Full Moon Rituals: 12 Empowered Ideas

Full moon rituals are relatively simple activities you can do to embrace the energy of a full moon.

Full moons typically occur once a month and often manifest things we started at its corresponding new moon six months earlier. But no long-term projects are required to benefit from a full moon ritual.

What should you do on a full moon?

That’s up to you! There are no right or wrong answers for what full moon rituals you can try.

A good guide for full moon rituals? Choose an activity that aligns with the energy of the full moon based on its zodiac sign.

In addition to the ideas below for all 12 zodiac signs full moon rituals, if you’re feeling creative you can make your own. Read or post about making your own full moon rituals here.

What is the best time for full moon rituals?

Full moon rituals are often performed on the day of the full moon. But you can do them leading up to the full moon and certainly continue activities you began at a full moon for any length of time.

Since full moons often bring things to completion that were begun at the corresponding new moon, you might use this time to reflect.

How do you prepare for full moon rituals?

Use our ideas below for many ideas to prepare and try at a full moon. You can make your full moon rituals as simple or as sophisticated as you like.

Aries Full Moon Rituals

Flaunt your talents with our Aries full moon ritual! This moon revives our fierceness and life-force energy.

Blending into the background is hardly an option with this Aries full moon ritual. Brace for some big personalities to take the stage, including your own, with the moon in firecracker Aries.

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Taurus Full Moon Rituals

Sensual Taurus is the sign of decadent comfort and deep relaxation. For this

full moon ritual, celebrate the “somatic process,” as our dream-expert/Taurus moon friend, Stephanie, says. Meaning: How can you bring more luxuriating to your lounging so that you sleep like a baby?

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Gemini Full Moon Rituals

Clever, communicative Gemini makes our conversations merry and bright—and more so under the live-out-loud influence of a Gemini full moon. But what about the inner dialogue that you have with yourself? This ritual can help you unearth the rich landscape of your own mental plane. And all you need is a pen and paper.

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Cancer Full Moon Rituals

The full moon in Cancer, one of the water signs, is a fine time for centering yourself in the feelings of home.

As you set off on a fresh path, you can wash away anything that is making you feeling insecure or imbalanced.

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Leo Full Moon Rituals

In its highest expression, regal 

 is the power of abundance and loves to share its gifts. Here’s your chance to open up your treasure chest and spread some generosity with our Leo Full Moon ritual.

Leo is the fire sign that rules abundance. In our consumer culture, it’s easy to keep on craving more, more, more. While there’s nothing wrong with collecting beautiful treasures, it’s easy to be so focused on amassing that we forget to acknowledge our trove. Our Leo full moon ritual helps you feel good about letting go of stuff!

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Virgo Full Moon Rituals

As a grounded earth sign, tender Virgo is known for both innocence and purity—much like the tiny shoots of early spring that pop up from the ground: mama Gaia’s reminder that life goes on. Channel the cleansing energy of the zodiac’s purist with this earth-conscious Virgo full moon ritual.

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Libra Full Moon Rituals

Energy flows where your attention goes, which is why visual reminders are always such an important cue in the manifestation game. With lovestruck

(an air sign), as the pilot light of this lunation, why not make an altar to Aphrodite, the goddess of amour?

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Scorpio Full Moon Rituals

To conceal or reveal? That is the question—and the paradox—of a Scorpio full moon. This esoteric zodiac sign isn’t comfortable being exposed by the full moon. But it’s hard to keep secrets in the vault when there is one.

Ready to break past a block? Turn it over to a transformational Scorpio full moon for some deep processing and healing. As the sign of extremes, Scorpio energy can draw out both our darkest shadows and our most enlightened selves. The alchemical Scorpio full moon can help us transform our buried fears into pure power. But first, we may have to plunge into the shadows. Once we excavate the source of our pain, we can release it…at last. A way to do that is to go deep.

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Sagittarius Full Moon Rituals

Honest, high-minded Sagittarius is associated with the hips—the area of the body that houses our second, or sacral, chakra. This chakra is the energy center for our emotions, sexuality and our intuition. There’s good reason to loosen up this area of the body. It keeps us in the flow with our feelings and in touch with our truths.

On a physical level, healthy hips also ground core strength and help with posture. And let’s be honest—a sway of the hips is an undeniable sign of sexual confidence.

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Capricorn Full Moon Rituals

While goal-obsessed Capricorn can be all about leaning in, we’re actually going to lean back for this ritual—against a tree, that is.

The towering trunks of a tree are solid representation of Capricorn’s grounding force. They signify the wonder of what can be created with time and your patience.

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Aquarius Full Moon Rituals

Come together! These Aquarius full moon ritual ideas for a  full moon in this delightfully quirky sign help us find the rainbow connection.

Get ready to let imaginations run free! Our Aquarius full moon ritual ideas are about friendship and gathering, participation and collaboration, with the most eclectic crew you can dream up.

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Pisces Full Moon Rituals

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac. It rules the dream realm, the subconscious mind and the transition from life into the afterlife.

A full moon in this compassionate water sign can illuminate deep feelings (grief, sadness, heartbreak) that we’ve stored in our psyches. Sometimes, the only way to get past these feelings is to go through them. Our Pisces full moon ritual helps you do that.

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