Zodiac Sign Myths, Busted: What Fire, Air, Earth and Water Signs Are Really Like

We all know Virgos are neat-freaks, Aries are hot-heads, Leos are full of themselves and Cancers are clingy—right? WRONG! Here are common zodiac sign myths, busted, by the elements (fire, earth, air and water).

Number 1 zodiac sign myths: Fire element

Aries myth

They’re selfish and need to be No. 1

Aries is a competitive sign, ruled by Mars. It’s not like they’re trying to leave everyone out. When Aries gets fixed on an idea, they’re the trailblazers. They can’t let themselves be distracted by every little detail or nothing will ever get done. If you’re with an Aries, follow their lead. Find out where they want to take you, and why!

Leo myth

They’re total narcissists and ego trippers.

Leos like a lot of attention. They’re ruled by the Sun, the center of our universe. But guess what? Their energy radiates outward. So you can bask in their glow, but they’ll bask in yours, too! If you need some advice, you will have the most warm and nurturing advisor. If you’re with a Leo, they will get you out there kicking a** like nobody’s business!

Sagittarius myth

They’re always traveling and can never be pinned down.

Sagittarius is ruled by global, expansive Jupiter. Sure, they’re often on the road. But Jupiter also expands whatever it touches. So if you’re with a Sagittarius and want them to stick around, create a project that you can work on with them. They can be more interested in a kitchen renovation than their next passport stamp!

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Number 1 zodiac sign myths: Earth element

Taurus myth

They’re slow and stubborn and stuck in the mud.

Taurus does like to take their time. Don’t rush this sign. But the reality is they are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love and romance. They need to move at a more lavish pace so they can check out all the beautiful details around them and bring them home for you to enjoy. If you’re with a Taurus who is stuck, find out why. There’s probably something you need to see!

Virgo myth

They’re uptight neat-freaks.

Wrong! You’ve probably been in some messy Virgo spaces! Now, when a Virgo decides to clean, they’ll break out the toothbrush! This sign is ruled by Mercury, the gatherer/collector of information. When they get a hobby, you will find it piled all the way to the rafters in their house. If you’re with a Virgo, make sure you have enough room in the house for whatever their latest interest is!

Capricorn myth

They’re workaholics who are married to their jobs.

Capricorn is the hardest working sign in the zodiac. They’re ruled by Saturn the planet of restriction. But they know how to play as hard as they hustle. If you’re with a Capricorn, you better be interested in their job and their ambitions, and have some of your own! And when it’s time to celebrate a victory, you will have luxury vacations and dates like no one else can give.

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Number 1 zodiac sign myths: Air element


They’re two-faced and can’t be trusted.

Geminis are dualistic, but that’s part of their process. They’re ruled by Mercury, the messenger/information gatherer. They are always in the need-to-know. So if you’re with a Gemini, get interested in their process; ask some questions: “What do you think about this? What do you feel about that?” Meeting them in their minds is the way to their hearts.


They’re one of the most cooperative signs of the zodiac, so peaceful!

Not always! Libra is symbolized by the scales and they’re not always in perfect balance. Libras are actually great at candy coating everything because they’re ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and charm. However, when they want their way they will not back down. So if you’re with a Libra, get ready to do a lot of negotiating. They’re also very stubborn about what they think is the right way to do things.


They’re laid back and chill and everyone’s best friend.

That’s true for about the first few days of knowing an Aquarius, but get to know them better and you’ll see that they’re actually pretty scheduled and they need things their way. The reason? They’re co-ruled by Uranus, the planet of chaos, and Saturn, the planet of structure. If you’re with an Aquarius, the best thing you can do is ask them what their routines and schedules are and expect that you may have to work around those.

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Number 1 zodiac sign myths: Water element

Cancer myth

They’re clingy and all up in your space.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, which means their moods wax and wane. Sure there will be some days when a Cancer is needy and wants to be all cuddly. But the next day they just can’t wait to get far away from you. So if you’re with a Cancer and you actually have them with you, and they want to give you TLC, make the most of it! Because tomorrow they may be nowhere to be found.

Scorpio myth

They’re total sex addicts who’ve gotta have it.

Scorpios are an erotically gifted sign. They’re ruled by Pluto, the lord of the underground, so they can disappear into their internal worlds and go for long “monk-like” periods of celibacy. So if you have a Scorpio in your bed, just know that eventually winter is coming. Find other things to entertain yourself with when they slip away for those isolated periods they need to recharge.

Pisces myth

They’re flakey dreamers with no direction in life.

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac and encompasses the energy of all the signs. They’ve already absorbed all that information. If you’re with a Pisces, you may have realized that they just go about things, magnetizing and attracting. They don’t have to force anything.

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