Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot, like astrology, has long been one of our favorite divination systems. Interpreting either takes practice. As you learn, we wanted to help you to quickly connect to the cards and use them in ways that are actionable and practical in every area of life. xoxo, Tali & Ophira

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What does the Seven of Pentacles tarot card mean?

The Seven of Pentacles is a good sign that your planning and hard work are paying off. After a period of struggle, you can soon reap the fruits of your labor.

If you’ve been working tirelessly, it can be hard to keep the faith. This minor arcana card appears to cheer you on and tell you to keep going. Your desired results aren’t too far away.

In keeping with that message, the Seven of Pentacles reminds you to stay focused on the big picture. By taking the long view, you’ll not only achieve your goals, but you’ll do so in a sustainable way.

What is the Seven of Pentacles zodiac sign?

The zodiac sign of the Seven of Pentacles is Taurus

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Guide

Keywords for the Seven of Pentacles: Planning, hard work paying off, patience, progress, long-term view, results, harvest

Yes or No: Yes

Planet of the Seven of Pentacles: Venus

Element of the Seven of Pentacles: Earth

What does the Seven of Pentacles card mean in a love reading?

The Seven of Pentacles points to the need for patience in love. While whirlwind romances can be thrilling (and have their place!), often they thrive in summer but wither away when winter comes. Lasting love may be slower, but it’s built to withstand the lean times.

If you’re in a loving relationship and the Seven of Pentacles comes up, you might take it as a message that you have something special here, even if you find yourself wishing there were more fireworks. Do you have ample evidence that you’re in a mutually beneficial partnership? Now’s a good time to express gratitude for what you have. Know that there are more fun times ahead, too.

For those who are single (and perhaps feeling discouraged about it) the Seven of Pentacles gently encourages you to keep being patient. That doesn’t mean being passive. For example, rather than shopping for a soulmate, get out and circulate with people who share your interests. Friendships can fill a good part of your tanks—and put you in a good space to be introduced to someone who is right for you.

Whether you’re in a process of healing from a past relationship, or simply waiting for the right connection, this minor arcana card lets you know that you are indeed on your way to something new.

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What does the Seven of Pentacles tarot card mean for career, money and finance?

The Seven of Pentacles in a career or money reading represents the value of “the grind.”

Your progress may feel slow, perhaps even for a long while, but this card lets you know that it will pay off. Take some time to reflect on the progress you’ve made. That may actually help you clarify where you want to direct your professional efforts in the future.

By having a long-term plan and vision in mind, you can stay focused on your objectives. This can help you make it through the harder, less rewarding times. Stumped about next steps? Perhaps it’s time to take a class or work alongside an expert who can accelerate your learning—and potentially open doors for you in the future.

What does the Seven of Pentacles tarot card mean for health?

The Seven of Pentacles is associated with long-term planning. Its appearance here is a signal that now is a good opportunity to get in touch with your long-term health goals.

What do you want your day-to-day experience to feel like? What goals or dreams do you have for your body or fitness?

While this card carries a message of putting in the work to get there, it’s also a summons to have a clear picture of where you’re going. So don’t forget that crucial step!

Finally, be sure your goals are yours. Prioritizing your own standards, rather than other people’s, can make all the difference in following through.

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card in Reverse Meaning

The Seven of Pentacles, when it appears in a reversed position, urges you to pause and take stock of what you’re working toward, and your progress.

Perhaps you’ve been hustling away, but are your actions aligned with a long-term goal that you want? Sometimes we find ourselves making great efforts that aren’t directed toward an endpoint that we’re still (or were ever) in alignment with. It’s important to maintain a connection between the process and the results.

When the Seven of Pentacles comes up in reverse, it’s a signal to conduct reevaluation and consider altering your plans.

Is the Seven of Pentacles tarot card a yes or no?

With this card’s attention to realizing results and achieving goals, the Seven of Pentacles comes through as a resounding yes in a yes or no reading.

What does the Suit of Pentacles mean?

Pentacles are associated with earth signs, which help you plant the deep roots needed for long-term growth. Earth energy is very physical, tangible, and sensual, and people with earth signs like to have a steady foundation and are the steadiest and most grounded bunch of signs.

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