Virgo Weekly Horoscope

02-11-2019 to 02-17-2019

So much for a quiet, low-key week, Virgo! On Wednesday, February 13, the zodiac’s upstarts, fiery Mars and unpredictable Uranus, team up in Aries and your eighth house of seduction, intense emotions and shared resources. Your personal power is dialed up to high, and you can attract anyone or anything your heart strongly desires. So why does this slightly scare you? While these two heavyweights hold a summit once every other year, they won’t unite in this realm again for another 80 years, so if there’s something you are trying to call in, get yourself a megaphone and shout your desires from the highest rooftop you can find! This is a potent day for getting closer to someone (WAY closer) and even sharing a secret or making a heartfelt confession. Just stay mindful of the strong emotions that are sure to bubble up to the surface under this one-day game-changing transit. Everything may seem larger than life, and it’ll be easy to get carried away. Make sure you know what you want, Virgo—because right now, you might get it!


And just as quickly as you call in a committed relationship or team up on a mutual mission with someone, you could be looking for the exit signs. On Thursday, action planet Mars breaks camp and treks into Taurus and your liberated ninth house. This realm is associated with travel, adventure, self-employment and every form of horizon expansion, and over the next six weeks, you could contract an acute case of itchy feet. But in stable Taurus, Mars’ famous impulsivity is somewhat mitigated. So instead of packing a suitcase TONIGHT, you might find yourself comparing multiple flight search engines for best routes and prices to a dream destination. Bear in mind: Mars hasn’t visited this realm in two years, so you might have some seriously pent-up energy and not a lot of patience. Find a balance between instant gratification and a smart game plan. If you can’t get away in the foreseeable future, satisfy that longing by taking a workshop, studying another language or checking out different places in towns that are on your “I’ll get around this eventually” list. And for Virgos with an idea for their own business, this is a perfect spell for mapping that out into a proper business plan.

In the midst of all this future dreaming and scheming, don’t overlook what’s right in front of your nose. Thursday, lest you forget, is also Valentine’s Day, and this one could be memorable indeed. With Venus in grounded Capricorn and your passionate fifth house, Cupid invites you to be bold and take the initiative, whether with your longtime love or a budding romance (or heck, that cutie down the hall in your building). And with the other love planet, Mars, also in a solid earth sign, sensual Taurus, and your excitable ninth house, you can’t help but be candid and authentic, which the right person will find irresistible. If you’ve planned ahead and taken Friday off, why not turn it into a weeklong celebration? Surprise your sweetie or tap a pal to head out of town to a cozy B+B or cabin in the woods. Pro tip: While you’ll probably be able to generate enough “heat” by yourselves, it’s worth confirming there actually is heat where you’re headed!

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