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May 2022 Aries Overview Horoscope

May is a huge month for you, Aries, and an outright turning of the tides. For the past year, on and off, you may have felt stuck in limbo or not quite ready to make a big leap. That all changes on May 10, when Jupiter, the planet of luck, risk and personal growth, enters YOUR sign for its first of two supercharged trips between now and May 2023. Jupiter last visited Aries in 2010 and 2011, so if that was a personal renaissance or the start of a new chapter for you, get ready for another round of reinvention.

The same day that Jupiter moves into Aries, communication and technology planet Mercury will turn retrograde (backward) in Gemini, scrambling a few signals until June 3. Don’t rush to rip your life down to the studs and gut-renovate the whole thing just yet. There may be a few lingering pieces of your past to address first, especially related to contracts, paperwork or a mutual agreement. Both Jupiter and Mercury are associated with communication, making clarity all the more imperative.

The month also begins in the tailwind of the April 30 Taurus solar eclipse, which rocked through your second house of work and money. A sister eclipse, this one a lunar (full moon) varietal, sweeps through Scorpio and your eighth house of intimacy and investments on May 16. Eclipses are known for bringing radical changes, so let the shifts happen…and the dust settle. You’ll be cleared to start making decisive moves come June.

Taurus season helps you stabilize and prioritize 

Where will your efforts have the biggest impact this month, Ram? Set your focus on that. The Sun is hunkered down in Taurus and your second house of work and money until May 20, giving you the stamina to build your nest egg or grind out results. You’ve had plenty of brilliant ideas this year but scant time to sit down and actually execute them all. Now's your chance to make concrete headway—at last!
You could be well on your way to a fresh financial start as the month opens in the wake of a Taurus solar eclipse on April 30. Use the first few days of the month to begin prospecting new clients, sending out job queries and getting your budget in check. Starting a new routine or changing a habit? You’ve got extra cosmic support to start during Taurus season. 

On April 22, the Sun makes its once-a-year conjunction (meetup) with innovator Uranus, which could deliver a stroke of genius. Suddenly you see the whole visionary picture of how you can turn one of your ideas into a profitable side hustle, if not an empire. (Hey, you’re an Aries—you think big!) This Sun-Uranus alliance gives you a surge of confidence and excitement, but be mindful that it can also have a "sizzle then fizzle" effect. By all means, play out the possibilities, but don't start printing up business cards and buying domain names until you've had a chance to sleep on it. 

Ready to rip the bandage off and quit your day job? Not so fast, Aries. Unless you’ve got a financial buffer or something else lined up, use this energy to craft an exit strategy on a sensible timeline.

Brand-new start! Jupiter enters Aries May 10

A banner day arrives on May 10, when expansive Jupiter makes a homecoming, kicking off a visit to Aries that will last until October 28. Wow! This is a supercharged fresh start and the beginning of an all-new 12-year chapter of your life. Jupiter takes a dozen years to come around to your sign (it was last in Aries on and off from June 2010 until June 2011). Look back to those dates for clues of what could resurface now—which could be a major turning point in your life.
This will be sweet relief because since December 28, 2021—and for large parts of 2021—Jupiter has been slogging through Pisces and your twelfth house of rest, closure and endings. If you felt like you were constantly swimming upstream or struggling to keep your eyelids open, you're not imagining things! Jupiter was wrapping up its last 12-year chapter, and your mission was to "sort the crops" and figure out what you wanted to bring into this next cycle. It was a deeply reflective and internal year—sort of like a long astrological winter.

The positive side? Jupiter in Pisces could have sparked a creative renaissance or a season of healing. The red-spotted planet will make one last lap through Pisces from October 28 until December 20 of this year. If you start a big project now, book some downtime or a phase of integration then. Go behind the scenes to tweak and perfect, then debut a second act when Jupiter visits Aries from December 20, 2022, until May 16, 2023.
While it may have felt like nothing was growing under that frozen ground all winter, a lot of dormant seeds were beginning to germinate. Jupiter's arrival into your sign this May 10 will feel like springtime, when everything is new and the first shoots start to poke up. Or if you spent the last year weeding and pulling up all the old stuff, there's still great news: Now the soil is fertile for planting seeds. From today forward, you’ll feel like you're launching a rocket ship—and the biggest challenge will just be keeping up with yourself!

Mercury turns retrograde May 10 to June 3 

Uh, make that a “soft launch,” Aries? The same day that Jupiter blasts into your sign, communication planet Mercury will start its second retrograde of the year, which can scramble communication, tech, travel and all of your plans. Make sure you’re fully cleared for takeoff before you hit the runway, Ram. Mercury is retrograde in Gemini and your communication house until May 22, multiplying the mischief it wreaks on your interactions. Hold off on the big announcements until next month if you can. From May 22 until June 3, Mercury will reverse through Taurus, disrupting your second house of work and money. Keep a close eye on your budget and a cool head on those company Zoom meetings. If you’re working with people IRL again, practice extreme restraint since conflict with colleagues and clients could erupt faster than usual.

The May 16 Scorpio full moon and total lunar eclipse is intense and intimate

What lies beneath? An intense moment arrives on May 16, when the Scorpio total lunar eclipse and full blood moon beams into your eighth house of intimacy, merging and secrets. This could cast a light on something hidden, whether buried feelings or something even more surprising. You might get a revealing glimpse of your own "shadow" today (we all have one!). Don't run away. This is a powerful moment to transform any unaddressed emotions and overcome fears you've brushed aside.

A simmering sexual attraction could reach full tilt under these explosive moonbeams, and since full moons can mark finality, some relationships will hit the point of no return. You may find yourself on the verge of going all the way in…or all the way out. This full moon could serve up a pregnancy, engagement or plans to join your lives in a more permanent way. Financially, this could bring a prime investment, a real estate transaction or a joint venture. 

This lunar eclipse is even more potent since it will travel near the karmic south node in Scorpio, indicating that changes could have a “meant to be” feeling. But don’t expect your friends and colleagues to understand your motives or even to rally behind them. The lunar eclipse will stand in a harsh 90-degree square to conservative Saturn in your teamwork and technology zone. Be mindful where and with whom you share any classified information. Avoid premature Facebook announcements or confiding in co-workers at happy hour. Give the “eclipse dust” a week or so to settle before you lift the lid.

Gemini season heats up your social life on May 20

Get out and circulate starting May 20, when the Sun sails into Gemini and your social third house, kicking off an interactive month. Step away from all the busy work and make an effort to go mingle, especially locally. You'll accomplish more through your connections than by toiling away alone. The only reason to have lunch solo at your desk is so you can get stuff done in time for an evening of fun and networking. With the Sun heating up this newsworthy sector, it’s a great time for Aries to spread a message, refresh your social feeds or work on a media project. You'll be hungry for information and great conversation, so indulge your curious mind!

Fireworks! Mars and Jupiter connect on May 29

A day for bold initiatives arrives on May 29, when your ruling planet, feisty Mars, mets up with risk-taker Jupiter in Aries. These two powerhouses last met up in your sign in 2011, making this a truly auspicious day for you! You'll exude magnetism and allure, so exploit this magical moment by setting a goal for what you'd like to accomplish. Or, if you're ready for your big reveal, wow with a presentation or a campaign that catches fire. Strike while the iron is hot—and trust us, it doesn't get much more scorching than this!
The caveat here is that these effusive planets can make you a little TOO sure of yourself, tipping the scales from confident to cocky. Choose your words with care today: The outspoken combo of fierce Mars and unfiltered Jupiter makes it impossible NOT to vocalize your desires. However, those are likely to tumble out in a raw, unfiltered way, especially since you’ve never been one to mince words or tiptoe around the topic. If you unleash that Aries power on the world, be mindful to do it with a spirit of service and grace. 

The May 30 Gemini new moon brings news and new relationships 

On May 30, the Gemini new moon could bring a kindred spirit connection, news or a message that changes the course of events. Events sparked today will unfold between now and the Gemini full moon on December 7. You’re a confident solo act, and with bountiful Jupiter in your sign, the stars are pushing you even further in that direction. This new moon reminds you of the power of a complementary plus-one whose skills and talents play perfectly off of yours. Team up for the win—but bear in mind that Mercury is still retrograde for a few more days (until June 3)

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