Virgo Weekly Horoscope

06-17-2019 to 06-23-2019
Nesting instincts: rising! Monday, June 17, brings the year's only full moon in Sagittarius, which sends a jolt through your fourth house of home, family and foundations. Over the coming two weeks, your top priority might be—no, not work, Virgo—but domestic matters, and this theme could easily stretch over the next several months. This isn’t to say you’ll lock yourself in and become a hermit! Yet under this soothing lunar glow, you may be more inclined to stay in or entertain at home—and small groups (or just one special someone) will be more enjoyable than large groups. Women will play a prominent role in your daily life, so leave plenty of calendar space for female fraternizing. You might feel like redecorating—or relocating! In the sign of spontaneous Sagittarius, this lunation could inspire a quick decision, the upshot of which might challenge even your organizational superpowers. Before you knock down any walls, kick any roommates off the island or go into contract on a new home, give yourself plenty of time to think this through. You’re not famous for snap judgments (preferring to analyze things nearly to death), but this week, you might surprise yourself!
And you thought a certain relationship was hard to get a handle on before! On Friday, nebulous Neptune kicks off its annual five-month retrograde in your seventh house of partnership. The hazy planet can cast a foggy shadow around things under the best of circumstances, and when it’s traveling in reverse in numinous Pisces, all bets are off. Knowing you might not get a straight answer, be prepared to do some self-reflection over the coming months. But this doesn’t have to be an exercise in futility and frustration. Not everything is linear and comprehensible by classical logic, Virgo—especially emotions! During this transit, you might get more in touch with YOURS than you have in a long time, possibly ever. It’s an invitation to become more patient and tolerant with a lover, and less demanding of dates. With the blue-hazed planet on sabbatical, you may be forced to wipe the pixie dust out of your eyes and look at things objectively. If, for example, you've handed your power over to someone else or are stuffing down your desires to avoid “making waves,” you might have an epiphany that your feelings and wishes are actually your riches!
Later on Friday, the Sun beams into Cancer and your collaborative eleventh house, and you’ll have plenty of happy distractions. Your social life will spike over the coming four weeks, and you’ll be exactly as alone as you want to be. If your Love Boat is rocking, turn to your platonic pals for fun. And if you’re trying to fill a few spots on the Virgo Dream Team, put out the word. With your engaged social network, you’re sure to find some eager—and super-competent—hands to help advance one of YOUR pet projects. If you work for yourself but have been craving company, research coworking spaces where you can be an industrious solo member of a buzzing hive! And who knows what brainstorms might serendipitously spark when you’re surrounded by other busy bees.

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