The December Gemini Full Moon Unlocks Partnership Potential

Kindred spirits unite! The Gemini full moon casts a spell on December 7 and reveals unexpected connections.

What the Gemini full moon means, 8 ways to embrace the energy, and your horoscope for that day.

What is the date of the 2022 Gemini full moon?

The Gemini full moon is on Wednesday, December 7, at 11:08 PM EST.

The Algonquin tribes and early colonial Americans called December’s lunation the Full Cold Moon for obvious reasons (brrr, it’s cold in a lot of parts of the world right now!)

What is the meaning of a Gemini full moon?

What happens when the moon is in Gemini

What you say is what you get. Words are powerful attractors under the light of the loquacious full moon in Gemini. Articulate your dreams, desires and wishes aloud. Post about them on social media, to the degree you feel comfortable. Someone in your circle (or a degree of separation away) could point you toward important resources that help you manifest your vision.

With the full moon in the sign of the Twins, a creative partnership could turn into an official dynamic duo. If you’ve been hustling together for the past six months, plan a drop or debut or get the buzz going! Need a new set of wheels? Since transportation is Gemini’s domain, this full moon may light the way to the perfect car or mobile accessory for commutes.

What you don’t want to do, however, is deliver any scathing critiques or play devil’s advocate because you’re bored. With combative Mars retrograde sitting close to the full moon, you risk inflaming tension. Do your best to keep discussions positive and proactive. If you’re having trouble flipping that switch, find some sounding boards (ideally ones who have nothing to do with the situation) who can help you talk through your full range of feelings.

What does a Gemini full moon mean for love?

Bring some levity into your love game! The year’s only full moon in Gemini illuminates lighthearted ways to sync up.

Think of your other half as your playmate, or revamp your dating app profile to reveal as much about your extracurricular interests as your long-term life plans. Kindred spirits could unite under this twinning influence. Or should we say reunite, since this full moon arrives in close contact to retrograde Mars.

For the two weeks that follow, keep yourself in “pairing mode.” If you feel that spark of potential (or soul recognition!), make a move. Saying hello never hurt anyone, right? Whether for romance, friendship or a creative collaboration, you might attract your missing puzzle piece. Local searches could be fruitful! Stay out of a tech trance while you’re walking around your neighborhood. Your future mate could be waiting in line behind you at the post office or grocery store. Or you might find the perfect date-night option in your very own zip code.

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Gemini full moon astrology facts

The Gemini full moon appears during Sagittarius season every year

Gemini is ruled by Mercury

Gemini is the 3rd zodiac sign (Gemini is symbolized by the twins)

Gemini is an air sign (along with Libra and Aquarius)

Gemini is a mutable sign quality (along with Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces)

This full moon is an optimal time for getting in touch with your “inner twin.” Try ours: Gemini Full Moon Ritual to Unearth Answers

Try also a meditation that draws on the energy of Gemini or one that invokes the air element

How does the Gemini full moon affect me?

8 ways to spark synergy at the December Gemini full moon

1. Practice active listening

Clever Gemini is the wordsmith of the zodiac, and there won’t be a shortage of witty banter being exchanged under these moonbeams. Reminder! Pay attention to the other half of the communication equation: listening. When you actively take in what another person is articulating, you create a space for sharing.

HOW you listen matters too.

You can be a clear channel or one that’s cluttered with judgment. (May we suggest the former?) For example: “I already know what they’re gonna say, so why don’t I finish their sentence?” is NOT a practice of active listening. Challenge yourself to pause for a (slightly uncomfortable) amount of time before responding. For all you know, the best line may still be coming. 

Since Gemini rules the hands, gesticulate wildly for added emphasis. (Just make sure you don’t accidentally sucker punch anyone!) And be direct about clearing up any misunderstandings. Sit people down and ask thoughtful questions to draw them out. Instead of mentally crafting a response while people talk, give them the opportunity to be seen and heard.

We’re all familiar with post-conversation exhaustion—what happens when someone has monopolized the entire dialogue. Give what you want to receive: the attentive, thoughtful, engaged and sincere listening that you desire. Check out techniques from Mind Tools on Active Listening.

2. Be a mirror for the other person

Gemini’s twinning powers encourage us to mirror back what someone is trying to articulate. After you’ve actively listened, take it one step further. Repeat their words back to them to confirm that you’re on the same page. Not in an awkward parroting way, but in the “What I think I hear you saying is [insert the summary of their communication here]. Is that right?” Maybe they’ll correct you a little, or maybe they’ll just thank you. But it’s incredibly validating to feel like someone really “gets” it.

The talkative Twins encourage us all to speak up at the Gemini full moon—voicing what’s on our mind and in our hearts. Between two people, there could be some interesting declarations and confessions—and yes, a few misunderstandings, alas. Because Gemini is ruled by Mercury the messenger planet, you could also receive intriguing news by email, phone or text. Got a question or query? Carpe DM and send that note!

3. Partner up and prosper during the Gemini full moon.

Two is everyone’s magic number at this synergistic full moon! Collaborate with someone whose skills complement your own.

Since Gemini knows how to pass the baton, follow this choreography: Step up. Step back. Repeat.

This dynamic duo energy is especially helpful if you’ve been struggling to get a project off the ground. Perhaps the missing link in the chain is someone you’ve known for a while.

Full moons are the manifesting moment for NEW moons, which always occur half a year earlier. Where are those helpful, in-the-know people who’ve been buzzing around for the past six months? Find them and talk about making your informal connection an official tag team.

Read more about the moon phases here.

Head’s up: This flirty full moon can be titillating

But Gemini’s energy is generally more platonic than romantic. That’s not to say that love can’t spring forth from the friend zone…hey, you never know! A kismet connection could spark with someone you’ve interacted with daily but never thought about THAT way before. This might even be a coworker, bandmate or even a partner on an important project.

Just avoid the “act first, ask questions later” impulsivity that are classic Gemini AND full moon behavior—especially if blurring lines could bring future drama. Single? Revamp your dating app profiles to reveal as much about your extracurricular interests as your long-term life plans.

In the case of business dealings, consult a lawyer. Alliances that have been bubbling over the past six months since the Gemini new moon may formalize quickly. Draft an official agreement. It’s always a smart idea, if only to prevent miscommunications from happening down the line. 

4. Channel someone else’s higher self

Have you ever waited for someone to properly say “I’m sorry”…only to find yourself holding out forever? And if you DID get some kind of half-baked apology, the experience felt hollow. Well, here’s a technique we’ve tried before, which can help you gain some resolution. Put pen to paper. Relax. Imagine yourself as the person who hurt/betrayed/upset you—and write YOURSELF a letter, as though it’s from the offending party. 

This person may never extend a proper olive branch, but you’ll find as you channel THEIR higher self (trust us, it will happen as the words flow), you resolve some of the energetic conflict. It doesn’t mean you have to bring this person back into your life, like, ever. You’ll just have the satisfaction of experiencing “them” say things like, “I’m sorry I stopped calling. I was insecure and afraid you’d reject me first.” You might even find that it doesn’t matter who actually wrote that words—but just that they got expressed. 

5. Embrace your alter ego

Quirky Gemini is the sign of the alter ego. As it turns out, twinning doesn’t necessarily require another person. We are layered, multidimensional beings unto ourselves. When you look within, there’s always more “self” to discover.

The Gemini full moon can give you the courage to reveal a hidden aspect of your identity. Or, maybe just start embracing it within yourself. For the bolder among us, this lunation can feel like a cosmic coming out party. Feel free to step out as a totally different version of yourself, which could mean anything from a binary-busting gender reveal to a sophisticated make-under that you reveal during a livestream. 

6. Revamp your commute

Transportation is Gemini’s domain. Ready to upgrade your commuter style? The perfect car, bike or mobile accessory could be revealed after months of obsessive research. Are you driving around in a gas guzzler when you could be biking or taking public transportation? Could you shrink your carbon footprint with an electric or hybrid vehicle? 

Maybe you keep things status quo but shift how you spend your transit time. (Whether your “transits” are to an actual job site or walks to the grocery store to take a break from your WFH station.) During commutes, listen to new music, podcasts or an inspiring audiobook. Since Gemini rules the mind, load up on intellectual stimulation. You’ll have so much to talk about when you hop back online!

7. Use a strong filter at the Gemini full moon

This live-out-loud lunation comes with a code orange “blurt alert.” Information has a way of flying out of your mouth at a Gemini full moon and gossip can spread like wildfire.

Pay attention or you could mindlessly reveal something private in a text, email or post that probably had no business being there. Worse, it might be someone else’s personal data that you’re spilling like hot tea! You didn’t MEAN to give away secrets, but oops, you just did. Apply stronger filters to your shares during this full moon—and with conscious effort. Anything you let slip can and probably will circle back to you!

8. Redefine your message

Master-marketer Gemini is a whiz with words and knows how to package profundity into clever, catchy copy. The Gemini full moon is an excellent day to do a little “brand review,” making sure your visuals, colors, text and materials express a cohesive message—and one that reflects the spirit of whatever it is you do.

Even if you don’t own a company, you can still clarify your mission and message at this full moon. Examine the statement you make in the world through every visual presentation of yourself (website, social media, speaking style, etc.). Packaging yourself powerfully is vital to professional success in the digital age.

Ask a member of your inner circle to help you understand what energy you project into the world. Ask them what gifts and virtues they see as your strengths, and where you might require a little more polish. You’ll better understand how to cultivate your unique “brand identity.” Know thyself…and then promote thyself!

What’s my horoscope for the Gemini full moon?

Horoscopes for the December Gemini full moon, for every zodiac sign


Your sign is famous for its self-determining spirit, Aries, but the full moon in Gemini and your third house of like-minded souls lays a foundation for you to form a formidable partnership.

While you prefer to go it alone, today you will see the benefit in buddying up with competent people who’ve done what you’re looking to do. This isn’t about forging a love connection, but the two of you WILL be a force to be reckoned with on the professional or creative front.


Cha-ching! The Gemini full moon dazzles in your second house of money, helping you manifest a momentous milestone. Security is important to your fiscally conservative sign, and you’re about to be rewarded for your efforts toward that end.

For the past six months, you’ve dutifully had your nose affixed to the grindstone, Taurus, and under the glow of this moon, you’ll discover the most direct path to your dream job before the year is through. Increase your chances by strategically socializing at every opportunity!


Ready to be large and in charge, Gemini? December 7 marks the only Gemini full moon of the year, meaning for those 24 hours, it’s all about you.

As the zodiac’s twin, you’re not typically a “me-first” kind of person, but the bright light of this lunation pulls you into the spotlight. Don’t even think about playing small. Go big or go home! Stand up and accept your well-deserved accolades. You heard it from us: You’ve got cosmic permission to shamelessly self-promote to your heart’s delight.


Let! It! Go! The full moon in Gemini hunkers down in your twelfth house of closure and release, helping you move on from a situation that deserves to be laid to rest for once and for all.

Your nostalgic sign tends to hang on well past the point of diminishing returns, but under this healing moon, you can slide into sweet surrender. Rip off that Band-Aid, Cancer. It’ll only hurt for a second. And then… get ready for your next big adventure.


Put that bottle of Veuve on ice! The December 7 full moon in Gemini lights up your eleventh house of collaboration and brings good news. This is not the time for glory-hogging; it’s a time to give credit where it’s due, something your generous sign should have no problem with.

La luna’s glow lingers for two weeks, so keep your ear to the ground to recruit even more top talent. Dip your toe into different scenes and drop any preconceived notions. Dream Team Leo is closer than you realize!


You shoot, you score! December 7 marks the only Gemini full moon of the year, highlighting your tenth house. Your professional mojo is about to go viral!

If you’ve been working toward an important career goal for the past six months, you’re set to reap the rewards now. You don’t need to slowly and methodically crawl up the ladder of success anymore, Virgo: You have cosmic clearance to BOUND your way to the top.

A male figure could be instrumental, so reach out to your guy gurus and ask for what you need.


The December 7 stars ask whether you can handle the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, Libra.

With a full moon in Gemini shining a megawatt bulb in your candid ninth house, you won’t have any trouble serving shots of truth serum. But can you stand the taste of your own medicine? If not, consider this a cosmic lesson in softening YOUR blows. Your sign is normally very diplomatic, but it’s worth remembering to sugarcoat honesty with an equal amount of compassion.


Decision-making time, Scorpio! The December 7 full moon in Gemini (your eighth house) can help you make up your mind about a matter that’s left you sitting squarely on the fence.

Start by checking in with your gut: When you think about taking action on this issue, do you get an excitedly tingly “yes” or a stomach-churning “no way?” Staying stuck doesn’t do anyone any good, so release what doesn’t serve you to make space for a more appealing option to manifest.


Two’s your magic number on December 7 as the only Gemini full moon of the year illuminates your seventh house of partnership.

Get the bubbly on ice and see if you can’t score a last-minute rez at that romantic bistro or a pair of tickets to a great show. You’ve got cause to celebrate, Sag: A special bond recently underwent a significant growth spurt and, thanks to this lunation, will only get stronger.

Single? Go shine your love light wherever your heart leads you—and stay open to “sleeper” types!


Under the December 7 full moon in your sixth house of well-being, your new mantra is “extreme moderation.” Self-care gets bumped up a few notches on the priority list, and your challenge is resisting the siren’s song of holiday hedonism.

You CAN enjoy the party season without going overboard, Cap. Indulge just enough of your cravings to keep your eating and exercising in balance.

Professionally, this lunar light could bring an exciting opportunity, but only consider something that will advance your career AND preserve your much-needed vacation time.


Dab a little Love Potion No. 9 on your wrists, Aquarius. With the only Gemini full moon of the year warming up your fifth house of romance, amour is in the air!

Playing hard to get becomes a thing of the past as your passion rises to irresistible levels. You don’t typically wear your heart on your sleeve, but that may be your new fashion statement.

The fifth house also rules fertility, so couples with babies on the brain should plan to get busy!


Talk about inconvenient truths, Pisces! The December 7 Gemini full moon in your fourth house could shed light on some domestic issues that have been smoldering in the dark for a while.

It’s never pleasant facing facts about relatives or close friends in crisis, but you may discover a situation that can’t be ignored any longer. Even if it disrupts your regularly scheduled programming, take the high road and do what you’d want them to do for you. Bonus: heaps of karma brownie points.

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