Entertaining Style Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign

What’s your entertaining style? How you party and host a party is written in the stars.

Entertaining style horoscopes, by zodiac sign

Aries Entertaining Style

Aries is impulsive and spontaneous, so whenever you throw a party, it’s bound to be unforgettable. For that reason, you prefer hosting intimate gatherings where you indulge yourself and your closest friends—or else you’ll be the absolute center of a dazzling extravaganza. Either way, you’re a born star and are likely to preside over the festivities, stealing the show without trying.

Taurus Entertaining Style

You live for a good soiree, but prefer staying in your comfort zone, so playing host puts you right in your element. When the fete is at Chateau Toro, it can unfold on your terms and according to your specific tastes. You want the vibe to be ambient, so people can relax into great conversation. 

Gemini Entertaining Style

Lighthearted, spontaneous fun is what you’re all about. You’ll throw together a party at the last second, with wine and grillables, plus some fun kitsch like a fondue machine or paper lanterns. For more formally planned events, rent a photo booth or have it catered by a food truck. Geminis love music, so you’ll curate a playlist or hire a DJ to make sure everyone’s dancing and socializing.

Cancer Entertaining Style

Summertime barbecues are right up your alley. Interactive games, even a slumber party at a rented beach house also appeal to you. As the party wears on, you gradually open up so that by the end of the soiree, you’re finally in your element, toasting and hugging everyone, wishing it wasn’t over so soon.

Leo Entertaining Style

To a Leo, parties are for one thing: putting on a show. Whether the center of attention is you, a live band you hired, or a jaw-dropping feast you’ve prepared, your soirees are always extravagant. You want people to walk into an atmosphere of abundance, transported from their everyday worlds into a magical one where everything is larger than life.

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Virgo Entertaining Style

When it comes to parties, you’re the host with the most! Whether you’re renting a lounge or hall for your gigs—or opening your home—you treat the guests like royalty. Wild bashes aren’t your thing, at least not for long. You prefer an environment of joy, laughter and intimacy. 

Libra Entertaining Style

You live for all things social, and you’re in your element on the town, or holding court at a party. Your gatherings have a vision and you know just what you want for food, decor and particularly the guest list. Although you put together a great bash, you tend to be scattered in far too many directions to carry out a full-on affair.

Scorpio Entertaining Style

If you do throw a big bash, it will be to increase your status and power. You’ll want total control over the guest list. This behind-the-velvet ropes touch gives you the dominion you crave. With your flair for mystique, you may even disappear for a while mid-fete. Set up plenty of private areas so guests can enjoy one-on-one conversations. Aim for low lighting, cozy cushions placed in little nooks, candlelight, and touches that increase the sensual vibe.

Sagittarius Entertaining Style

Because life is a party for you and you have a robust drive for excitement, it’s important to celebrate regularly. You can do this in innumerable ways—singing karaoke, dancing, feasting or holding a huge barbecue— anything that brings people together, laughing, reveling, and enjoying life.

Capricorn Entertaining Style

Party? What’s that? You’re mission-oriented by nature, and you can even be a bit of a hermit. Most of the time, you’re driving yourself toward a goal, and can’t be bothered to pause for something as “impractical” as a soiree. You probably have a small crew of lifelong friends that you hang with on a regular basis. Your social needs are simple, and you’re content to have people drop by for a card game or a cup of looseleaf tea.

Aquarius Entertaining Style

You love to hang out, but you’re not big on fuss. A casual, festive vibe is just your speed. As a spontaneous soul, you happily host friends any night of the week. You’ll open a few bags of tortilla chips, pour prepared salsa into some pretty vintage bowls, and throw open the doors. As the crowd rolls in, you’ll air-kiss them, connect the people whom you’ve been dying to introduce, and whirl through the room welcoming everyone. 

Pisces Entertaining Style

You love to surprise people, so it’s anyone’s guess what unusual delights will greet them when they arrive. One day, you could bust out the heirloom crystal and china for a seven-course formal dinner. The next weekend, it’s a pirate-themed seafood buffet with elaborate “Under the Sea” stage props. Although you personally squirm in the spotlight, your inner artiste loves a to design a set! Parties are the time to express your true magic.


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