Virgo Weekly Horoscope

12-16-2019 to 12-22-2019
Efficiency returns on Friday, December 20—and not a second too soon! Over the past few weeks of getting ready for the holidays, stuff may have piled up, but you can get things back in a steady, organized groove. Aesthetic and sensible Venus commences her annual audit of Aquarius and your sixth house of work, wellness and streamlined systems until January 13, 2020. You’ll be in your grounded element and, even with the holidays around the corner, happy for a chance to pay focused attention to getting business taken care of AND to give your body and soul some TLC.
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No beating yourself up for missed opportunities in 2019; use them to motivate you to get rolling on next year’s health and fitness goals. And since Venus IS the pleasure planet, getting back in shape (before or after the holidays) won’t be a matter of “no pain no gain.” Find movement classes you actually look forward to taking, like belly-dancing or power yoga, and be as minimalist as possible with your clothes, clutter and even digital file management systems. When in doubt, Virgo, throw it out! (Or delete.) When you are working on any task, don’t attempt to multitask, which will dilute your productivity while driving up stress levels. Don’t check Instagram or start texting memes until you reach a predetermined milestone. And when you do hit major goals, reward yourself with a social gathering or that sparkly something you’ve been eyeing all holiday season.
On Saturday, the radiant Sun sweeps into Capricorn to fill the gap left by Venus when she traipsed into Aquarius. For the next four weeks, your romantic life and creative juices will be on point under this inspirational transit. With el Sol illuminating your fifth house of amour, glamour and fun, the world will be your oyster—and main stage—until January 20. Make the most of this annual festive solar surge by indulging your inner hedonist. You can restart your passionate mojo, take a bold next step with bae or, if you’re single, use your charisma to attract the perfect holiday partner in crime. If you’re hoping for someone with keeper potential, screen potential pursuers with direct questions that reveal their intentions.
Think through your own intentions this Sunday, when seductive Venus in liberated Aquarius mashes up with independent Uranus in your ninth house of expansion, travel and adventure. You might not be able to contain strong waves of wanderlust that strike when you least expect them. If you’re in a committed relationship, you might struggle to resist temptation today, whether from someone you meet IRL or a scintillating message. Unattached Virgos, on the other hand, will enjoy this cosmic hall pass to be an unabashed flirt. Anywhere you meander, you'll want to fly free! If you don’t have any ironclad commitments or obligations, let yourself run “off-leash” with as flexible an agenda as possible. Follow your nomadic instincts—and your bliss—and wait for the serendipities to unfold!

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