Weekly Horoscopes for October 9-15, 2023

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week

The astrology shaping your weekly horoscopes for October 9-15

Pluto turns direct in Capricorn on Tuesday, October 10

Complexities and conundrums will either clear up or bubble up as secretive Pluto wraps its annual five-month retrograde. Since May 1, intense Pluto’s reversal has called for deeper introspection, especially involving generational patterns and the people we surround ourselves with. Pluto’s direct (forward) turn can help if you’ve felt blocked around processing anything buried in your unconscious, from grief to resentment to addictive or compulsive tendencies.

You may have unearthed some root causes during the retrograde. Now you can take action to heal and deal. Has a so-called friend or family member revealed themselves to be a toxic force in your life? Admitting that is never easy, but Pluto can help you cut ties or recalibrate to more equal dynamics. Keep an eye on your newsfeeds: Pluto rules power, sex and money, so we may see a buried scandal (or three) make headlines.

Lusty Mars turns up the heat in Scorpio beginning Thursday, October 12

Intensity and intrigue build over the next few weeks as potent Mars burrows into scintillating and secretive Scorpio. Watch for competitive or jealous flareups. Power differentials can get more pronounced, but you also have a chance to ascend in a hierarchy. Make sure you don’t come across as ruthless or only concerned with your own agenda. Bonds deepen under this transit, and you’ll gain a strong sense of who you can trust.

In love, you can bring on the holiday season heat! As randy Mars slides into sexy Scorpio, a budding connection could burst into flames of full-on consummation. The red planet is all too happy to set your desire on fire. Warning: Jealousy and possessiveness could run rampant now. If someone’s legitimately betrayed you, then use this courageous transit to walk away. But know that your raw emotions could also be provoking paranoia. Investigate before you accuse—and no, that doesn’t mean snooping or invading anyone’s privacy.

Saturn plays games with Venus and Mars all week

Have you been too lenient in your relationships, ignoring your better judgment? You know you need firm boundaries, yet in the heat of a certain connection, you could have lost your steely determination. Tuesday’s opposition of Venus and Saturn can help you take a step back to realign. On the fence about a certain someone? Avoid rushing into any decisions under this pessimistic planetary formation. While you should absolutely pay attention to red flags, your ability to distinguish between a problem and an emergency may not be at its sharpest.

On Friday, speedy Mars and cautious Saturn form a flowing trine, helping you know when to push a little and when to pull back. Be excited but not desperate, direct but diplomatic. As long as you’re prepared to back it up with action and evidence, you can even make a slightly over-the-top claim about why YOU rise above the competition. Radar in on people’s emotions, pain points and deepest desires. With Mars and Pluto both in sensitive water signs, you’ll need to make people FEEL something if you want to spur them to action.

Saturday’s Libra new moon is an annular solar eclipse! (1:55pm EDT)

Partner power! Saturday’s new moon in Libra is also a potent solar eclipse—the first eclipse to land in this sign since 2016! And it supercharges a six-month window that will refresh and rewire relationships. What a relief after THIS complex week. Could some aspect of your work benefit from a collaborator who complements your skill set? With the moon and mindful Mercury making contact, it can help to write down the qualities and capabilities of the person you’d like to attract. Whether that’s for a serious relationship or a business alliance, being clear will sharpen your judgment.

The moon will also oppose Chiron, so pay attention to the type of people you draw in at this eclipse. Are they mirroring a wound that you haven’t resolved? If you sense “more of the same” or an old pattern resurfacing, don’t blame the messenger—but maybe don’t invite them into your inner sanctum too quickly, either.

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What zodiac sign is your relationship?

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Your weekly horoscopes for October 9-15

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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Have you been trying to read the tea leaves, Scorpio, only to be stuck attempting to decode all kinds of cryptic messages and ambiguous subtexts? You can let that go on Tuesday, October 10, as transformational Pluto—your cosmic co-ruler—ends a frustrating five-month retrograde in your third house of communication. As the mighty dwarf planet resumes forward motion, you’ll be back to your old incisive self, able to read people without said tea leaves or coffee grounds or even a divination deck. Better yet… Keep reading your Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

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