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Leo Horoscope (July 23 to August 22)

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Daily, Weekly & Monthly Leo Horoscopes

Daily Horoscope
Today’s Leo Horoscope:
Fierce, formidable and flamboyant—you are SO back in your element this weekend, Leo. On Saturday, your ruler, the Sun, roars into your sign until August 22. Dive into a passion project and develop it independently, without outside feedback. Pure, unadulterated Leo is the base ingredient for all successful ventures now. On Sunday, you'll celebrate part one of your astrological New Year as the... Read full Leo daily horoscope>
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This Week’s Leo Horoscope:
You might not be able to keep on putting on that brave or happy face, Leo, so why not let yourself feel what you're really feeling? This week, passionate Mars and your ruler, the fierce Sun, are... Read full Leo weekly horoscope>
divider-grayMonthly Horoscope
This Month’s Leo Horoscope:
Relax, Leo—as best as you can. The Sun is making it annual sojourn through Cancer until July 22, fanning its rays across your twelfth house of sleep, healing and closure. It's your time to tie up... Read full Leo monthly horoscope>

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glyph-leoThe Sun is the center of our solar system and the ruler of Leo. When the whole universe revolves around you, it’s hard to be humble! Like the Sun, Leo heats everything up with its dazzling drama. And when the Sun sets, it’s ice, ice baby. That’s why friends of Leo know to keep them happy and shining…or else. Leo is the sign of drama, and oh, can you put on a show! Even the Leos who pretend to be shy come to life in the spotlight. A natural-born leader, you love to be the boss. Leos need mega-doses of praise and appreciation, which may cause people to think you’re self-centered. The truth is, you have a huge heart, and you’re the zodiac’s most generous sign. You’re always there to help, spoil, and protect the people you love. So what if your appetite is huge? Your energy may be hard for others to match. Remember, people express love in different ways, and not everyone can show it like you do. But it’s never boring to be part of your glamorous world, so let your star shine. Somebody’s gotta rule, and it might as well be you!

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