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Your Weekly Overview:

What should you hide and what should you reveal? The answer to that question could befuddle you this Monday, October 14 as the live-out-loud Libra Sun gets into a tangled angle with furtive Pluto in “keeping up appearances” Capricorn. Even if you've earned your bragging rights, keep trade secrets on the downlow until trust has been established. It's just too hard to read the room during a Sun-Pluto square. Competitors may be lurking—or jealous haters who can't stand to see anyone else shine. Protect your dreams like the priceless gems they are by "shielding your field" and being discerning about the company you keep. The truth is, we ALL have a shadow side. Should yours peek out near Monday, don’t judge yourself; just take some action to mitigate the impact. Set aside meditative alone time to tune in to your thoughts, ask for reassurance if you're wondering whether a certain someone has your back. Try to remember that people aren’t mind readers. Instead of dropping hints—or even assuming that your actions are “obvious”—clearly state your intentions, leaving nothing up to chance.
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Don’t rush to judgment on Tuesday, when mental Mercury gets lost in Neptune’s fog. Once again, things are not quite as they appear on the surface and you’ll have to read between the lines in order to glean understanding. (And even then, things will still be elusive.) You could spend the day playing detective only to wind up lost in a hall of mirrors. A better idea? Surrender to the moment and see if you can accept the situation as it is “for now,” even if you don’t love it. Because Mercury and Neptune are in a flowing trine (120-degree angle), miraculous situations can emerge if you stop looking with your eyes and hand the wheel to your sixth sense.
Tuck in for a cozy weekend as the moon nestles into domestic Cancer. If you haven’t embraced the hygge season vibes yet, now’s the time to organize your selection of teas, pick a thick novel to read (and maybe start a book club), and set up the living room for game nights and movie nights. Intimate connections are favored by the zodiac’s Crab. Whether you’re staying in or painting the town cranberry red, stick to a guest list of close friends and family. Get consumed by a weekend nest-feathering project. Friends might come help you paint if you bribe them with dinner! (Just put it in the InstaPot and make life easy on yourself.) House hunters, set up those Zillow alerts because a lucky listing could pop up while you’re out having brunch.

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