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Your Weekly Overview:

Come together now! But…how? That global challenge is worth taking on this Monday, March 30 as make-it-happen Mars zooms into collaborative, innovative Aquarius for the first time since May 2018. With social distancing and sheltering in place as the “new abnormal,” we’re already leaning into tech savvy Aquarius’ tools to stay connected. Between now and May 12, the need to communally cooperate will be more urgent than ever. Mars driving through humanitarian Aquarius could spur grassroots goodwill missions. With the economy in flux, folks out of work and not enough food on everyone’s table, figuring out how to support our neighbors (without actually seeing them) will be a worthy problem to solve. Mars can be anxiety-producing, which brings its own set of challenges. For example, in our zeal to be helpful and supportive, people might wind up spreading fear or misinformation. Think twice before posting a “public service announcement” that might be a disservice. Families and roommates who are sharing space may need to get inventive, like designating a quiet room that everyone can sign out for an hour at a time. Now is the time to share your toys AND your toilet paper, while also avoiding sacrifices (as much as possible) that will cause resentment to boil.

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On Tuesday, Mars catches up to structured Saturn, their first meeting in Aquarius since 1994! The discerning planet can temper some of that Martian fire, giving us all the ability to cool down and put some rules and agreements in place that work for everyone. A group venture could kick off on a powerful note on this day, as Mars provides the excitement and Saturn brings the reality checks. Where motivation and innovation are lacking, tap the hive mind and rewrite the script in open-source code. Even if you DO wind up in any sort of competition, the victory (and the game!) will be so much sweeter when you can share it with a team.
Who are the people you value you most? These relationships will get a double dose of nurturing starting Friday, April 3 as convivial Venus flits into Gemini for an extended cycle, until August 7. With the diplomatic planet in this cooperative, communicative air sign, a fresh breeze blows in, supporting healthy social dynamics. Translation? It’s time to talk it all out! Venus in Gemini is an excellent cycle for negotiating. Who better than the zodiac’s Twin to support us all with new ways of sharing? Bring on the intellectual stimulation—and yes, we mean it THAT way. Venus is the planet of love! In Gemini, she favors a meeting of the minds, connecting through conversation. Since Gemini also rules our mobile devices, there’s no need to stay off of Tinder. We predict a boom of NEW apps that allow sexting with heightened privacy policies. (Developers: Jump on this!) But there IS a catch. This extra-long phase includes a retrograde from May 13 to June 25, which can bring friction for lovebirds OR the return of an ex. If you had to postpone a wedding that was scheduled during these dates, well, there’s a tiny silver lining since marriage ceremonies aren’t astrologically endorsed when Venus spins backward every 18 months. Still, our hearts go out to everyone whose nuptials have been disrupted in 2020! Couples should bond through reading books together (from fiction to erotica), watching a catalog of old films, even working on a co-created project that you can do by hand. While Venus in Gemini can bring more of a flirty-yet-platonic vibe, it can remind you to be each other’s BFF through these crazy times—a saving grace when the going gets tense.
Ready for an economic stimulus plan? On Saturday, April 4, abundant Jupiter syncs up with metamorphic Pluto in Capricorn, the sign that rules banking, governments and corporations. This is their first EXACT conjunction since 1771! But no coincidence, these two heavy hitters were both in Capricorn from late 2008 into 2009 (at a further degree apart from each other). That was the last time the financial market plummeted into a recession and the government bailed out major enterprises. While 2008-9 didn’t bring the twin dilemma of a public health pandemic, there was a housing crisis that brought its own WTF level of pandemonium. Perhaps we can take heart knowing that the economy DID bounce back after the bailouts of a decade ago. There are two more Jupiter-Pluto meetups in 2020: On June 30 (while both are retrograde) and again on November 12 (while both have resumed direct motion). This story will take all year to sort itself out, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start reviewing our own fiscal strategies. Jupiter is like a giant spotlight shining into Pluto’s secret vault. The Chinese character for “crisis” is the same symbol for “opportunity,” and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions may allow for a redistribution of wealth and a market correction that opens up possibilities for people who were falling behind to get ahead. On a personal scale, this will take some courage, because we have to LOOK and DEAL with things that aren’t exactly light and fluffy. This would also be a good time to refinance or call the banks to renegotiate any payments you fear not being able to make while the world is shut down. Make a list of your bills this weekend and next week, and start making any necessary calls.

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