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Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)



What are you focusing on, Libra? Your personal life could hijack your professional aspirations on Saturday. Look out! A conflict with a relative or close friend could fill you with anxiety and distract you from your goals. Despite your best efforts, tidal waves of emotions derail you from getting the job done. Call up a grounded friend and meet for brunch or an afternoon tea. If you’re feeling blocked on the work front, start by examining your past. Reflect on what beliefs about money could have been passed down to you by your family. It’s time to change the script. Sunday’s Sun-Saturn mashup in your third house of communication could put your personal information at risk. Time to change your passwords?  If your laptop, tablet or phone is accessible to others, protect it with a lock code. Using someone else’s computer? Be diligent about signing out of email and social media sites. Also, take extra care with anything you put in writing today, Libra. You don’t want the wrong set of eyes reading those snippy texts or angry emails. Err on the side of caution, and save those fiery rants for face-to-face encounters.

Should you sweat the small stuff? The chaos theory is fully operational this week, Libra, so the answer, quite plainly, is yes. As a detail-obsessed sign you understand that one small shift—in attitude, social climate, even the words you speak—can have a seismic impact on how the future plays out. Massage “the butterfly effect” towards favorable outcomes by slowing down and paying attention to all that you say and do. The reason for this? All week long, hazy ambiguous Neptune in Pisces (and your sixth house of systems) is locked into a tricky square with stern Saturn in Sagittarius (and your third house of data). Their awkward meeting can leave you feeling unsettled, as if there isn’t enough solid ground under your feet. And hey, Libra, maybe they’re right. Hop off the hovercraft and regain your equilibrium. How? By getting back to basics and brass tacks. For example, if money’s been funny, retool your budget and pore over statements with Sherlock Holmes resolve. (Why yes, you are wasting hundreds on that useless, hidden charge.) Slap on the Fitbit, load the tracking apps onto your phone. Getting intimately acquainted with reality is the key to figuring out what’s making you feel off-center. As our falcon-eyed business mentor always reminds us, “Numbers don’t lie.” Those mindless pours of coffee might be the REAL reason you can’t concentrate, and the sample sizes you grab while winding through the Sephora checkout line could be what’s cutting into your rent check. Not that we’re advocating a deprivation mindset. But the Saturn-Neptune square wants you to be aware. That way you can indulge (or not) responsibly and guilt-free.

Thursday—Thanksgiving on the US calendar—arrives just one day after a full moon in Gemini and your ninth house of travel, expansion and cross-cultural connections. Pull out your passport and check the expiration date. An opportunity to hop on a flight could pop up out of the blue over the two weeks to follow this full moon. A Thanksgiving or weekend getaway—even if it’s just a brief road trip—does wonders to revive your soul. No matter where you find yourself physically located, make a point of talking to people from different backgrounds. Sparks could fly with a tourist rolling through your hometown. Enterprising Libras could make an auspicious connection or hit on a profitable idea that fills the coffers. Cast a wider net to find those pearls. Your next business partners could live in a totally different time zone.  And no more Mr. Nice Guy or Girl: This full moon makes you quite candid. You hold certain truths to be self-evident and you’ll have no trouble letting people know where you stand on the issues. But do lean in to some of that Libra diplomacy, too! This full moon will form a combustible T-square to Saturn and Neptune. Leave the hot-button topics off the Thanksgiving table. Politics, religion, anything taboo will not make an appetizing side dish along with the cranberry sauce and candied yams. Trying to clear the air with a relative or friend on Thursday could go horribly awry. If there are issues simmering, schedule a call early in the week to hash it out—or come to an amicable, “let’s agree to disagree” truce. If that’s not possible, play the avoidance game until the gathering (and the energy of the T-square) has dispersed next week. And if you feel you can’t fake it, opt out of a difficult “celebration” so that you can focus on the things you’re thankful for instead of getting swept into an incendiary pyre of personal drama.
Your ability to communicate calmly, clearly and authentically could be restored as soon as Sunday. That day, the expressive Sun and measured Saturn meet up in Sagittarius and your verbose third house. Your words can pack a punch with Saturn’s gravitas in the mix and you don’t have to say a whole lot to get your point across. You’ll also feel more willing to cooperate and seek a middle ground on Sunday—but only up to a point. Peace at any price is not the goal. Saturn can help you negotiate a solution that works for YOU, too. Know your bottom line before you engage in the dialogue. It can help to pre-brainstorm a few positive outcomes that you can suggest during the conversation. Remember though, these are possibilities not inevitabilities. The right solution is one that you co-create with the other party—and that will require you to listen with an open mind and heart. Have you been the fickle or unreliable half of a partnership lately, Libra? Perhaps your heart really isn’t into a particular pairing or shared activity. If you’re sticking around out of guilt or obligation, gracefully bow out. Another must this weekend? Putting up boundaries with demanding friends or a sibling who keeps treating you like the bossy big sister or annoying younger bro. If your neighbor’s been bumping Beyonce’s Drunk In Love at all hours, forget about tapping the broom on the ceiling. Go have a little chat or contact the landlord if your kind requests are being ignored.

Back to basics, Libra! Until November 22, the Sun is in Scorpio, your second house of money, work and stability, giving you a clear, practical focus. With an emphasis on security and your bottom line, you’re in the mood to save a lot and only spend when absolutely necessary. You may get a side gig to help you get ahead, or perhaps you’ll look carefully at your schedule and see how you can better use your time (which IS money, after all). Streamline your basic routine, and you’ll feel more rooted. 
The November 11 Scorpio new moon highlights your natural Libran desire for the finer things in life…and how to map out a solid plan for obtaining them! On this day, set goals that have real-time, tangible results, like giving yourself an incentive to change your spending habits or socking away savings into your retirement fund. But a more frugal way of life doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of material comforts. Incorporating small luxuries into your everyday life (like fennel toothpaste and five-dollar "bulletproof coffee" made with grass-fed butter) can make you feel rich, too—even as you’re paring down your budget. 

After all this practical focus, your monarch wings are set aflutter again on November 22. The Sun transitions from Scorpio into Sagittarius, your third house of kindred spirits and vibrant communication, kicking off a stimulating and social holiday season. For the next four weeks, it's time to mingle like mad. And who says that doesn't count as work, Libra? You could make some fruitful connections at the office holiday party, and have a whole lot of fun along the way. While you’re feeling so community-minded, you may try to find a good cause close to home, like a local soup kitchen or a holiday food drive. Rally your friends and go volunteer together. Not only can you help others with acts of service, but your sunny disposition could also bring some much-needed light. ‘Tis the season, Libra!
You're really ready to break free at the end of the month, when the November 25 full moon in Gemini lights up your ninth house of travel and expansion. Even if you love your local life, this full moon brings an acute awareness that there are shores you’ve yet to explore. You may see the bigger existential picture, dropping any petty concerns or gossip in favor of your soul’s calling. Your curiosity could spur you on the trip of a lifetime, where you explore the jungles of Peru or taste tapas in the Basque region. Even if you can’t jet off on a plane, you can still find growth and inspiration closer to home, either by adopting a traveler’s mentality or immersing yourself in a new philosophy or belief system. Discovery is all around you—and that’s a good thing. As playwright Tom Stoppard wrote, “It’s the best possible time to be alive, when everything you thought you knew was wrong.” This outspoken full moon could also bring a major air-clearing conversation that (finally) helps you and another person see each other's perspectives. Ah, the freedom of a "live and let live" philosophy. 


What makes a Libra tick?

Gentle Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and love. Perhaps that explains your smooth talk and pretty face. Like Taurus, which is also Venus-ruled, Libras love to be surrounded by art, culture and beauty in a soft, harmonious environment. You love good food and expensive things. Lovely Libra knows how to charm but behind your dimples and sweet personality, you’re a fighter. Libra is the sign of the scales, and you can’t stand anything that’s unfair or unbalanced. You love a designer outfit as much as you adore a good debate. You’ll stand up for justice, and you’ll do it with style. Libra hates to be rushed–you prefer that everything happen your way, on your time. If that means you’re ten hours late, so be it. You’re a social butterfly who loves to be surrounded by people in a beautiful setting, talking and hanging out for hours. Just remember to save some time for yourself. Libras can get so caught up in the moment, they forget to handle their own responsibilities. Learn the beauty of being organized, and you’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy your beautiful life.

Symbol: The Scales of Justice
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Venus — the planet of beauty and love
Body Part: Lower back, butt
Good Day: Charming, lovable, fair, sincere, sharing, hopelessly romantic
Bad Day: Vain, indecisive, melodramatic, manipulative, spoiled, delusional
Favorite Things: Concerts at large venues, poetry, expensive jewelry, designer clothes, rich food
What You Hate: Dull or practical people, bullies, being pressured to decide, saying goodnight, hearing the word “maybe”
Secret Wish: To love and be loved in return
How to Spot Them: Small symmetrical features, dimples, gentle eyes, outrageous designer outfits
Where You’ll Find Them: Dancing the night away at a warehouse party, philosophizing about life at a coffeeshop, tucked away at home writing a novel, procrastinating, happily mingling at a social event

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