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Your Weekly Overview:

Accessories of the week: rose-colored glasses and hearts worn on sleeves. As the Sun drifts into dreamy Pisces this Monday, February 18, everything becomes a bit more poetic...and a lot more romantic. Slow down and savor life’s luscious details; let your imagination run wilder! A little “je ne sais quoi” can turn the mundane magical between now and March 20. Is it time to escape...literally? The lure of a beach hammock may be impossible to resist while this watery energy prevails. If so, price out tix and if you find a great deal, book it fast! Mercury turns retrograde from March 5 to 28, which can scramble signals with scheduling and itineraries. All manner of escapism may hold a draw during Pisces season, whether you’re spending five nights a week playing (or listening to) music or reveling in the rush of “new relationship energy” with a promising Tinder bae. The trick lies in surrendering enough to enjoy the fairy tale, but not SO much that you lose touch with reality. Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces energy can lead us to spiritual and sensual heights—or send us plummeting to some pretty shady lows. Don’t get so lost in the fog of pleasure that you forget to think long-term. Instead, intentionally create life-affirming daily rituals that can crowd out your self-destructive vices. It’s one of life’s cruelest jokes that the bad-for-you stuff (barrel-aged liquor, chocolate ganache, narcissistic players) are SO much more addictive than the things that increase vitality (sunrise yoga, dark leafy greens, intimate bonding). But Pisces season is also the time for doing deep, subconscious healing...the kind that gets down to the bottom of those ongoing issues. Don’t try this sans support! Work with helpful experts from counselors to coaches to energy healers to shamans. Your transformational journey may be the inspiration for a future work of art.

A second dose of alchemy arrives on Monday when Chiron, the comet astrologers call “the wounded healer,” moves back into individualistic Aries until April 14, 2027. We already got a taste of this “love thyself” energy from April 17 to September 25, 2018, but then, Chiron retrograded back into Pisces to wrap up a journey that began on February 8, 2011. Chiron's symbol is a key, a nod to the idea that we can unlock our true power by healing our past pain. This comet’s position between structured Saturn and freedom-seeking Uranus is also symbolic of our need to balance both traditional and unconventional wisdom in our journey to wholeness. The past eight years have brought the esoteric magic of Pisces into the zeitgeist. It’s not even remotely weird to talk about Mercury retrograde at a staff meeting or read a life-changing book that the author “channeled” from some five-thousand-year-old entity. With Chiron now in Aries for eight years, the focus turns to healing our issues with power, leadership and war. How can we be self-reliant while also being responsible for our impact on the world around us? Given the latest, scientifically-based climate reports, the future of our species literally depends on this awakening...within twelve years! The destructive, warmongering and aggressive tendencies that can be associated with Aries are up for some serious reform—and leaders who rule with compassion instead of aggression could rise up and transform the power structure. We can all play the role of victim or bully, depending on the circumstances. Where could YOU take charge with a gentler, more compassionate touch? That's the legacy Chiron in Pisces is leaving behind. Read more about this shift here. https://astrostyle.com/chiron-in-aries/

Lofty stuff for sure, but Tuesday’s full supermoon in Virgo will bring our attention to more 101 matters, like getting an early start to your spring cleaning...and spring training. With life’s messier areas illuminated by these moonbeams, bring some order to your court. Tackle that overstuffed closet and arrange your schedule so that you block out times to actually USE that fitness studio membership you signed up for in January. When cleaning, opt for eco-friendly products. Break out the sage wand to clear away stale energy, and bring some living things into your spaces, like plants, crystals, or maybe a pet! Since Virgo is the sign of service, be honest with yourself: Could you use some support staff? Maybe it’s time to hire a house cleaner or to work with a health coach who can help you design menus and keep you accountable for hitting that sunrise yoga class. What goes around comes around, so give where you can. One random act of kindness could launch a movement!

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