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November Monthly Horoscope: Intensity Is On the Rise

november 2018 monthly horoscope

Your November monthly horoscope arrives with a rush of activity, as two outer planets blaze into fire signs and three planets dance in and out of retrograde.

Halloween may be over, but it’s still Scorpio season until November 22, a time of intensity and deep diving, especially at the November 7 Scorpio new moon. Plus, the planets are making all kinds of costume changes this month. Jupiter and Uranus will switch signs, moving into fiery new placements. And messenger Mercury, love planet Venus and ethereal Neptune will spin in and out of retrograde in the second half of the month, calling for some course corrections throughout November.

The headline news arrives on November 8, when expansive Jupiter makes a homecoming to Sagittarius, staying until December 2, 2019. Jupiter has been in intense Scorpio, the sign of power, sexuality and merging, since October 2017—and we’ve all felt the heaviness of that. It’s been a year of deep self-reflection for many, along with scandals and secrets being revealed by the planetary truth-teller.

Now, visionary Jupiter will shift our lens from micro to macro, as it barrels through the sign of global relations and long-distance connections. Can we heal our fragmented world a bit with Jupiter donning the cross-cultural ambassador chapeau? Here’s hoping. Jupiter in worldly Sagittarius could be a boon for entrepreneurship, travel and education—along with a passion for metaphysical studies that was already sparked by its visit to mystical Scorpio. But now, we’ll come out of our inner ashrams and interact with each other, sharing our ideas in lively debates and dialogues—and hopefully putting the best ideas into practice, rather than becoming armchair revolutionaries.

A couple days prior to Jupiter’s big move, on November 6, radical change-maker Uranus will retrograde back from Taurus into Aries for a final four-month transit. After March 6, 2019, Uranus will settle back into Taurus for a long visit (until April 2026) and won’t return to Aries until the 22nd century. For most of us, this will be the last experience we have of Uranus in Aries in this lifetime. With the celestial shock-jock retrograde from August 7 to January 6, it’s a wakeup call for many not to abandon our ideals or silence our voices.

Uranus’ return to Aries happens to fall on the day of the U.S. Midterm Elections—which is powerful timing indeed. With revolutionary Uranus revisiting the sign that rules individual rights, anger and assertiveness, history lies in the balance. Will Americans make their beliefs heard at the polls? And if so, which voices will be the loudest? As the country remains deeply divided, the outcome of this day will be hugely revealing about the mindset of our world.

The unsettling comparisons between the current state of the U.S. and World War II-era Europe have astrological merit because of the side-spinning planet. Uranus was in Aries from March 2011 to May 2018, a time when “the voice of the people” rose strong globally, starting with the Arab Spring uprising and rippling through the world with movements such as #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo—along with massive populist uprisings and the urgent need for gun control. At the same time, a counterforce developed of rising right-wing nationalism.

Uranus takes 84 years to return to each zodiac sign, which means we are now in the same Uranian cycle we were in during the 1930s. The last time Uranus was in Aries was from 1928 to 1934, when Hitler rose to power and became chancellor of Germany. From 1934 to 1942, Uranus was last in Taurus, which is the cycle when World War II took place.

Just as Uranus reached 0 degrees Taurus on October 27, a mass shooter entered Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue and murdered 11 people. During a similar transit in 1935, Hitler announced the Nuremberg Laws, which stripped German Jews of their civil rights and defined them as a “separate race” based on ancestry rather than religion. Jews and Germans were forbidden to marry, and from there, over 120 laws and decrees were put into effect to strip German Jews of their civil and human rights.

We’re not trying to sound alarmist, primarily because we believe in the free will of humans, and the power of consciousness to co-create with the stars. However, astrologers can’t ignore that we are now back in this same Uranus cycle, and that we are seeing some themes repeat, with continued talk of building a wall, last year’s Muslim ban and frightening attacks on immigration.

How will we handle it this time around? Uranus in Aries reminds us not to get complacent, to use our voices but to consider the impact of our actions on more than just ourselves. History does NOT need to repeat, just because the astrological cycles do. In fact, this is an opportunity for humankind to prove that we can, indeed, do better. We’ve grown and evolved so much since the 1930s and 40s, so there’s no need to turn back the clock when we can raise our collective vibration instead.

Midmonth, the retrograde changing of the guard begins. On November 16, love planet Venus, which has been retrograde since October 5, will correct course, turning direct in its home sign of peaceful Libra. Relationship of all stripes have been tested for the past six weeks.

But just as Venus straightens out, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde from November 16 to December 6, backing through outspoken Sagittarius until December 1. Mercury rules communication, technology, and travel, so take extra precautions with those areas.

On November 22—also Thanksgiving in the U.S.—Sagittarius season begins! As the Sun joins effusive Jupiter and expressive Mercury in this honest-to-a-fault sign, conversations could get colorful…and real. The next day, November 23, serves up a full moon in talkative Gemini, fueling our urge to get things off our chests even more. Just don’t leave diplomacy and tact at the door! On November 24, compassionate Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in healing Pisces, adding a bit of soothing balm in case we do indeed go a tad too far. Olive branch with that leftover turkey leg, anyone?

The “luckiest day of the year,” according to some astrologers, is when the bold Sun and boundless Jupiter make their annual conjunction (a meet-up in the same sign) on November 26. With these confident and charismatic luminaries united in worldly, abundant Sagittarius, the month could end on a hopeful and optimistic note—and just in time for the holidays.

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