Virgo Weekly Horoscope

02-17-2020 to 02-23-2020
Well helloooo, Virgo. An early surge of spring fever strikes this Tuesday, February 18, as the Sun sails into Pisces and your seventh house of relationships. Pairing up will be high on your priority list between now and March 19—both for pleasure and a long list of other purposes. (Co-hosting a YouTube show? Coordinating a campaign fundraiser for your candidate of choice?) Casting tip: Seek a complementary force instead of a clone. You need someone who can pick up where you leave off. Believe it or not, there’s someone out there who actually enjoys handling the duties you dread.

If a promising prospect keeps waffling while you keep giving your all, lay down an ultimatum. Life is too short to be strung along by someone who won't go "all in" for you. Existing relationships go through a growth spurt between now and March 19, but along with that may come a few growing pains. Don’t freak out if the golden glow of the honeymoon phase subsides or you reach some other transition point with bae. The next phase is exciting in a totally new way. What's next on the romantic agenda—moving in together, taking your first big couples' vacation, selling the family home to move into an apartment? Trot out those ideas and start planning. Shared projects give you opportunities to bond in the pragmatic, proactive way you love. Some of you will even put a ring on it by March 19 or find a meaningful way to renew your vows with the one you adore.
Staying put is just not an option this Friday, Virgo. With freewheeling Uranus in your ninth house of travel you need to get up and go! How about a road trip? Today’s mashup between Uranus and Mars (currently transiting your creative fifth house) makes an unapologetic pleasure-seeker out of you. Grab your favorite companion and zip out of town for the night—or maybe the whole weekend. If your current crush or S.O. can't join you, invite a fellow arts appreciator along for the ride. Ooohing and ahhing over vintage crafts or a special museum exhibition will be as much fun as some candlelit eye gazing. And who's to say you won't find romance on the road? With these capricious stars at play, sparks could fly with a sexy local who lives near your Airbnb. No matter your coordinates, keep an open mind. A cross-cultural connection could heat up fast!
Your popularity is on the rise again with Sunday’s new moon in Pisces, but careful not to jump the gun on a budding connection. While things may be “amazing” on the surface, there's more to the sitch than meets the eye. This weekend, sensual Venus in your intimacy zone is locked in a tense square with "too much, too soon" Jupiter in your romantic quarters. It may look like a duck and walk like a duck (though hopefully not do other things like a duck), sure. But you need to do a lot more due diligence before you make any public proclamations. You would love to be half of a power couple, but you want the real deal. Take your time, which is the only way you'll find out if it actually IS a duck. The same holds true with the friends you invite into your inner circle. Let them in slowly, even if it feels like an insta-lovefest. While you can measure charm at first blush, character takes longer to suss out.

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