April 2024 Horoscope: Total Solar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde And More (All In Aries!)

Your April 2024 horoscope has all the cosmic details to help you navigate the month. Here’s an overview of April’s astrology and what you can expect.

The lunar seas have reached high tide!

Your April 2024 horoscope opens in the middle of eclipse season, in the tailwind of the March 25 Libra lunar eclipse and high anticipation of the April 8 total solar eclipse in Aries. If you’re in the U.S., you might be fumbling around for protective “eclipse glasses”—or doing a rain dance ritual to change the widespread stormy forecast.

If you’re saying “eclipse? what eclipse?” congratulations. Living under a rock must be really cost-effective, given the high price of housing these days. We commend your frugality! 

We kid, we jest—which is kind of a risky thing to do right now, given that Mercury is retrograde in Aries from April 1 to 25. The risk of being wildly misunderstood is at 90 percent “totality” this month while the planet of communication, technology and travel is in reverse, and even blaming April Fool’s Day won’t make up for it.

With Mercury Retrograde in Aries, Mercury’s Edge Is Sharper

Prickly comments are pointed, technology breakdowns are personal (do your very best not to get sucked into battling social media trolls and answering triggering DMs), and our urgent needs keep getting sidelined while Mercury is retrograde in Aries.

If you’re traveling, triple-check all your bookings and splurge for the refundable insurance. As much as you want to make a grand “ta-da!” debut, you might want to hold off on unveiling your passion projects until later in the month, or closer the end of Mercury’s shadow period on May 13.

The April 8 Total Solar Eclipse Is Also In Aries

Amidst Mercury retrograde, your April 2024 horoscope includes a total solar eclipse (we mentioned that, right?) on April 8 in Aries. That day, the sky will also hold SIX placements in Aries: the Sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, the karmic North Node AND Chiron

We’ve nicknamed this event the Chironeclipse, since healer-feeler Chiron is in a tight conjunction with the Sun and moon. Chiron’s role at this eclipse may be to reveal our collective wound—and needed repair—around Aries themes of anger, aggression and war. Certainly those themes are prevalent now around the globe.

In the midst of spring’s eclipses on the Libra (peace)-Aries (war) axis, the skies are demanding that we Earth-dwellers find new ways to resolve our differences besides the atrocious ones we’re using now. We named 2024 The Year of Transcendent Leadership for many reasons, and this eclipse cycle was one of the big motivating factors. 

Coexistence is the galactic gauntlet that this eclipse season is laying down for us

The March 25 Libra lunar eclipse was a full moon, illuminating injustice and where we’re out of balance. The April 8 solar eclipse, a new moon AND a supermoon, says “time for action.” No more Libra pontificating. A decisive move could happen now, and eclipses can famously force our hand. The tricky part is whose hands that decision is in. Right now, few of them have inspired us to feel confident that they’re working for the greater good.

We won’t add to the eclipse doomsday prophecies for your April 2024 horoscope, because it doesn’t help anyone. Plus, we believe in free will and consciousness. You have the power to impact what’s happening in YOUR sphere of the world, and the more people who stay rooted in transformational, high-vibration intention, the better. It might not change everything but it will collectively add to the counter-effect. 

Keep your wits about you. Avoid crowds and people where the energy feels off-kilter. People tend to get “loony” when la luna comes out to play. With the moon visibly shadowing our view of the Sun and the sky going to night in the middle of the day, how could we not feel like reality has been suspended? And Mercury retrograde certainly won’t help.

See Ophi from The AstroTwins talk about how the total solar eclipse will affect your zodiac sign, on WABC-TV New York, in the player below or at this link.

What else is happening to shape your April 2024 horoscope

On April 10, guard against a case of whiplash as speedy Mars and brake-slammer Saturn unite in dreamy Pisces. Are your lofty fantasies moving too fast? If you’ve been barreling ahead without a plan in place—or procrastinating and making excuses when you just need to take one bold action—this mashup can, at best, help you find the right “go” speed.

On April 19, Taurus season begins. Normally, a sigh of relief as the Sun leaves fiery, reckless Aries and settles into this sensible, sensual earth sign. But on April 20, what feels like a bonus eclipse arrives. For the first time since 2010, risk-taker Jupiter and changemaker Uranus will make an exact conjunction (meetup), blasting us out of our comfort zones. Read more about the April 20 Jupiter Uranus conjunction.

Jupiter and Uranus will connect in Taurus, which will be an interesting contrast. While Taurus loves stability and tradition, this dynamic duo is all about bucking convention and throwing caution to the wind. We may see some big and unexpected shifts in Taurus-ruled themes of money, the economy, and anything related to the day-to-day routines of our lives. From food to farming to fashion, a wild card is in store once again. 

What does it all mean for your April 2024 horoscope? Some penetrating insights from the April 23 Scorpio full moon might help us discern the deeper meaning. This full moon is also a great moment to process what happened a month ago at the Libra lunar eclipse.

Finally, it’s starting to make some sense. Or is it? With Mercury retrograde in Aries for a couple more days, you’d be wise to to ponder it all before racing to conclusions.

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