Libra. If you truly are okay with “keeping it casual,” that’s fine. But if you’re looking for more than a situationship, don’t settle. Attached? The eclipse will shine a light on what your next shared step is. Hint: You may have been overlooking this for too long!


The potent lunar Taurus full moon lunar eclipse lands in your seventh house of partnerships, bringing major shifts to your personal passions and your love life. This is powerful news, since it’s the midpoint of a two-year eclipse series on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. It’s redirecting your life’s journey, Scorpio, between November 19, 2021 and October 25, 2023!

Sometime in the next four weeks, you could experience a milestone moment in one of your key relationships. If you’ve been negotiating with a business collaborator, you might finally settle on terms and ink a deal. If you’re craving more commitment from the object of your affections, conversations should be productive—and passionate!


Get your glow on, Sagittarius! The Taurus full moon lunar eclipse galvanizes your sixth house of healthy living and gets your wellness warrior in gear. Forgive and forget any stress eating you did since temperatures cooled or all “this” began. This is the start of a fresh cycle, and the lunar eclipse can lay a foundation for a super-fit winter. Institute a “no excuses” policy by finding exercises you can easily do at home. Make menus; book check-ins for any nagging medical issues. Preventative medicine is the best “cure.”


Cupid’s aim is true as the galvanizing lunar eclipse lands in Taurus and your amorous, glamorous fifth house. Single Sea Goats could meet someone special or feel a surge of motivation to fire up the dating apps. This Taurus full moon eclipse is also perfect for babymaking or kicking a creative project into high gear. If you need to make some bold changes in love—including moving on from a relationship that has run its course—the eclipse can expedite that process. Let go so you can grow.


With the Taurus full moon lunar eclipse activating your nurturing, domestic fourth house, there could be major shifts around Chateau Aquarius over the next month. How’s your space working? Maybe you need some clearly defined house rules or a room with a door so you can have some legit privacy. Try as you might to be emotionally resilient, you’re more likely to be a sponge for other people’s energy. Shield your field, Aquarius, which could mean clucking sympathetically instead of trying to fix people’s problems for them.


As the lunar eclipse in Taurus energizes your third house of kindred spirits, it could launch a stimulating partnership, perhaps with a good friend, sibling or co-worker. If you’ve been in talks for a while, you could finally agree on terms over the next two to four weeks, the “manifesting period” of this moon. Make sure you’re 100 percent clear about the arrangement because eclipses can bring hidden clauses. Bloggers and media makers will enjoy a massive boost from these powerful beams. Your stories and wisdom will inspire, Pisces, while this eclipse series rolls on until October 2023.

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