Virgo Weekly Horoscope

04-15-2019 to 04-21-2019
No, Virgo, you didn’t just tumble into the Matrix. Molehills can grow into Annapurna-sized mountains this Monday, April 15, when convivial Venus in your relationship realm crashes into a complicated square with outspoken Jupiter in your sensitive fourth house. Emotions will be all over the map early this week. Even the people you adore most could get under your skin for no apparent reason. But easy now with those clapbacks! You may be having an insecure moment, but that doesn’t give you the right to project it onto the people you love. Perhaps the “expectations” you THINK they have of you are all in your head. And on that note, have you raised your own bar a little too high for your people to reach? If you notice yourself getting impatient or edgy, step back and reflect. Could it be that this person is mirroring something that you’re struggling to accept within? Give yourself some room, Virgo, and loads of compassion. Forgiving yourself could be the secret ingredient for bringing back the love.
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On Friday, the second in a back-to-back pair of Libra full moons will electrify your second house of money and security. Congratulations! After a potentially profitable harvest near March 20, the seeds you planted seven months ago (near the October 8 new moon) could yield a bonus bumper crop! Be primed to pounce when opportunity knocks within two weeks of Friday. And get proactive! Your perfectionist sign could edit and tweak endlessly. But at some point you need to make the “It’s good enough, damnit!” call, then put your work out into the world. Have you hit a plateau? Solicit feedback from people whose opinions you respect. Full moons elucidate things that have been hidden, which might just include an overlooked revenue stream—or (sheesh!) an unpaid bill. Don’t stall; just get your financial ducks in a row. You’ll be amazed by how amenable most companies are to working out a payment plan when they realize it’s the only way they can collect what’s due. If you're happy with your current gig or client base, this abundant full moon can buoy your courage to ask for a salary or fee increase. Even if it’s not quite time for that, consider scheduling a performance review to check in with upper management or clients and open up a discussion about future growth opportunities.
On Saturday, you may find yourself scrambling to find your passport or to borrow a backpack from an intrepid amiga when the Sun jets into Taurus and your worldly ninth house for the next four weeks. Distant lands will occupy your daydreams, especially ones where no one speaks your native language or even knows your name. Could you slip off the grid for a lowkey getaway…or maybe a sexy baecation? On Wednesday, your ruler, curious Mercury, dips into Aries and your enigmatic eighth house until May 6. Then, on Saturday, amorous Venus enters this same seductively intimate zone until May 15. There’s nothing you’ll love more than sharing an adventure with a sultry plus-one—or perhaps, traveling solo and seeing who springs up along the journey. This is a fabulous window for couchsurfing with besties in far-flung cities, provided they’re the types you could stay up talking to for half the night. The ninth house rules all kinds of cross-cultural connections, so during Taurus season, which lasts until May 21, chat up any expats who are rolling through your own hometown. No matter your GPS coordinates, your entrepreneurial nature may get sparked during this four-week solar cycle. What do you need to get your vision off the ground? If you want to expand your skill set, sign up for a training, seminar or conference. Already honed some noteworthy skills? This may be the moment to finally write a book or develop a course to teach people the finer points of what you’ve mastered.

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