Halloween 2022 Horoscopes (and Fun Costume Ideas) for the 12 Zodiac Signs

Halloween 2022 #FTW! The planets are conspiring on behalf of All Hallows Eve with a horoscopic lineup so hauntingly ideal, we’re already breaking out our broomsticks for a test flight.

Is Halloween 2022 on a Monday?

Yes, it’s also pretty lame that October 31 falls on a Monday. But Halloween day hosts a quarter moon in wacky Aquarius. This is exact midpoint of the October 25 Scorpio solar eclipse and the November 8 Taurus lunar eclipse. (You can read more about the meaning of solar and lunar eclipses here.)

Quirkiness is in store, sure, but it might also serve as a balance point of relief for everybody to be out, dressing up and expressing themselves.

Expect to see (or want to wear?) politically inspired, or politically charged, costumes (an FBI jacket and a file box, perhaps?). If you’d rather avoid politics, costumes that embrace Aquarian nature make another kind of statement, think: light-up accessories or group costumes with friends (Marvel superheroes? Stranger Things? Though you might have to coin flip who gets to wear the Eddie Munson Hellfire Club raglan).

What else is happening in the stars for Halloween 2022?

The Halloween weekend’s stars kick vampire ass too, guaranteeing pre-funks galore. On Saturday, October 29, messenger Mercury wings into Scorpio and simmers alongside the Sun and sultry Venus. This lends to  seductive and spooky vibes that could verge on legendary.

On Sunday, October 30, Mars turns retrograde in Gemini, waking up our alter egos like sleeping werewolves. This feeling might arrive like cathartic relief and inspire you to show up at a costume party as your second identity. Gemini’s influence could lead to a Halloween couples costume idea that is totally “twinning.” Don’t worry if you don’t have a costume figured out while you’re reading this because the retrograde means last minute costume ideas could emerge!

Scorpio energy can be intense and ECLIPSE energy can be too—as we are in the wake of the October 25 solar eclipse in Scorpio! This is the sign that rules money, sex, power, and vengeance, after all — and this cosmic cauldron could serve up a strong brew of emotion. But hey, instead of acting out a revenge fantasy, how about cos-playing it out? Wear the fishnets, corsets, lingerie and over-the-knee-boots if you damn well please. Your costume, your body, your choice!

Halloween 2022 horoscopes for the zodiac signs


There’s no escaping Halloween 2022’s seductive vibes for Aries this year, which begin to percolate on Saturday, October 29. A minxy masquerade might be right up your alley so sift through your “unmentionables” drawer for an accessory or two.

There could be crazy chemistry with a deep and fascinating person who you meet or bring as your date. If you spend half the night snogging in a secret corner, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Aries costume vibe: witchy, sexy. Grab a few friends and put your siren spin on Hocus Pocus.


Costume party for two? A spate of Scorpio planets light up your partnership house during the long Halloween 2022 weekend. It won’t be hard to convince your BFF or boo to be your co-conspirator in a masquerade, Taurus, whether you’re stepping out in matching gear or parading around as a famous couple.

Single Bulls might start celebrations solo — but you probably won’t end them that way. No need to formulate a pick-up line — just make sure your costume is easy icebreaker fodder.

Taurus costume vibe: Couples costume or something super elegant (dancer, tuxedo… think, DWTS contestant, or now that one-time contestant Alfonso Ribeiro has joined Tyra Banks to co-host the show’s 31st season, why not go as them? After all, who doesn’t want to do the Carlton?!


Hit the thrift stores and call a craft night, Gemini. Your DIY game is strong for Halloween 2022 and your customized touches could make you an easy victor of that costume contest cash prize.

The spirit of service strikes starting Saturday October 29, so you might even help a creatively-challenged friend or crush pull together an amazing outfit. On a somewhat inconvenient note, the stars are calling for a health kick during this sugary, boozy celebration. Nibble on a little candy corn and sip a La Croix — with your gift of gab, you don’t need to be lit to light up the room.

Gemini costume vibe: teacher, nurse, nerd. Take a cue from the Emmy Award-winning Abbott Elementary? You don’t need to break bank, even the designer for the show admits to shopping Old Navy! Just add jelly bean belt.


Stop masquerading about your feelings, Cancer. Halloween 2022 arrives with a live-out-loud starmap for your sign. In real life you can’t express certain things — like say, the groundswell of a growing love jones — get into character and let Halloween you do the talking.

Glamorous and upbeat parties with be your poison from Saturday night through the 31st. Slip on something sequined and dance the night away. You could easily wind up celebrating like a VIP from the DJ booth.

Cancer costume vibe: over-the-top glam—Google image search: “Lizzo awards show fashion” and take your pick!


A homespun Halloween 2022 is what is in store for you, Leo. Nothing wrong a few weekend hours spent binge-watching campy horror flicks in your “costume” of yoga pants and a hoodie (cat or cuddle buddy optional). But come ON! You’re a Leo, for godssake, and missing the most theatrical long weekend of year is just…wrong. Opt for a comfy costume—or since your BFF sector is lit up by Halloween’s stars, reprise the Ghostbusters cast with your crew. Smaller house parties will be your vibe.

Leo costume vibe: soft, fluffy animal. A lion is an obvious choice, Leo, go for the unicorn body suit in the Target PJ section or how about a bear family, inspired by Katmai National Park’s Fat Bear Week that recently wrapped up (congrats, 747!)


Pairing is caring during the Halloween 2022 season as planets swirl through Scorpio and your house of dynamic duos, Virgo. A buddy-themed costume scheme could be the best bonding experience. And definitely opt for “over the top” when selecting your masquerade.

Leave the needy or pokey types at home. You’ll have a short attention span, preferring to party hop instead of staying in one place too long. A flirty connection could turn into a hauntingly hot hookup before Monday!

Virgo costume vibes: buddies, BFFs. The possibilities are endless: Bridgerton characters (Daphne, Kate, Simon? pick your faves), Barbie & Ken (the Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie versions) or classic pairings like M&Ms, Cher & Dionne.


Bare your fangs selectively during the Halloween 2022 season, Libra. With an intimate squad of Scorpio planets in your sensual second house you might not be big into the rowdy party scene. Even if you do make a cameo, you could soon be slipping off to snuggle in a cozy corner booth.

A haute Halloween could also be your vibe, so if you’ve been saving up, this could be a memorable splurge. Gather a few fancy friends for a five-course tasting menu made with seasonal ingredients followed by an invite-only masquerade ball.

Libra costume vibes: decadent historical figure, baroque queen, socialite. Hello, Queen Elizabeth! Or any of the royals, past or present. If you’re worried about nailing it, pop on some dark sunglasses and an oversize coat—keep it vague and call yourself Anna Delvey (ankle monitor optional).


Step up and claim your prize, Scorpio! You are the clear winner of Halloween 2022. From Saturday night through Monday, the Sun, Mercury and Venus will swirl through Scorpio, waking up your wild side and fueling your celebratory game even further.

Take charge of the plans — no apologies for being a little bossy. Keep your squad small and flexible because you won’t want to stay in any one place for too long. Romantically, celebrations will be spicy. Forget the cat-and-mouse games. Your obvious interest will be a turn on.

Scorpio costume vibe: warrior, gladiator, Game of Thrones fighter. Stick to OG GOT so you’re not having to all night discuss the merits of House of Dragon.


The Cullen family is cool with you this Halloween, Sag, but keep the garlic and cross handy because a few energy vampires may be closing in on your celebration.

Keep plans on the hush so you don’t wind up dragging anyone along “out of obligation.” With planets in your foggy 12th house, your gift of gab is on hiatus starting late Saturday night: All the better for dancing, kissing or holding hands at a midnight showing of Rocky Horror.   

Sagittarius costume vibes: elven creature, fantasy creature. No shortage of options here, especially if you are into DIY. If not, the interwebs are rife with selection.


Let’s do the time warp again, Capricorn! Remember when life wasn’t so…complicated? Stop yourself before you take charge of all the Halloween 2022 planning and wind up deluged in texts and annoying calls trying to secure tickets.

With planets percolating in your teamwork zone on Halloween — and the weekend before — let someone else play entertainment director. Keep your guest list open: As you’re with a lively crowd, everything will be copasetic. Sexy sparks could fly with a wizard or zombie who tags along with a mutual friend.

Capricorn costume vibes: sci-fi alien. 2022 is a banner year for UFO enthusiasts (including scientists and governments) and the revolving door of rich people hopping on SpaceX launches has kept “is there anyone out there?” in the headlines. Up to you if your alien costume reads comes-in-peace or wants to pop out of a stomach.


Bewitching and bromantic times are in store for Aquarius this Halloween. With a cluster of planets camped out in your tenth house from Saturday night on, make sure to include your favorite dudes in your celebration. This doesn’t mean your celebratory squad has to be genderized—but if you wanted to conspire on an ironic costume theme together, you could certainly draw laughs.

Keep your mobile within reach because a text to an invite-only party could pop up on your screen. If you have to ghost to enjoy it, no guilt!

Aquarius costume vibes: power broker. Dust off your finest power suit, you’re on a mission this Halloween. She Hulk? Or, Rosie the Riveter is always a classic and can probably be pulled together with things you already own.


Hop on that express broomstick to #anywherebuthome, Pisces. With planets pulsing through your travel sector starting Saturday, October 29, you’ll have the best time feting Halloween in another city — and even having a fun, no strings fling with one of the hot locals.

Stuff your suitcase with some extra masks, blinky lights, body paint and costumery. Sharing is caring for your generous sign. If you can’t skip town, celebrate with a new friend group. This is the perfect excuse to expand your social horizons.

Pisces Halloween 2022 costume vibes: world traveler. Did your passport expire in the pandemic? Perfect prop! (And when Halloween is over, a reminder to get a new one!) Grab a suitcase, a camera bag and your best white sneakers that scream “tourist.”


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