Travel Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign

What’s your zodiac sign’s travel style? Where you pack your next suitcase might be written in the stars.

Read your travel horoscope, by zodiac sign

Aries Travel Horoscope

A perfect vacation for Aries should include thrills (parasailing, jet-skiing, or even an inspiring convention) and chills (lounging by the pool with a great book while a cute server brings you exotic cocktails). Ideally, your sojourns should expand your sense of independence and inspire you.

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Taurus Travel Horoscope

You prefer relaxing accommodations, where you can sleep until noon, order room service and have nothing expected of you. An all-inclusive resort or a five–star hotel is right up your cobblestone alley. You’ll travel to any country to sample the local classics and taste all the haute offerings. 

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Gemini Travel Horoscope

A true intrepid explorer, you don’t care where you go, though you love cities, resorts, even organized tours and road trips. You’ll keep a full itinerary parasailing, jet skiing or flirting with the hotel staff—the idea is to take in as much local color as you can.

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Cancer Travel Horoscope

Doing the research in advance helps you find those rare, out-of-the-way spots that are full of authenticity and character. Skip the resort hot spots and drive twenty extra miles to a tiny surf village. Camp under the stars by the ocean’s edge, or splurge on a one-of-a-kind luxury hotel in a boho-chic town.

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Leo Travel Horoscope

Playtime is a must for Leos and you’re always up for a new experience. For you, travel is about indulgence and feeling alive. You’ll fearlessly traipse across the globe with the same determination you put into everything. As the Alpha of the jungle, you may zipline through the rainforests or go on an African safari. Spiritual sojourns to visit vortexes or wander ancient temples thrill you, too.

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Virgo Travel Horoscope

Busy Virgos don’t get away much, but when you do, head for peace and quiet! As an earth sign, you love the outdoors. Try a serene, natural setting with a high spiritual frequency—like Sedona, Arizona, or a Kauai, Hawaii. Yoga retreats, quiet lodges and breathtaking natural wonders rejuvenate your soul. 

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Libra Travel Horoscope

You’re an adventurous traveler and will try anything once. From the Turkey to Bolivia to Kenya you are fearless about exploring diverse locales—and want to experience the culture and people fully. As long as there’s a comfortable bed and sexy cuisine to indulge in, your glamorous sign will feel right at home. 

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Scorpio Travel Horoscope

Vacation—what’s that? You rarely give yourself a break from your 10,001 projects, Scorpio. Plus, you’ve got everything set up so perfectly at home that it’s hard to leave your sacred oasis. But when you do decide to spread your wings, you’re quite an explorer, traveling to all the hidden jewels of the planet. 

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Sagittarius Travel Horoscope

You feel most free and inspired while voyaging, and the farther away you trek, the better. Take a flight to Bali, Asia and Eastern Europe, or a multi-culti metropolis like NYC or Buenos Aires. People-watching is not enough for your intrepid sign. You want to immerse yourself in the local culture, chatting up the shop owners and trinket sellers—and meeting them for an insider’s night on the town after they punch out for the day.

Capricorn Travel Horoscope

While you’ll be tempted to bring your work with you on vacation, don’t do it! You may have a few irrational fears about taking off for a trip—maybe because you’re unsure you’ve earned the right—but leave those at home with your laptop. The only distraction you need is a stunning landscape or a good book to read poolside at a luxury resort. 

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Aquarius Travel Horoscope

As the zodiac’s nomad, you love to travel. You can’t stand being confined! Variety-loving Aquarius needs regular escapes from your everyday surroundings. When it’s time to back your bags, you prefer to travel as far from home as possible, especially overseas

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Pisces Travel Horoscope

For Pisces, life is but a dream. Make that a long and ongoing daydream. No matter your GPS coordinates, you’re probably “vacationing” in the rich landscape of your imagination. Nonetheless, it takes zero coaxing to get you to pack a suitcase for a real-time getaway. 

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