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Your Weekly Overview:

Rustle up that lace fan and cameo pin! Love (and fashion) might get downright Victorian as stylish Venus heads into virtuous Virgo this Wednesday, August 21. And quick! Clear the naughty links from your browsing history and delete the NSFW shots from your phone. Modesty and restraint become undeniably attractive as the beatific planet lingers here until September 14. This downshift may feel abrupt. Since July 27, Venus has been flipping her Vegas-sized mane in Leo's lair, making everything feel “extra.” The highs and lows, the dramatic arcs…it was all par for the course. With Venus moving on to Virgo this Wednesday, we'll get a much-needed break from Cupid's reality show rose ceremonies. For the coming few weeks, slow down and savor the simple things, like the warmth of someone's touch to the radiance of a fresh-faced glow. Instead of fairy dust, Venus sprinkles practical magic over our love lives. But don’t scoff at the small stuff! Coordinating schedules, agreeing on budgets, figuring out whose parents to visit over the holidays—these all seem like minor things. But when they aren’t aligned, it can be a daily hell with your boo. Need to clean up some issues from July, while Mercury was retrograde? Start with a simple yet sincere apology, sans excuses. Bring on the analog wooing: Instead of sending a Snapchat, slip a love letter in the mailbox. Pick up the phone to say hi instead of firing off a text.

  On Friday, more of the razzle-dazzle simmers down, as the Sun trails Venus into Virgo until September 23. After a month of neon-bright hedonism and unapologetic excess, minimalism reigns supreme. Start a Pinterest board of clever storage solutions and efficiency hacks. And don't forget that some of the best things in life are still free. Squeeze some alfresco exercise into these last days of summer. Bike rides to the beach, yoga in the park, jogs along the shore: Fresh air does the body good. Virgo is the sign that governs our daily habits, healthy living and acts of service. Instead of just slogging through the motions (or running on three cups of bulletproof coffee) tap the devotional powers of Virgo to turn your routines into rituals. How can you make your daily tasks just a little more pleasurable? For example, set up a gorgeous (and plant-filled!) environment in your workspace so you get an aesthetic rush when you look up from your computer screen. Wear clothes that are comfortable but also make you feel attractive—yes, even when dashing off to the gym or to pick up the kids from practice. Take a few extra minutes in the evening to prepare a nourishing lunch for yourself that you can bring to work the next day—you might just make a couple of extra portions of your nightly dinners for this purpose. And when the moment of choice arises to either be helpful or pretend you didn’t see someone struggling, stop and give ‘em a hand for two seconds. The caring vibes will come back to you in the form of genuine support and connection with the people you see every day.
On Saturday, a third planet enters the Virgo party. For the first time since November 2017, motivator Mars will meet up with his cosmic companion, Venus, at the same degree in the skies. There couldn’t be a better day for appreciating “the little things.” Whether single or spoken for, practice random acts of kindness all weekend. You could touch someone’s life in untold ways, whether you ever see them again or not. With the people closest to you, choose “Acts of Service” as your Love Language from author Gary Chapman’s five. Whether you’re lending your ears, your time or a helping hand, the kindness you bestow will not soon be forgotten.

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