The April 20 Jupiter Uranus Conjunction Reveals Power with Earthquakes (We Predicted)

April 20, 2024, marks a rare conjunction of futurist planets Jupiter and Uranus, both in Taurus—their first meetup in the bullpen since 1941! The power of this conjunction has already made itself known with recent earthquakes. On a personal level, it’s time for your 14-year trailblazer check-up. All about the April 20 Jupiter Uranus conjunction, plus your zodiac sign’s horoscope.

As we predicted in our 2024 Horoscope planner, the Jupiter Uranus conjunction “could literally make the Earth move under our feet.”

“As groundshaking Uranus makes an exact connection to maximizer Jupiter on April 20, their conjunction in terrestrial Taurus could literally make the Earth move under our feet. Tectonic plates may shift near this date (which also arrives two weeks after a solar eclipse on April 8). People living on fault lines should get up to speed on earthquake preparedness, just to be on the safe side. Sudden natural disasters could also spark up, like a Uranus-ruled electrical storm. While we certainly hope this is not the case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

P. 11 of the The AstroTwins 2024 Horoscope, published in 2023

An earthquake struck the East Coast of the United States on April 5. The U.S. Geological Survey measured the quake as a magnitude 4.8 in New Jersey/New York with a magnitude 4.0 aftershock. The initial quake was the strongest to occur in the Northeast in more than a decade, according to the USGS, but thankfully caused no deaths, injuries or major damage.

Two days earlier, on April 3, however, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Taiwan, the biggest there in four decades, killed 13 people and injured more than 1,000, crumbled buildings and caused landslides.

Both April earthquakes are a reminder of the power of a Jupiter Uranus conjunction, which affects not only things on Earth, but things up high.

From now until the Summer Solstice on June 20, we could witness more rumblings, a tide-turning international alliance, or even an alien encounter. 2024 is, after all, the formal beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

The April 20 Jupiter Uranus conjunction is already proving to be, as we predicted, one of the biggest astrological events of 2024. It can feel like a “third eclipse” (following shake ups from the April 8 total solar eclipse and the March 25 Libra full moon lunar eclipse). For more on how the Jupiter Uranus conjunction can feel like another eclipse, you can hear Ophi talk about it on the April 2024 AstroTwins Radio podcast below.

A Jupiter Uranus Conjunction Is Rare and, Right on Time?

Expansive Jupiter and changemaker Uranus make contact once every 14 years, rousing our inner revolutionaries. One of your trailblazing ideas that seemed too “out there” could now be right on time.

The April 20 Jupiter Uranus conjunction (when two planets travel close together in the same zodiac sign and blend their energies) highlights two things happening with these planets right now:

1: Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter has been traveling through Taurus since May 16, 2023. For the past year, the planet of expansion has been shaking up things in your life in big ways (and on a global scale).

But if you’ve felt like your grand plans have had a series of starts and stalls, we’re sorry to report the April 20 Jupiter Uranus conjunction may present you with further delays. Attempts to negotiate solutions could be mired in red tape and resistance. Frustration could reach an explosive tipping point.

Should a delicate compromise be found, though, you may see breakthroughs with a lasting impact.

2. Uranus in Taurus

Uranus has been in Taurus since May 15, 2018, and remains in residence until April 25, 2026. But it’s not until April 20, 2024, (the Jupiter Uranus conjunction!) that they meet for this intimate dance and rally for reform!

What to Expect at the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction

Science and technology (the domain of Uranus) could majorly refashion our day-to-day lives.

Global relations and foreign policy (Jupiter’s specialty) could be shaped in concrete ways that redefine society.

And since Taurus is an earth sign that rules the material world, the April 20 Jupiter Uranus conjunction could impact the economy (from cost of living to crypto), sustainable practices (reducing consumption and prioritizing climate solutions) and the body (from the food we eat to the ways we dress).

Trends and predictions for the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction

Below are some things we’re watching that may develop at the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. These are explored in greater detail in our above referenced 2024 Horoscope book, in which we predicted April 2024 earthquakes.

• AI reshapes the medical and wellness worlds: Near the April 20 Jupiter Uranus conjunction, we expect to see medical innovations in the field of genetics, as well as new efforts to incorporate AI into healthcare systems. Everything from routine screenings to early disease detection could soon be a screen tap away.

• New innovations in anti-aging and beauty will emerge: Breakthrough scientific inventions—hallmarks of Jupiter Uranus conjunctions—may prolong the lifespan of humans and the planet. (Here’s hoping!) Body-based Taurus is the sign of beauty while renegades Jupiter and Uranus place a high premium on youth. From youth-enhancing biohacks to cellular repair, Uranus accelerates scientific developments and Jupiter ushers them into the global marketplace.

Handcrafted and recycled goods will be in demand: Taurus governs the material world, but it’s no secret that our consumption has maxed out the planet. Fast-fashion garments, discarded by Westerners, now blanket foreign shores. Still, it’s the nature of desire to want what we can’t easily have. The demand for handcrafted, one-of-a-kind products and analog experiences will soar while these planets pulse through artful, tactile Taurus.

• Conservative and progressive values polarize further: As zealous Jupiter and radical Uranus converge in values-driven Taurus, we’re likely to see more people splinter into communities that share their beliefs and lifestyles. Thanks to the algorithms (the work of technological Uranus), our silos and echo chambers could isolate us from those whose views differ or diverge from ours. Is this a threat to democracy, or the result of it? Under this planetary paradox, both answers could be true. See also our predictions about the 2024 Election.

Personal benefits of the April 20 Jupiter Uranus Conjunction

Step into the role of visionary—or simply step OUT of the role of anything that feels confining, overly safe and too small for what you’re capable of bringing to the world.

Seize opportunity. A sudden opportunity to travel, teach or share your message could arise. Act on it!

Keep your energy field open because you could attract people who share mind-blowing resources and life-changing perspectives.

Remember, because these planets are uniting in Taurus, expect rapid developments in areas of life that the Bull rules: money and material objects, body care and all things beautiful like music and art. Taurus season (the Sun in Taurus) begins on April 19, the day before the Jupiter Uranus conjunction!

Horoscopes: Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

Below are horoscopes for every zodiac sign for the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus on April 20, 2024. You may read for your Sun sign or your rising sign (ascendant). Visit our Cosmic Calculator section if you want to calculate your Rising sign or discover more about your personal astrology.

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Aries (March 19-April 19)

It’s time to embrace a paradox about life: structure can actually set you free. For the first time since 1941, Jupiter and Uranus make an exact connection in Taurus on April 20, helping you create habits, structures and plans that expand your world. There’s no need to feel confined by doing something regularly—like going to the gym, showing up at an office or creating a consistent bedtime for yourself. Create inspiring rituals around these practices. Add beauty and sensuality (e.g., fill an ionic diffuser with lavender oil and place it near your bed). Adopt a beginner’s mindset and bring a sense of wonder to all that you do. Soon your ordinary moments will feel anything but mundane.

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Taurus (April 19-May 20)

The April 20 Jupiter Uranus conjunction is a day for the history books, Bull! For the first time since 1941, enterprising Jupiter makes an exact conjunction to innovative Uranus in YOUR sign. This rare alignment can take your most revolutionary ideas and spread them like wildfire. Whoa! If you have something to say, step on that platform and share from your heart. These two game-changing planets won’t align like this again until 2037 (and they won’t be in Taurus then), so pay attention to the brainstorms that come in, then plan to launch into action with the May 4 new moon in your sign.

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Gemini (May 20-June 20)

Let down your walls with the April 20 Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus. These forward-thinking planets are in two of the most emotional zones of your chart. They won’t meet again like this until 2037—so seize the moment to bare your soul. While you might normally roll your eyes or hide behind jokes, that’s far from your M.O. now. This ultra-rare pairing could bring a beautiful moment of forgiveness, bonding or serendipitous connection. It’s safe to trust and let people support you—at last.

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Cancer (June 20-July 22)

Bring on the breakthroughs! On April 20, visionary Jupiter and radical changemaker Uranus form a rare conjunction in Taurus and the most synergistic zone of your chart. A collaborative effort could take you to unimaginable new heights. As one of the zodiac’s most family-oriented signs, you’re always down for a close-knit group experience. Still, what unfolds now could blow your mind, Cancer. Jupiter and Uranus won’t join up again like this until 2037. Take inventory: What are your strengths, and where could you use “a village” to fill in the blanks? Put it out there, and watch the connections start popping.

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Leo (July 22-August 22) 

Movin’ on up! April 20 marks a rare and fortuitous conjunction between expansive Jupiter and changemaker Uranus in your career corner. Forget about climbing the ladder rung by rung, or paying your dues. At a moment like this, you’ve got a metaphorical jetpack strapped to your shoulders. Now, all there is to do is be bold and make your big ask, then enjoy your meteoric ascent. Jupiter and Uranus won’t align this way again until 2037, so dare to believe in grand possibilities. It’s time to let the stars supersize your dreams.

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Virgo (August 22-September 22)

Luck be a Virgo tonight! April 20 marks one of the most expansive and fortuitous days of 2024, as abundant Jupiter makes an exact conjunction to Uranus in your bountiful ninth house. Opportunity could arrive out of the blue, perhaps to travel, teach or publish your work. You may even get an offer to relocate or to be part of a startup venture. Got a world-changing idea? Step onto a global or cross-cultural platform—no need to limit your message in any way. This is one that will carry across so-called differences.

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Libra (September 23-October 22)

It’s hard to forgive a betrayal, especially since your active mind plays back the details like a streaming series you already binged too many times. A liberating conjunction of optimistic Jupiter and progressive Uranus on April 20, however, can change your whole perspective. You may suddenly see how resentment is weighing you down, or making YOUR system toxic. Allow this forward-moving aspect to help you release the pain of the past. These two powerful planets won’t align this way again until 2037, so don’t miss the opportunity to set yourself free.

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Scorpio (October 22-November 21)

Set your system to “pairing mode,” Scorpio! Visionary Jupiter teams up with Uranus in Taurus and your partnership house on April 20, their first meeting in this sign since 1941! Join forces with the plus-one of your choice or make it known that you, like Scorpio Katy Perry, are on the hunt for your missing puzzle piece. Since both Jupiter and Uranus are agents of change, you could pour your shared energy into potent social action. Jupiter and Uranus won’t meet this way again until 2037, so summon the courage to leave your mark as a dynamic duo.

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Sagittarius (November 21-December 21)

Your ruling planet, abundant Jupiter, gets into lockstep with innovative Uranus on April 20, meeting in Taurus for the first time since 1941! Get ready to revolutionize the way you think about work, organization and goals. If you’ve been plodding along on one path, this game-changing alignment could introduce a whole new way of doing business or running your day-to-day life. A higher-up could open doors for you, but don’t overlook the outliers either. A talented assistant or gatekeeper could hold the keys to your next big move. Jupiter and Uranus won’t be conjunct again until 2037, so make use of any opportunities that come your way.

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Capricorn (December 21-January 19)

The bigger, the better? That’s your growth-focused zodiac sign’s general M.O., and on April 20, the stars align in raucous support. Lucky Jupiter joins up with disruptive Uranus, giving you a global platform to express your most creative and cutting-edge ideas. You could also speak out about a human rights issue or a social cause close to your heart. Expressing your ideals in an artistic or visual format could make the message much more potent. These two planets won’t align this way again until 2037, so strike while the iron is hot. A sudden love affair or an unexpected pregnancy could also come with these turning tides.

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Aquarius (January 19-February 18) 

Put on a brave face? Not on April 20, Aquarius.. Outspoken Jupiter forms a healing conjunction to your ruler, groundbreaking Uranus, in Taurus and your sensitive fourth house—and for the first time since 1941! You may be caught off guard by something that touches a deep wellspring of feelings. Or, you could have a moment of connection so intimate and raw, you simply can’t hold back the tears. Let it out, Water Bearer; your humanity is beautiful! You’ll charter the emotion ocean—and navigate it with inspiring grace.

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Pisces (February 18-March 20)

Dynamic duos could form at lightning speed on April 20! For the first time since 1941, an ultra-rare conjunction between adventurous Jupiter (your co-ruler) and spontaneous Uranus arrives in Taurus and charges up your synergistic third house. Although you’re a free spirit by nature, you now see how the right companion can make your life more meaningful, exciting and expansive. While you have a million friends, Pisces, it’s still rare to meet people who are true kindred spirits. Make way for a soulmate connection! The Jupiter Uranus conjunction could connect you to someone whose skills complement yours perfectly. These planets won’t form this angle again until 2037, so don’t miss out!

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The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction is just one of the major astrology events in 2024

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