Weekly Horoscopes for December 25-31, 2023

December 25-31 astrology you can plan with

The astrology shaping your weekly horoscopes for Monday to Sunday, December 25-31.

The full moon in Cancer blankets us in cozy vibes on Tuesday

As the holiday season starts to wind down, the quiet and comfort of the year’s second Cancer full moon brings a much-need moment to chill this Tuesday, December 26 at 7:33PM EST. With the warm-fuzzies in high gear, use today to catch up with close friends and trade notes on your holiday celebrations. Emotions will be close to the surface, so don’t be surprised if a sentimental exchange brings on the waterworks.

Or maybe you just need a long winter’s nap after all the holly jolly hooplah. Ease into your cozy space or spend some time feathering your nest to turn it back into a sanctuary (not a gift- wrapping station). Since this full moon gets a boost from systematic Saturn, get ready to make some adult decisions in your personal life. A relative might need extra support in the weeks ahead or you may need to fund some repair work. And if you’re feeling taxed, don’t forget that the “lean on me” thing goes both ways. 


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Healing comet Chiron turns direct on Tuesday, too

There’s a difference between nurturing and caretaking—but if you’ve forgotten where to draw the line, you’ll get a reminder on Tuesday, as “wounded healer” comet Chiron pivots direct in firestarter Aries, ending a retrograde that started July 23. Just beware the temptation to blow up in anger if you get a surge of suppressed resentment. While Chiron wheeled backwards through Aries, passive aggressive barbs and sneering put-downs may have been people’s best defense. Now that Chiron’s back in forward motion, be wary of the fine line between assertiveness and aggression. Chiron also has incredible healing powers, so unlock its key potential (seriously, the symbol for this asteroid is a key) and turn anger into purpose and passion. 

Friday’s Sun-Jupiter trine calls for experimentation and trailblazing

Adopt an experimental and open-minded attitude on Friday, December 27. As the trailblazing Sun and adventurous Jupiter unite in earth signs Capricorn and Taurus, thinking outside the box can lead to a financial breakthrough or something that builds a secure nest egg. Stuck in a mental rut? Go for a walk (or drive) in nature, preferably off your beaten path. Reach out to a mentor or an expert you admire for advice. Upload a video of yourself sharing your expertise—when you have to impart your wisdom toothers, it forces you to think about it with a beginner’s mind. Cultivate that under these optimistic and openhearted moonbeams. 

But pump the brakes on Thursday when Mars squares Neptune

It may seem fun to take a gamble this Thursday, December 28, but that’s a slippery slope. Unless you have the facts in front of you, hedge your bets! With the most active planet (Mars) at loggerheads with the most passive one (Neptune), you could take yourself on a wild ride of impulsivity and skewed intuition. Go back to the drawing board and do some quality research. Don’t assume that a “maybe” is a “yes” until you’ve 100 percent confirmed it. Moreover, don’t let anyone sweet talk you into making decisions, especially if they involve a financial transaction. 

Love planet Venus cruises into Sagittarius on Friday, opens hearts and minds for three weeks

Mercury might be retrograde this NYE, but it’s not going to rain on Venus’ parade! Just in the nick of time, the planet of love and romance bounds into fun-loving, optimistic Sagittarius this Friday, December 29, helping us turn the calendar with hope in our hearts. Thought you’d stay home with sparkling cider and a 12:01 bedtime? Try again. Venus in Sagittarius has better plans, like hopping on a standby flight to watch the fireworks burst in a new city. Can’t quite pull it off in time for the 31st? This Venus cycle opens minds and hearts until January 23. Stay in ambassador mode post-celebrations. Keep your personal borders open to all high-vibe people who come your way, even (and especially) if they arrive in a package unlike your own. 

Lucky Jupiter wraps up its retrograde on Saturday, December 29!

Forward, ho! Auspicious Jupiter ends a retrograde slowdown that began on September 4. As the planet of expansion powers forward in tactile and tenacious Taurus, a sustainable and profitable idea could pick up speed. If a work project has drifted from its original mission or purpose, you’ll be able to come together again. It will be easy to prioritize without getting scattered or limiting the potential of an idea now. That’s something worth popping the bubbly for. And with hedonistic Jupiter in luxe-loving Taurus, spring for a vintage bottle! 


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