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Virgo Horoscope (August 23 to September 22)

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Daily, Weekly & Monthly Virgo Horoscopes

Daily Horoscope
Today’s Virgo Horoscope:
You start the weekend excited to tackle practical tasks and catch up on work. Good luck with that, Virgo! Your productivity will be deftly outmatched by all the buzzing "people energy" around you. Saturday brings a rare trine of affable Venus and enchanting Neptune in the most interpersonal zones of your chart. Your closest ties need some love—and come to think of it, so do you. So surrender to... Read full Virgo daily horoscope>
weekly horoscope
This Week’s Virgo Horoscope: 
Count your pennies, Virgo—then, make them count! Monday’s rare meetup of the Sun and Jupiter in your income zone will buoy your earning power. Are you on the hunt for gainful employment?... Read full Virgo weekly horoscope>

Monthly Horoscope
This Month’s Virgo Horoscope:
Ground thyself, Virgo. The Sun is making its annual trek through Libra and your practical, productive second house until October 22. Money, work and daily routines fall under this domain, so you'll... Read full Virgo monthly horoscope>
 This Month’s Virgo Horoscope:


glyph-virgoDetail-oriented Virgo is ruled by Mercury, planet of the mind and communication. Virgos are always analyzing everything, forming opinions and judgments. On the outside, you seem sweet and innocent, but your quick mind never misses a detail. Virgo is also the sign of service, and you’re always there when help is needed. You’re an amazing, careful listener, and as a result, you give the best advice. You love to analyze everything! In fact, you can drive yourself crazy, because you never stop thinking. Virgo is a perfectionist who sees every flaw, and at times, you’re a little too critical. Relax your mind by channeling it into a project, like solving a crossword puzzle, writing a story, or organizing your desk. As an earth sign, you love the outdoors, so chill out in nature, or try a sport like karate. Remember, it’s easy for helpful Virgo to give, but harder for you to receive. Let your friends pitch in and support you, too! Try opening up a little more. You don’t have to be perfect to be loveable. Just be yourself.

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